Why do men secretly hate themselves?

When men enquire to join The Powerful Man – there isn’t a man I speak to that looks in the mirror and is proud of who he is, what he’s done and the life he’s living.

Instead, every man I speak with looks at himself through the filter of failure.

“Why didn’t this deal go through?”

“I ought to have said that in the meeting”

“Did I come across OK?”.

“Am I good enough to do this?”.

Self doubt and self deprication is a disease killing men today, and the worse part – NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT.

Instead, we walk around with our chest high, fake smiles and tailored suit pretending to everyone else that we have it all together when inside we feel like it’s all falling apart.

Don’t say a word!

It becomes a sordid secret that follows you everywhere and slowly eats away at you like cancer.

You don’t want to worry your wife, she’s looking to you for leadership, so you keep it to yourself. But, it’s all you can think about. Overtime, you shutdown.

You drop hints to your friends but they don’t pick up on it, instead they brush it off and tell you to man up.

And your business partners don’t understand either – in their eyes you’ve got it made!

You’re trapped in The Void – a dark, lonely place that you’re struggling to climb out of.

How do you turn this around and go from feeling like a fake and knowing you’re a king?

Brother, the reality is, we are ALL powerful men, the trouble is most of us don’t embrace it for the gift that it is.

Over the past 5 years I’ve noticed a pattern emerge from the hundreds of men we’ve worked with.

Men fall into one of three categories – The Deniers, The Abusers and The Seekers.

If you’re a denier then you’re going to ignore the power laying dormant within you.

Although they are equally as powerful as the abusers and the seekers these men are the victims of their circumstance and for whatever reason deny that their power exists.

Whether it’s the man begging on the street or the man leading in the boardroom – for as long as they deny their power they remain out of control and seeking validation.

This is absent power.

Then you have the abusers – these men know they are powerful BUT they use it selfishly.

From the outside, these men might look like achievers, but underneath the confident exterior they get things done by evoking fear in the people around them.

They are in it for themselves, it’s them vs. the world, it’s false power.

Lastly, you have the seekers – the men of true power.

The meaning of what it means to be a POWERFUL man.

They have done the work on themselves to reconnect to their instincts as a powerful and with it, reclaim their power.

They have nothing to hide and nothing to prove and they live a whole and purposeful life that creates situations where everybody wins.

In their world they don’t compete with other men because they understand something deeper about themselves and about their life…

…when they walk their path there is no competition.

For The Seekers, the journey IS the destination.

They don’t pin their hopes of happiness for some day in the future that never arrives, or, on them hitting the next milestone and buying the latest Tesla to celebrate.

Instead, they play by their rules and have broken free from the chains of society that tell them to be a man means you must hustle, you must sacrifice and struggle – and the more you can do this the more of a man you are.

But why would they struggle if instead of being pushed by pain they are being pulled by pleasure?

Everything in their life, every place, person or project, is a F*CK YES!

They work when they want, how they want and where they want doing what they love.

They don’t live a life of obligation.

They say no without needing to give a reason because they value themselves to only give themselves EXACTLY what they want.

There’s a universal law that they understand – LIFE WANTS YOU TO WIN.

They recognise that they were not put on this planet to merely survive, they were put on this planet to thrive.

Just like everyone else, they don’t have a backpocket life that they can pull out and start over when this life ends so they’ve chosen to make this life the best it can be, right here, right now.

It’s their power of choice.

Yes, it takes work to make this their reality but The Seekers sharpen the saw.

They understand that arguments in their marriage, dysfunction in their sex life, problems in their business all start with them, so they continually take the bold and courageous steps to continue to peel back the layers on who they are.

It’s a different approach to the abusers – the abusers measure action in tasks completed, the seekers measure action in how courageous it was to go there.

To be real with themselves, to right their wrongs, to listen to their instincts and to go into the darkness.

Balance between business and life is a must for them.

The Seekers work smart, the abusers work hard and deniers avoid.

The Seekers value energy over time, the abusers worry about wasting their time and deniers think they have all the time in the world.

The Seekers understand that to be truly rich it starts with being rich on the inside.

Rich in sex, rich in intimacy, rich in health, vitality and energy, rich in passion for life, RICH!

Whereas, The Abusers rely on the riches on the outside to help them feel rich on the inside – cars, status, homes, holidays, women, watches.

One of the things I love the most about The Seekers is their humility – they have a quite self confidence, a quiet self assurance.

Brother, where do you fall into these categories?

What are the next steps that you get to take?

As the Mahatma Ghandi said:

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”.

If you see yourself through the filter of failure then my bet is that you disharmony in one of these three areas.

Maybe you’ve bought into Society’s Sucker Punch and you’ve built society’s dream instead of your own.

Or maybe you settled in business out of necessity.

Or you’re holding back from doing something you know you need to do.

The reality is brother, you’re already a POWERFUL MAN you’ve just forgotten how to be one in a world where men have been left behind.

I hope this serves you brother.

Until next time…

BE the POWERFUL MAN you were born to be!

Tim Matthews
Founder, The Powerful Man

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