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How to Navigate Unmet Expectations

Episode #27

In this episode, Tim and Doug share valuable tips on navigating unmet expectations.

Tim shares a story of one of his men in the Alpha Reset brotherhood and how the relationship of this man and his wife turned sour for 2 years due to unidentified and unmet expectations. 

Oftentimes, unmet expectations are results of uncommunicated, unidentified or hidden expectations or an expectation without possibilities.

To navigate unmet expectations, it should be communicated clearly and calmly. Navigating unmet expectations also means being able to think outside the box for possibilities or alternatives instead of expecting an exact black or white outcome.

If you’re expecting change, do not expect for a drastic one, open up the possibilities to allow the time it takes for change to happen.

If there are no possibilities within your expectation then you are setting yourself up for a guaranteed disappointment. Clear and good communication is crucial in navigating unmet expectations.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The 2 things that cause the most stress in a relationship
  • The importance of clear communication in a relationship
  • The difference between Expectations and Possibilities
  • The importance of having a support group


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