What If Your Wife Wasn’t A B*tch?

Episode #249

What if your wife wasn’t a bitch?

Your partner was given to you because she is the teacher of your greatest lessons, protecting you from your greatest fears, anxieties, and those things that trigger you so often. And you are there to learn from each other. In partnership, we attract a woman who is meant to invite us and teach us to be the man that we are capable of being, or we are destined to be in many ways.

When you go through this situation with your wife and you choose to see her as a bitch, you should realize that you need to work on yourself so that you can see it differently. It is easy for us humans to put our blame on other people…especially on the person closest to us…but the root of the problem sometimes is inside of you.

Instead of wishing for your wife to be easier or instead of wishing that you had married an easier woman, you should focus on how you can be better. You should face the challenges she might be presenting to you with playfulness and confidence. Most of the time, women test you to see how solid and secure they are with you.

She is pointing out opportunities for you to grow. Look at yourself and start to inquire about what it is within you that has been triggered right now, and what the opportunity is for you to learn and grow. It’s all about taking complete ownership so that you can be a better man. When you see it as an opportunity rather than a problem, it becomes something fun to do.


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