What Happened Down In Florida

Episode #405

Do you have meaningful experiences when traveling to places you like?

Is there a moment that you feel like you’re reconnecting with yourself?

“You know that there’s more inside of you than you’ve been able to tap into.”

In this episode, we’re sharing stories and life-changing experiences from the recent Alpha Reset in Florida. Realize that there is a Powerful Man inside of you and you will be able to discover who you are – because you are meant to be victorious.


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Episode Transcript

Doug Holt 0:00  

Four coaches, nine guys with their fantastic facility, a pool, a hot tub, a giant house, it was amazing. Of course, when everybody shows up, there’s just that little trepidation. What am I walking into? People ask, where are you going? Well, Florida. These guys would tell their friends and family, fantastic. What are you going to do there? I have no idea. We don’t tell anybody. Everybody gets a checklist; they get free training, but you don’t find out what goes on at the actual event itself. It’s very specifically designed. 

Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I am your host Doug Holt with my co-host Tim, The Powerful Man Matthews. What’s going down, brother?

Tim Matthews 0:42  

Doing very well. Doing for a while yourself.

Doug Holt 0:46  

I’m doing well, also. I’m traveling with my family as I have to; we just finished The Alpha Reset down in Florida, which was an amazing event. Now I am in New England with my family and making it work. We talked about doing some adventures about heading down to the beach, catching some waves—just having a good time.

Tim Matthews 1:08  

Nice. Yeah, I was down the beach last night paddleboarding; it was great. Loved it.

Doug Holt 1:15


Tim Matthews 1:16

Paddleboarding at sunset was so cool because we finished. We drove home, and the way that we drove went past a few things, a few little places that I went to a year prior before we lived here. It was just so cool to think, to be a year on to be doing the thing that I wanted to do a year ago and to be living here. It just gives me so much gratitude. Every time I have those little realizations.

Doug Holt 1:46  

It’s funny, and most of all, we talked about this. Well, you mentioned it to one of the guys in the inner circle about reviewing your week, reviewing your month. But when we review and look back, especially as men, men have a lot of responsibilities as business owners and our families. We forget all that we’ve accomplished and how far we’ve come. We had 2020; for most people it was just a blank year, right? It wasn’t for us, you and I, Tim, and probably not our listeners. But for a lot of people, it was just a lost year. Now you look back, and where you’re at the beach, I’m traveling, this is my gosh, it’s my third trip in the last couple of months. We are coming down to the UK. We were allowed to reset there going down to Florida and now in New England. I was also down in Orange County. So I guess it will be my fourth trip, so I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in the last couple of months; it’s been fun.

Tim Matthews 2:43  

I just realized how little you worked. This partnership seems to go a bit out of balance right now.

Doug Holt 2:51

It’s not about

Tim Matthews 2:52

I’m used to it

Doug Holt 2:53

It’s not about the time you put in, and it’s the quality, so it is out of balance, definitely in my face.

Tim Matthews 3:00

It’s not about the size, and it’s about how you use it.

Doug Holt 3:04  

So Tim, what we want to talk about today, and I want to give these guys some insights into what happened in Florida when I was down there. So these are unusual circumstances because when we do an event, the event that we put on was an event we call The Alpha Reset. It’s one of our flagship events, a transformational experience for men that don’t have to deal with relationships. But it has to do a lot with men reconnecting to themselves for the first time. That’s the most common thing that I heard from the guys. I’ll go over some of that there. Now the disclaimer I’m going to give the listeners is we’re not going to tell you what goes down at these events because that is part of our secret sauce and what makes this the unique event offered in the world. In my opinion, and I’ve been just about everywhere, it seems. So what I do is I want to give a recap on what’s going on now. Typically, guys, Tim, or another coach Arthur also have a chef who comes in for these events. But due to the state of the pandemic, Tim was not anybody in Europe and was not able to make it, so Tim, obviously based in the UK, wasn’t able to make it to the states. It was just too hard for Arthur, the other coach, to get there or Mr. Lee Jack to make it. So definitely a unique experience that we had. Nonetheless, we had some great guys, and we had IT come in. John Oden and Mr. Peach showed up and just absolutely delivered for these guys.

