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Revisit: How To Get A Temperature Check

Episode #589

How do you check in? How do you stay connected?

We should keep checking in regularly on people that are important to us because people change day by day.

Are you growing as a man? When was the last time you checked on your wife?

When you start to feel that you’re not engaged or feel that it’s meaningless to share anymore, that’s a sign that she’s starting to lose the connection.

As a man, take control of the check-in. Ask your wife how her day is going, or how she’s feeling about your relationship. Be in control, but make sure to engage her in making the best out of the day.

Be very conversational. Be playful and excited, ask open-ended questions, and get into her world by asking about her magic moments.

In this episode, we take a deeper dive into the importance of doing one simple thing that most of us ignore: Checking in with your wife and your loved ones.

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