It’s Not The Location [Revisit]

Episode #84

In this episode Tim & Doug discuss a real life example of a man they spoke with who felt everything around him was the reason he was unfulfilled. He blamed the location in which he was based, the people and other external factors for all that was wrong in his life, avoiding the real issue, which was himself!

This is a very common occurrence in men that Tim & Doug help on a regular basis. People who don’t take responsibility for themselves and always look to the nearest thing to point the finger of blame. We’ve all met that people who never seem happy in their job / relationship and yet they continuously blame external things… their job, their boss, their partner. It’s not bad luck that puts a person in these circumstances over and over, it’s the person themselves and once they accept that their lives can be changed.

At the end of this episode Tim & Doug also share a story of how another man who had fallen into the habit of blaming external issues in his business, once he made the realisation he saw some immediate changes to his business and turnover.

Until you decide to take responsibility for yourself, you will never be the happiest and reach your full potential. Don’t fall into the trap of blaming anything and anyone for your own failures. Find out how you can make that all important step in this episode.

What you will discover in this episode:

  • How it all starts with you!
  • Why a location or external issue is not the problem.
  • How you can reclaim YOUR power.
  • The reason people use locations or external issues for what’s wrong in their life
  • What ‘the curse of the achiever’ is and how it can affect you.
  • The dangers of ‘hustle’ mode.
  • How you can improve your relationship or business by taking responsibility.
  • Actionable steps to get out of the habit of blaming external things.


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