Tim Matthews 4:41  

I was like Reservoir Dogs. Mr. Peach, JT and John Oden.

Doug Holt 4:48  

I haven’t told you this, but we did a Reservoir Dogs thing exercise while we were there. It’s one you haven’t seen before. So I’ll talk to you about that offline. A little bit was coming in. I can share it here too. But anyway, so what we did, Tim, is we had nine men. So these are nine business owners, eight of which are either in the well, six of them are in The Brotherhood, our one-year mastermind group. Then two of them were in the inner circle, which is the next tier of our one mastermind group where guys are paying upwards between 50 and 60k for the year, and we had one guy who had gone through The Activation Method we allowed them into The Alpha Reset. Now, it should be known that The Alpha Reset for men is a product or event that we will be opening up with some pre-training to men before they even go to The Activation Method. So this is an opportunity for guys to just go to this particular event because it is so transformative and transformational. I guess it is a better word than transformative. We want to serve more men through these, but we do keep these events very small and very intimate because of the life-changing transformations that occur there.

Tim Matthews 6:02  

Yeah, I’m excited to dive into what happened there because obviously, you’re giving me the lowdown, but I’m sure a lot more is going to come out in this, and at the same time, the reason why I sighed is that obviously, we don’t share what happens. So when we talk offline, we should come with code names for the exercises when we’re talking about them in this context. It’s easier, but I’m excited to dive in and learn a little bit more about the journeys of these men because obviously, we know a lot about them going into the event, because like you said, “The Brotherhood in the inner circle.” So I have to be working with these men for a month or two, a few months prior. All of them go into the event, just carry in so much baggage, right? But I’ll let you speak more about that because obviously, you were there.

Doug Holt 7:02

So, first of all, I don’t think most of the guys realize they’re carrying baggage, right? 

Tim Matthews 7:06


Doug Holt 7:07

So the analogy I’ll use, guys, and, coming from more of a fitness background, is, if you’re carrying an extra 10 20 30 40 pounds on your frame, right? Whether it be fat or muscle, you don’t realize it, right? You just it’s harder to walk upstairs and all those things. But when you drop that weight, when a man drops that weight and loses it, what I used to do when I was a strength coach in my 20’s. We had a guy who dropped 25 pounds, and he was complaining about something. So I gave him a 25-pound weight, and I had him walk up the stairs, walk around with it for and he was amazed, right at the extra weight he had been carrying around for so long, and you just don’t realize it, right? Because you’re so used to it, it just becomes your new normal, and you realize you’re not as happy. You’re not fulfilled; you feel a little stuck. You feel like there’s something else there, right? There’s something else inside of you. You’re just like, how do I get this out? And where do I get it from?

Tim Matthews 8:04  

Yeah, and it’s one of the reasons why you end up snapping at your kids, and success is kind of land for a moment, but then they just don’t seem to land as long as they really should sit with you, right? And you just very quickly end up back in the same position as feeling like there’s a void, there’s a hole. It’s just because it’s baggage, and something is going on beneath the surface that many guys don’t realize that’s causing the volatility, that’s causing the emptiness in The Activation Method. Do we talk about the five agonies in no man’s land? Well, it’s a similar thing, just a very visceral level that the men are feeling it, and the kind of anxious is probably a word that a lot of men would use to describe how they feel. They’ve got underlying anxieties that are going on, whether they’re not sleeping as well, whether they have a racing mind or wake up and the mind’s just busy, they go to bed, and their mind is busy. They can’t then be present with the wife and the kids because they’re thinking about work. They find it harder to switch off. These are all symptoms of the baggage that somebody is carrying.

