How To Save Your Marriage Without Talking About It

Episode #126

Our society teaches us that in order to solve the problems in our marriage we should go through counseling or therapy and talk things out…but some people don’t want to talk about it because it just brings more weight to the problem.

We have good news…there is another way to turn things around.

The first step in saving your marriage without talking about it is becoming raw and honest with yourself. Acknowledge that there is a problem in your marriage and stop pretending that everything is working fine.

Second, focus on improving YOURSELF instead of criticizing your partner. Discover yourself as a man and know your standards.

We all grew up differently. Our expectations are different from each other because of our upbringing or how we are programmed while growing up.

Instead of pointing out the flaws of your partner, focus on cleaning your side of the street first. Stop comparing your decision making to hers, your problems to hers, your day with hers because it will just create disconnection within the relationship.

Focus on your individual selves first, accept each other’s craziness in order for you to work on your relationship as a couple.

Lastly, leave the fighting mentality at work, decompress and transition into a family man. Think about how you will step up to not only save the marriage but to take the relationship to the next level.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How to save a marriage without talking about it
  • The importance of cleaning your side of the street first and what that looks like.
  • The importance of resetting and reprogramming and HOW to do that.


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