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How to Navigate Relationship Problems

Episode #96

Something we have learned in working with hundreds of men is that most men don’t know who they are.

They are not able to clearly define what a powerful man is for them and how a man should handle arguments in a relationship.

A piece of advice we give our men when it comes to their relationships is DO NOT try to win in an argument…instead try to connect, try to make peace and talk it out.

When we turn honest communication we will result in a loving and peaceful relationship.

A few things most men do that we advise to NOT do:

DO NOT punish your partner by giving her silent treatment or by giving distance after an argument. This is an immature way to handle it.

DO NOT push her away just because you are hurt. We tend to show cold treatment and distance because we want them to come running for us and to validate our feelings. In return, the distance between you will grow over time and it will eventually make you miles apart emotionally.

If the argument is not communicated well, it can become cumulative. The fights will go deeper and you will argue more and more. Due to the resentment that was built up, triggers from the past can come up that have nothing to do with your relationship at all.

Relationships are one of the most important areas in our lives. If you have unresolved arguments in the relationship it causes a disadvantage for you. It will affect all areas of your life, how you operate, you cannot be at peace and you’re going to take that everywhere.

In this episode, we teach you how to deal with issues in your relationship in an efficient way that is effective and healthy.

Clean up your side of the street first. Take a look at yourself and be the perfect version of yourself, the powerful man that your woman chose to marry. By doing this, you are encouraging your partner to do the same.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How a powerful man efficiently handles arguments in a relationship
  2. The importance of peaceful communication in your relationship
  3. The importance of resolving issues real-time
  4. The effects of having unresolved arguments in your everyday life
  5. What causes relationship problems to build up


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