In 11 Minutes Discover The System Men Are Using To Take Control Of Their Life, 4X' Their Business Revenues And Have More Sex 
[Without Burning Out]
I found myself asking...Is this as good as it gets?

I commend you for making it this far, a lot of men fade away long before they hear about this opportunity, you haven't, you're here! 

That takes courage, a commitment to a better life for you and your family and a burning desire inside of you that you know you're destined for more than this. 

You see, I was there...

There used to be a time when I'd lay awake at night with my mind racing. 

I'd catastrophise about the rug being pulled from beneath me. 

"What if it happens?"

"What if, I actually lose it all?" 

I'd built a business that I'd grown to resent. 

I felt trapped. 

It occupied every waking minute of my day. 

Even when I wasn't at the office, my mind was. 

My relationship was starting to feel the burden and I couldn't handle it all. 

The questions, the arguments, the demands - it was all too much. 

I started to pull away, I'd work longer hours and tell her less of what was going on. 

"The less she knows the better". 

It became a viscous cycle...

The more I worked, the more I resented the business and the worse my relationship was. 

I became trapped in we what we call 'NO MAN'S LAND'. 
In NO MAN'S LAND there are 5 agonies we experience as men...
Agony #1: Greed
I chased money...
...believing that money equalled happiness but no matter what I achieved it was never enough. 

When he hits his goals I felt like I could have done better. 

When I didn’t them I felt like a failure. I was scared to take my foot off the gas and before I knew it I was onto the next ‘thing’. 

Maybe you can relate? 

If you can you’ll know that everything is about work. 

Your wife doesn’t want to have sex with you because you don’t pay her enough attention. 

You miss out on making memories with your kids. 

Family holidays. Birthdays. Dinners. 

You’re there but you’re not there. 

Life is passing you by and you don’t know how to stop it. 

When money stop beings enough you turn to other things. 

Alcohol, drugs, porn, social media. 

Anything and everything to AVOID and ESCAPE the reality of your situation 
I was constantly working late...
I'd say that I wasn't going to and I tried so many times, and it worked for a short while, but before it would always creep back in and was killing my relationship. 

I had to be in control of everything in my business. 

I'd tell myself...

"No one can do it as good as I can". 

Every decision had to come through me. 

I'd works long hours and I couldn't switch off. 

Lies awake in bed at night, anxious, my mind racing, thinking about everything he has to do the next day.

I felt like there wasn't enough hours in the day. 
I'd make money, and spend money...

...buying things I didn't need so I could feel good about myself. 

I'd throw cash around like there was no tomorrow! 

Homes, holidays, horses. 


To prove that I was "THE MAN". 

That I could do it. 

No-one was buying it. 

Everyone around me could see through my mask.

My greed was really a cover up for how empty I felt inside. 

If you're anything like me, then...
You never feel a sense of achievement, instead you breathe a sigh of relief...
Despite achieving great things you never look at it and think...

'Oh my God I've done that', 

Instead you look at it and breathe a sigh of relief...

"I'm so glad that I've not been found out"

I'm keeping up the perception that I'm doing OK, when actually, I feel like I'm getting away with it".

Waiting for the rug to be pulled from beneath you because you feel like a fraud. 
Is this all there is?
When money stop being enough you turn to other things. 

Alcohol, drugs, porn, social media. 

Anything and everything to AVOID and ESCAPE the reality of your situation. 

As time goes by, you feel burned out.
I feel like my life has no meaning...
You lose motivation. 

What used to make you happy isn't working anymore. 

You start to lack the motivation to get out of bed. 

Anxiety sets in. 

You feel yourself becoming depressed.

Is this as good as it gets?
Why am I here?
Why am I doing this?
What's going to make me happy?
It's been a great time, but you're struggling deeply...

You tell yourself...

'It'll be fine, maybe I just need a break'. 

So you take some time off to figure out what really matters to you. 

Who you are. 

Why you have taken certain decisions. 

Why you have achieved what you have. 

Is it because you wanted to or was you trying to meet other people's expectations of you? 

Was you trying to look a certain way in the eyes of others? 

As times goes by you see therapists and counsellors but nothing seems to work. 

You're told to take medication, but it's not what you want to do. 

You know there's something deeper going on and that this isn't going away with medication. 

You don't know how to handle this and it leads to Agony #2...
A message from Ed:
Discover how Ed went from relying on porn and being 4 days away from having an affair to falling in love with his wife all over again and being the father 
and businessman he knew he could be...
Find out more...
Agony #2: Anger 
One of the men in The Brotherhood often tells the story of how we'd walk up to the door, put his the key in the lock and stand there for several seconds debating whether to go inside. 

He could hear the kids screaming and shouting and he just can't handle it. 
Maybe you can relate?
If you can, then you'll know how frustrating it is...

You don't know how to handle the chaos you feel inside and it comes out in unexpected moments of aggression.  

A harsh word to the wife. 

A short tempered snap at the kids. 

Shouting at the staff. 
You don't have the capacity to be a husband, a father AND a businessman.
Every evening you walk through the door at boiling point. 

Your mind is racing with everything you didn't get done in that day and everything you've got to do the next day.

No matter how hard you try to keep calm, the chaos triggers you, the kids running about, your wife asking things of you, it's all too much. 

Eventually you burst, and you take it out on the people who mean the most to you!

They don't understand, one minute you're fine, the next you're shouting. 
On the surface you look fine, but beneath there's a volcano ready to erupt and everyday you have to fight to keep it under control. 
It's draining. 

You're repeating the pattern of your father, you can see it,

It's written across over your wife's face, she looks just like your mother did. 

And your kids look at you in the same way you used to look at your father - with fear. 

You spend all night wrestling the urge to go on your phone.

Eventually you break and reach for your phone, and it always seems to happen in the middle of her trying to talk to you. 