Doug Holt 9:15  

There’s so much more like it’s not just relationships, although it can be all in the five territories for a lot of guys. So for those newer guys to The Powerful Man, the five territories are self, health, wealth, relationships, and business, right? Those are the five key territories of your life. In those five territories, that’s where we see some big changes. Now, it’s great, Tim, we have a thing called office hours where the guys and The Brotherhood and the inner circle can come in and talk to a coach and get feedback from each other. That particular call happens once a week. As you know, I was on that call, and that would happen to occur yesterday as we’re recording this. one of the guys, Justin, right? No one’s going to know who he is, except for the guys in the group, Justin’s 48 years old, and he said, “I am flying high. I am better than I’ve ever been in my life”. It’s crushing it, which is saying a lot, right? He is an absolute killer in business, an amazing man. But there is the kind of thing that happened—now going into The Alpha Reset. Justin, it was a tough time in his business to go. He had only left one other time during this portion of his business in his entire career. He’d been working in this industry since he was a boy, right? So at 48, you’re talking like 40 years, he had only left one time during the season of his business. So there’s a lot of trepidation; there were big expectations for this man for this event, and we just absolutely exceeded them, right? Because these guys don’t know what’s going on. They’re going to get an idea after listening to this. I’m choosing my words very carefully, guys, because I don’t want to ruin it for you, right? I want you to have this experience, and you need to have this experience, in my opinion. 

This The Alpha Reset is why I’ve talked about this that I got involved with a powerful man in a greater way. It was by far the most transformational experience I’d ever witnessed somebody go through, that’s when you and I talked to him, and I said, “Hey, look, I want to be a part of this in a much bigger way.” It’s phenomenal. So the guy’s got there, you got nine men, four coaches, right? Now think about that ratio, a horrible business model, guys, right? It’d be much better if it were one coach and 250 guys. Right now, you’re looking at something you can scale. However, we protect this because we want the result. It’s all about outcomes and getting each of these nine men a life-changing experience, not only for themselves, but first and foremost for themselves, but also for their families, for their employees, their businesses, their communities. It’s great. So, four coaches, nine guys are there, and an amazing facility. We had a pool, we had a giant hot tub house, almost basically an estate, right on the waterfront. It was amazing. Of course, when everybody shows up, there’s just that little trepidation, like, what am I walking into here? People ask, where are you going? Well, Florida, these guys would tell their friends and family. Awesome. What are you going to do there? I have no idea, right? Because they don’t tell anybody we give them. Everybody gets a checklist and pre-training, but you don’t find out what goes on at the actual event itself. It’s very specifically designed. One of the things I told the guys, Tim, said, “Look, this event is two-fold. Each of you is going to have a unique experience here and get exactly what you want. The event is going to be customized for you specifically. On top of that, you’re also going to have a collective experience that will also be customized for the collective group”. We customize the exercises for every group, and we do it multiple times a day like we’re always switching as coaches based on what the group needs. What do these guys need to get them through? And because of that, we have a predictable, repeatable formula now that we can put into any group and get the result every time.

Tim Matthews 13:32  

Funny, isn’t it the jerk in the beginning? Okay, so where are you going? Florida? What are you going to do? I don’t know who you are going with? Some guys I’ve met online, awesome. So you’ve not met these people yet? No, I’ve just been chimed with them online. Then they see the reaction of the friends’ faces, and it dawns on them. Hang on a minute. Why am I walking into here? I’m going somewhere, and I only know where I’m staying. I don’t know what I will do with people I’ve never met, and it’s funny. It’s always the joke, the running joke on that night that they arrive. It’s great fun.

