She Texts Him Saying “I Want Your D*ck”

Episode #390

How do you make her desire, admire and respect you?

How will the program help you to flip a sexless marriage back to the heat you remember?

A lot of us have been in this kind of situation: your marriage has become sexless – no intimacy, just anger…and fighting. You’ve become roommates with your wife, also known as Roommates With a Ring Syndrome.

Give her the space to be emotional and be who she is and still love her and remain grounded on who she is. Stay as the man she fell in love with from the beginning. Make her feel she can be herself around you.

Men don’t want just sex – men want intimacy, connection, and respect. And they want admiration and respect to happen naturally.

In this episode, we touch on the Inner Circle, and how to deal with a sexless marriage. We go into how the program helps you to make her desire, admire and respect you – and how to show up as a Powerful Man to your spouse.


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