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Suicide and Men Hurting – What You Can Do to Help

Episode #95

If you know someone who is suffering, maybe a friend or a loved one or a family member, to the extent of him or her thinking of committing suicide, what could you do to help?

This is a question many men ask us and we have asked ourselves often.

In order to help someone, you MUST have a support structure in place. A support system where others are willing to be raw and authentic and share more of who they are and what’s going on with their lives.

If we are open and authentic we give permission to other people to do the same.

If somebody is having a hard time and reaches out to you, welcome them and help them. Let them feel that you actually care for them and you are there for them. Show them that you want to help them and give them space to unload. Have an ear for them and respect everything they say.

If this person thinks that it’s the end for him and that there is no other way for him to get through his situation, encourage them that there is still another way. He might not be able to see it right now, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Give them hope of the future or better tomorrow. Remind them of the people that love them.

Help them realize that there is always someone who went through the same situation as them who will guide them in overcoming the situation they are in right now.

Every problem has a solution, there is always an answer to any question, we just need to reach out and ask for help.

It is also important to do a follow-up. Check on them from time to time and give them reassurance. Be consistent and create a structure to continuously support that person.

What you will learn in this episode:

  1. How to help someone who is thinking of committing suicide
  2. How to help someone suffering
  3. The importance of having a support structure
  4. The importance of being authentic
  5. The importance of giving a person space to release his or her deepest sorrows


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