Doug Holt 14:07  

It is great fun. everybody’s questioning it and especially when you got guys from all over the world, right? Some guys, it’s their first time coming to the US, some guys if we do in the UK or somewhere in Europe it’s their first time. Of course, we’ve done other events in Morocco we’re going down into loom next month. Anyway, it’s fantastic. So I won’t go into all the specifics here. But day one, the first day, was so transformational for these guys. Honestly, they could have left day one, and everything would have been great, right? In other words, they would have gotten more than they expected on day one. Now granted, four days are involved here, right? Three big days I’ll call them, and I won’t go into the specifics of day one, Tim, but each guy had a transformational experience on day one. One guy started right in the morning, actually started the day before we gave him an assignment that he came back floating on a cloud on day one. Mark, I’ll just call mark. It was awesome to see him step up to the challenge and realize something that he hadn’t realized at any time in his professional career, right? How to do business, but also how to deal with his relationships. when he connected the dots and figured this out, you could just see this light bulb moment, come off in Mark and really see him, really own his essence, and I’ll just say that The Powerful Man that he is, and that’s inside of him, he got the reason that people work with him. The reason that people want to be with him, the reason that he’s got such a knock, as in his words, I can’t remember exactly how he described his wife, but essentially, she is super hot. 

He must have said 20 times how hot his wife is, which, Mark, good on you, Brother. he realized I knew why she was with me, and it just all clicked for him. He connected all the dots there was awesome. So again, we can’t go into specifics here, guys, and I so want to dive into the details. But I will forward on to day two; you and Tim know how day two is. We always say day two is a big day that I will tell the guys. On day two, the guys were game-ready. Well, that’s not true. In the morning, they weren’t. then we got them to form a cohesive environment, which I’ll describe to you offline. But by the end of day two, that’s when things were really big, and one of the guys, Steven, said to himself, “oh, there you are, you’ve been hiding.” he was talking about himself. this is what I mean, guys. So if you’re sitting there listening to this, and I know that sounds so abstract, it’d probably drive me nuts if I were listening to it. However, my guess is you like me, know there’s more for you inside, right? There’s more inside of you than you’ve been able to tap into. That’s what I’m talking about here; Steven was able to tap into that deep part inside of him that he’s been searching for. He found it. When you find that version of yourself, the version that we call The Powerful Man, we find that version, and you can’t unsee it; that person doesn’t hide again. That is you. That is your essence; that is your ability. Now, we’ve talked about this before; what’s the definition of hell? Well, the definition of Hell is meeting the man you could have been while you were alive, right standing toe to toe eyeball to eyeball with a man that you could have become. But you fell short in relationships, in your business, you weren’t successful, weren’t as happy. All of those things that keep us up in those guys. Steven found that version of him, found them early, and it was so beautiful to see man. It was just awesome. He’s come alive. He is flying on all cylinders right now. here we are, of course, we’re only a week out. But most of these guys, as I said, you can’t unsee this, and it changes you forever, in a great way. Is it phenomenal to see it? 

As I told you, BJ’s experience was off the charts after seeing him. Such an amazing guy; I mean, I do think that guy could be the President of the United States if he wants to be; it’s just he’s absolute, he’s got he’s firing on all cylinders, which is great. we had a couple, and we had one guy’s eyes change color, like literally change color. Now. He claims that it changes colors with his outfit, but they changed in a way the heaviness was gone. Right? That was the change that people were commenting on. so this was Keith. I don’t know if Keith got the gravity of what people were trying to tell him. Because we had the guys give each other feedback on themselves, right? on each other, I should say. That was feedback, and Keith said, “Look, I feel like I’m carrying cinder blocks around in my life.” He was able to shed those, and that guy is so amazing. I’m just the sky’s the limit for Keith as well as we go through these, so we end on day two, I’m not going to tell you when we end or any of those details, but we end on day two. I have to tell you, and every guy there found The Powerful Man inside of him. Every guy out there was ready to go take over the world, right? World domination didn’t even seem like a possibility. It seemed very plausible for these guys.

