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His Wife Was About To Cheat On Him

Episode #100

Oftentimes, we forget to detach and shut off from work.

All of our energy and the best of us go to our work during the day….and our family only gets the leftovers when we get home.

Pay attention to the warning signs.

Because we get complacent, we often don’t notice that we are not being the man that our wives married.

And the thing is…the gap you created will grow over time and you will lose the connection in the relationship.

The gap grows, intimacy shrinks and your wife will start looking somewhere else…

In this episode, we talk about HOW to save your relationship and the steps to reconnecting with your spouse. How to take action for your relationship and get back to a place of being present and connected.

In this episode you will learn :

  1. The importance of being connected and emotionally present for your wife
  2. How to save your relationship
  3. How to reach out and have an honest conversation
  4. Why you should take ownership of your actions as a man
  5. How to truly know and understand your spouse


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