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Austin Maginnis’ Journey

Episode #359

Are you living the kind of life most men do – chasing the dollars and putting yourself last?

Are you in a relationship where your wife becomes more of the alpha?

Well, that’s the kind of life Austin Maginnis had before joining The Brotherhood. Like most men, he was stuck in a life that was stagnant, routine, and stressful. Being married to a woman with a strong personality made it harder to be the alpha in the relationship at all times.

But when he decided to make the change and join The Brotherhood, Austin went all out and never looked back. Going through the process, he noticed a lot of positive changes in his self, his relationship, and his business.

Making that leap to change your life is a very difficult decision. But when you’ve become sick and tired of experiencing the same stressful life day after day, when you are truly fed up with it, you can’t help but decide to make that change.

In this episode, you will learn how Austin Maginnis found his answers by joining The Brotherhood. Learn how his past life relates to what you are experiencing right now and decide to make the step that will make your life better.


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