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Have You Passed On Your Patterns To Your Kids?

Episode #347

Are you a good father?

How do your habits and behaviors affect your child?

If a man becomes a leader and becomes re-activated, everybody around him experiences a ripple effect – they start to follow the leader.

Kids are monkey-see, monkey-do. If they can pick up your bad habits, they can also pick up your good habits. When the man who is the leader of the family changes himself positively and your child witnessed that change, that child’s behavior shifts. If you are worried you are going to screw your kids up, unscrew them up by fixing yourself, improving, and walking the walk that we call The Powerful Man.

We want to be role models for our children. Show your child that you are going to conquer your issues and that you are gonna invest time, money, and resources into improving yourself.

That is going to serve your child far more than anything else.

That will make you a good father.

In this episode, we are going to talk about guilt and shame, how to be a leader, and what it means to be a good father to your child.


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