The Powerful Man Show

Am I A Great Father?

Episode #88

As men, we are taught that in order to provide for our family we have to work hard. Working hard then leads us to hustle, leaving us to think that we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do….but in reality, we are completely missing the mark.

While you are busy grinding to secure your children’s future, you are losing the chance to be with them while they are growing up because there is no energy left for them every time you get home.

You lose the chance to be physically and emotionally present for them and the chance to experience having a great father who can serve as their model when they themselves become fathers.

To be a great father you should have the skillset to understand your children and get into THEIR world. Spend time with them and do your best to not miss important events in their lives.

We often grind so we can give them everything we think they need to be happy but what we don’t realize is that spending quality time with them IS what makes them happy.

Know your priorities. Know what really matters to you. If you say it is your children or family, then you have to be PRESENT for them.

Break the pattern and be a father whom your children will look up to.

What you will learn in this episode:

  1. How to provide emotionally for your children by being present
  2. How to know your priorities and focus on what really matters to you as a father
  3. The importance of understanding your children’s needs
  4. What it means to be a great father


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