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From Arguing 3 Times A Week To Sex 3 Times A Week

Episode #334

In a marriage, little things start to creep in – resentments, arguments, you know how it goes. And your old ways of dealing with this “creep” don’t work very well anymore.

The real problem is that you’re so focused on the negative experiences and emotions in the relationships that the scales get unbalanced and you can’t move forward. You get stuck, and the problems keep coming.

Learn how to stop focusing on the negative and start balancing out the scale. Do something different. We need to get those scales to neutral and then back to positive using the Triad of Connection. It’s a simple process made up of simple changes.

Remember, when we properly focus on the positive, the negative doesn’t seem to matter.

In this episode, we are going to talk about the analogy of scales, what the Triad of Connection is, and how it can help you to go from heated arguments to hot sex two to three times a week…or more!


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