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Revisit: Why Marriages Break Down

Episode #253

We live in a society where we’re taught that money can solve everything. As a man, we think that we need to make more money to keep our marriage or relationship going. We become addicted to work because we always feel that the money we’re making is not enough. So, we grind even more…leaving us never satisfied.

When we’re too focused on making money, we forget to switch off and end up working even more when we get home. We tend to forget our other responsibilities to our partner, which creates a gap in the relationship.

The marriage then begins to break because the man loses himself along the way. He identifies himself as a businessman or business owner and that becomes his identity. Since he thinks that it’s his identity, it is difficult for him to switch off. The gap in the relationship becomes bigger and bigger until you don’t know your wife anymore…you don’t even know yourself.

In this episode, we talk about how to switch off from work, reclaim your identity, and know who you really are. We also talk about the importance of knowing who your wife is, not the woman you married but who she is becoming in the relationship.


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