Brad Holt

Brad Holt

Hi, I’m Brad. 

My life’s purpose is to help men and families design their lives, goals, and potentials that align with their values and purpose. I want them to maximize their performance and well-being (physically, mentally, and spiritually ). Your mind is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. Don’t let your saboteurs keep you from living the life your dream life. 

I am a transformational coach passionate about helping business owners and leaders grow professionally and personally. Ultimately, I am an entrepreneur at heart, helping small and medium size companies compete in the global marketplace. Over the last 30 years, I have focused on leadership and communication with clients from around the world– growth, accountability, focused action, and goal achievement, to get clear on their goals and identify the strategic shifts needed to get them a better life and business results with ease and confidence.

Life is about balance and designing a life that meets your goals. I have lived overseas for 10+ years, I have traveled to 50+ countries around the world,  I speak Chinese, but most importantly, my wife and I have been designing our lives to meet our life’s purpose… and that is constantly changing. (Yep, I am an “empty nester” now). 

I am a professionally trained business and life coach (with degrees in business and psychology), focussing on personal growth, fulfillment, and mental fitness. 

I grew up in the beach communities of Orange County, California, watching young companies like Vans, Oakley, and Quick Silver take off. I lived through China’s tremendous growth (what an experience). Most importantly, you can find me spending free time with my family on the beaches of San Clemente – Trestles Beach offers a world-renowned surf break! I am avid soccer and basketball fan (heck, I love all sports with a ball), and I am learning to play golf with family and friends.