Tim Matthews 19:41


Doug Holt 19:42

You know how it is, when you guys when you’re, you just got it, you’re inflow. You’re finally working on all cylinders. You’re funny. You’re light. You’re smart, and you’re quick; you’re all of these things. Your life is just dialed in. That’s the place that these guys are in and are in today. They’re still there. Right? They’ve dialed in that area of that flow state that athletes talk about. Us as business owners as businessmen, when you’re in that flow, flow state with your team, or maybe it’s on a sales pitch, or whatever it is, these guys were there. So at the end of day two, getting these guys to get some rest and some sleep was a hard challenge. Yeah, so we rolled into day three coming in there. On day three, Tim, we just use that as a springboard to launch these guys into the next, basically the next stratosphere. Phenomenal. You saw these guys shed years of baggage and weight and stories and things that have been holding them back, right? Imagine a thoroughbred horse, right? Just like a thoroughbred horse ready to run a race, and It’s just dying to run. But it’s tied down by all these tethers, right? These ropes are tied around its neck, body, and legs, and these stakes are in the ground. This world champion thoroughbred just wants to run, it just wants to go, but it can’t because it’s tethered down from all angles. Now imagine somebody comes through with a sword and just cuts all those ropes away. 

That throwback just can’t take off and run; it’s free and fast as it wants to. That’s the feeling that these guys had on day three. They were able to race. They were able to be free and to go with impunity, right? And get out there. So it was a phenomenal experience. I’ve talked to the guys since they have a private group where they’re exchanging information back and forth. The wins that they have is amazing. Every day, guys post huge, not just small wins, gigantic wins, relationships, and irreparable relationships repaired, right? Two of these guys walked into The Alpha Reset; determined to be divorced, they were initiating divorce. Both guys walked out of The Alpha Reset at the end, so day four determined to save their marriage, and they have, and it’s absolutely beautiful to see their choice totally, right? But they’re able to see what was going on. That’s all I can say and what they want. Two marriages saved let me probably a lot more, but two direct marriages saved right there, family business saved, which is phenomenal, Tim. To see these guys from all walks of life, all industries, just phenomenal men looking for that. I won’t say that edge. But it kind of is; they’re looking for that thing they know is inside of them, buried deep and down inside of them. They just want to unleash what we often talk about as releasing the brakes, right? They want to release the brakes, cut the tethers, let themselves out and free, and see what they’re all about. they get to do this all in four days. 

That’s what that means again, there’s somebody who’s done plant medicine in the Amazon jungle, silent meditation retreats, traveled all over the world doing personal development and business development. This is by far the most transformational experience. As soon as I got done with The Alpha Reset, I immediately called you and Arthur and said, “I want to do another one next month. Because it’s so amazing to see these guys go through this process.” we have one coming up in the UK, right? So that’ll be next month in the UK, which is going to be great. I think we have a couple of slots that may be left in that one, and the following month, we’re going to have one on the West Coast of the United States in November as well. So that’s also going to be exciting. So great stuff is coming on. we decided that we’re going to open up The Alpha Reset to more men, right? We have a waiting list of men that we’re going to fulfill. So guys, if you’re on that waiting list, don’t worry, you get your first-come, first-serve, so to speak, because we’re making up for the 2020 pandemic, but also the demand so high, but we’re going to be doing more Alpha resets coming through, we’re going to release more. We have coaches that are trained to lead these and lead them well. I’m excited, Tim. Excited.

Tim Matthews 24:41  

Me too. There’s something there that you mentioned before that I want to go back and touch on. Part of why marriages are saved is coming out of The Alpha Reset, and businesses are transformed. It is because, in particular, with marriages, the men return home, being the man that their wife has always known was in there. For her, it’s very frustrating; I’ve talked to Mark, in Mark’s case, for example, about being in a marriage where there’s a brilliant guy who doesn’t even realize how brilliant he is. As then either one has insecurities like many guys do, which causes her to feel frustrated. Can you see the man I can see, so when they come out of The Alpha Reset, they finally realize what everybody else has seen all along. They step into that version of themselves. It’s kind of like, the environment has been waiting for it, you return into business, and your staff is like, yes, he’s here, finally, and then runs with you. Your family, yes, is here, and they then run with you and everything, just like the horse takes off. It’s brilliant and amazing what other people already know us to be; for some reason, we just don’t see. But to be fair, we can’t see our blind spots, right? It’s why we invest so much in coaching. But yeah, it’s incredible. 

