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Revisit: Are You Making Your Lover Your Mother?

Episode #252

Every man wants to be the king of the household. In return, they expect passion and intense desire from their partner. A woman, on the other hand, wants a man in her life but if her partner expects her to pick up his clothes for him & do all the chores at home alone, then the energy she has will be quickly consumed. She will have little time or energy to spend as ‘husband and wife’.

In this cycle, she will get tired of doing the things that a mother typically does for her son. And THIS is when the dynamic of the relationship starts to change from ‘husband and wife’ to ‘mother and son’.

Men often don’t realize this because they have this sense of entitlement in being the one making the money, and their energy is being consumed at work. So to them…picking up their clothes from the floor is not worth their time.

If this cycle continues, their partner will lose their desire completely and will start to look outside of her marriage to fulfill that desire.

Doing the basics around the house doesn’t mean giving in. You are acting as a leader, an adult, and as a man. Do some helpful things for the people you love and give the feminine energy the freedom to thrive. Be that king who makes his castle as clean as possible.


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