It is; I love that. What I love about The Alpha Reset is that you learn to access something that’s already inside of you. You’re not given anything, and you don’t have to take anything; there’s nothing that you have to do to add on to, quote-unquote, become a different person. You just strip away and turn your attention inwards. There’s a famous saying that I just love, “you go within, or you go without,” and it’s so true with The Alpha Reset. I think I just came off in a circle called just before this, Doug. It’s the weekly accountability call for those guys, one of the guys on there he’s a bit stressed out. He’s been through The Alpha Reset. All the guys were on the call. So just had him reconnect to what goes on on day two, or a part of what goes on on day two, and right there, and then he’s able to get back into the state, feel that energy, reconnect with that version of himself and it shifts, it changes. But this isn’t something to listen to the podcast, and I’d probably have questions if I were listening to this. It’d be annoying me as well. Some of them viscerally, you’ve got to feel right, it’s kind of like saying, trying to describe what it’s like to be in a ring-like a boxing ring with somebody, you can never describe until you’re in the ring and you’re going toe to toe, and you got a handle that pressure and move about the ring. You’ve got to feel and experience it. No amount of logic will describe it as the same with The Alpha Reset. You’ve got to experience that side of yourself to play with it and have fun with it and let it flow into every area of your life. Like you said at the beginning, once you’ve seen it, you cannot unsee it, you can not go back, your life is never the same again. I say that it’s not my opinion. It’s the feedback that we get from the men.

Doug Holt 28:34  

No, it’s so true. Guys, if you’re listening to this, and you’re interested in finding more about The Alpha Reset, go to the Facebook group and just type in The Alpha Reset or somebody will reach out to one of the alumni. We have a really strong alumni group, and we’re very fortunate. Those guys have an amazing experience. I love sharing their experience with other men just like you and finding out more, so yeah, Tim, I’m excited. I will not be making the UK Alpha Reset, and I’m bummed about that. I was hoping to be able to be there with you guys. But current pandemic standards with quarantine and such it’s not going to work out for me. But I’m super excited to have one in November here in the States coming through, and guys, odds are, we’ll be doing these on a very regular basis coming forward. So yeah, Tim, I’m flying high thanks for letting me relive some of that as we talked about, I’m just picturing these amazing men going through this experience together. The bond these guys have formed is going to last a lifetime. They all said this, “I now walk away with eight other brothers,” that I never had, and I took exception to that and said, “Hey, what about me right now?” You got nine. The other guys said the same thing. So they all walked out with 12 other men who they know have their back through thick and thin, who have no other intention of being there for them. These are amazing men, titans of industry. For the most case, and just salt of the earth, guys, I can’t talk highly enough about the guys that showed up in Florida and the work that they put in. Every one of those guys stepped to the line. If you’ve been to The Alpha Reset, exactly what I’m talking about. They had not only stepped to the line, but they took a step over the line, and it was just unreal to watch these guys. So gentlemen, as I said, if you’re interested in finding more aboutThe Alpha Reset, you can simply reach out to us via email, which is support, ThePowerfulMan.com, or go over to our free Facebook group. Just type in curious about The Alpha Reset, and somebody will reach out to you and give you more information. We are putting it together right now. So we just have to be fully booked, pretty much throughout the end of the year. We might have a couple of slots that you might be able to sneak into by the end of this year. All I have to say, guys, is get in, right get in now, discover the man that you already know you are, if relationships aren’t your primary driver right now. The Alpha Reset is the path for you. Now, if relationships are your primary driver, fixing your marriage, go to The Activation Method, right? You want to go on the two different paths, depending on what you’re trying to achieve here, right? So make sure you pick the right one. Of course, the alumni and the advisors in the community will help you out with that as well. Gentlemen, that’s a wrap for us here at The Powerful Man show. We’ll see you next time, as always, the moment insight takes action.


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