'I AM, I AM'. 

She isn't stupid, she can tell you're on another planet.

You're there but you're not there. 
The only thing you know to do is to turn to alcohol to calm your mind.

You pour yourself a whiskey, sit down, turn the TV on and zone out. 

Your kids run over wanting to play, they climb onto your lap, you don't have the energy so you push them off.  

Immediately you feel guilty. 

There's going to come a day when they're too big to do that, or when they don't want to do that 

As time goes by, they stop trying.

You stop being invited to the school plays, they stop asking you what time you'll be home for dinner and she stops trying. 

Before your eyes your family are growing up without you, they're leaving you behind. 
You and your wife grow apart. 
She doesn’t want to have sex with you because you don’t pay her enough attention. 

This adds to your anger and it eventually spills over into an argument about something totally unrelated. 

You both go to bed on bad terms, and you wake up just to do it all again. 

And the the most frustrating part of it is...
You're trying your best but no matter how hard you try, the pattern repeats.

The more you do this, the more ashamed you feel, leading to Agony #3: Shame
Discover how Rick went from struggling in his marriage and being seriously worried about his mental health to losing 10lbs, reconnecting with his wife and becoming an award winning entrepreneur...
A Message From Rick...
...And His Wife, Chelsea
Find out more...
Agony #3: Shame 
You feel less of a man...
You thought you'd be further ahead than this by this point. 

That you'd feel better than you do. 

Be happier than you are. 

You beat yourself up...

'Why am I not there?" 

"What am I doing wrong"
Your family deserve better than this and it's killing you. 
Your family deserve better than this and it's killing you. 

You feel helpless. 

And you're starting to lose hope. 

"Maybe they're better off without me?"

Maybe they'd be happier if I wasn't putting them through all of this. 

Crazy thoughts go through your mind. 
The easiest way to escape, is to work...
You end up making promises that you can't keep...

"I'll be there, I'll be there"

Birthdays, parties, holidays. 

Only to cancel or change the plans at the last minute. 

You tell yourself that something important came up and that you'll make it up next time. 

The reality is, you're hiding.

This goes on and on. 

Month after month, year after year. 

You can see the pain on the faces of the people that you loves. 

Before long, people stop asking you to do things. 

They make plans without you and it hurts. 

You start living a lonely life that's all about work.

Shame sets in because the people you love are starting to pay the price. 
You're passing on your pain...
Your little girl brings you a picture that she's made and before you have chance to say anything, she says: 

"I know it's not very good but...' 

She's watching her father, picking up on the things that he says and his anxiety and insecurities are starting to affect her. 

Your pain and insecurities are starting to rub off on your children. 

You look at them and you can see that they fear you just like you feared your father.

They cower when you raise your voice.

They hide in their room when you get mad.

Everyone in your house lives in fear because they never know which side of you they're going to get.
This isn't the husband, father or man that you want to be...
There's only one way this is going...

Agony #4: Loneliness.
A Message From Umar
Discover how Umar went from being paralysed with anxiety to landing the largest order in the history of his business, losing 2 stone in weight and reconnecting with his wife
Find out more...
Agony #4: Loneliness 
You pull away from the people you love and the world around you. 

Pretend to everyone else that you've got it all together, but in reality, it's falling apart.
You feel like a fraud...
You walk into a party and people come up to you telling you how great your life is. 

You have the cars, the homes, the holidays, the family...
To everyone else you look like you have a great life but they don't know the truth. 
You have no one to talk to.

The easiest thing to do is to avoid people. 

You start putting on weight. 
On a morning you wake up feeling exhausted, your mind is racing, you skip your workout, rush to the office and it starts all over again.

You're drained and relying on will power that you don't have. 
You eat sh*t, you feel like sh*t, and your clothes don't fit you anymore. 
The insecurity makes it's way into the bedroom. 

You hide your when you get into bed, you have sex with the lights off, or in positions where she can't see your "man boobs". 
You're used to being in shape and feeling good about your body but right now you don't and you don't know how to handle it. 

This is new territory for you. 

So you hire a personal trainer.

You try different diets, but nothing works. 

What's the point? 
You continue to isolate yourself, embarrassed about the man that you're becoming. 
Eventually, you stop trying to have sex with your wife. 

It's easier to go for the quick fix option of porn. 

Your relationship continues to suffer. 

Your business is on the decline. 

And your health is nowhere like it used to be.

Finally, you arrive at Agony #5: Uncertainty...
A Message From Lee...
Discover how Lee went from losing his relationship, being hospitalised with stress and working 60+ hour weeks to losing 10lbs, taking 3 holidays in 6 months whilst growing his business by 20% 
Find out more...
Agony #5: Uncertainty 
You know that the people around you are not going to put up with this forever.
But you ignore the warning signs and do your best to live with the uncertainty the any day now they could leave. 
Staff. Wife. Kids. Friends. 

And, they'd be within their right to. 
You start to pull away and you come up with Plan B. 
One foot in, one foot out.

Cheating crosses your mind. 
Whenever another woman pays you attention you think about leaving your wife. 
She's giving you the attention and validation that you craves and that you're not giving yourself.

Scenarios go through your head...

"How can I leave my wife and kids for her?"

"Where would we live?" 

"How often would I see the kids?" 

"They'd be alright, surely". 

You weigh up the options.

This happens time and time again. 

Never fully committed.

You've always got your sights on something else 'just in case' things don't work out. 

You weigh up other women, weighs up different business opportunities and weigh up whether to even stick around.
Your business has become became your surrogate wife. 
You used to be able to retreat to it. 

It's where you got your significance, no one questioned you there, everyone loved you...

You're THE MAN in your business. 
The tougher it is at home, the more you work. 
But, it's suffering right now and you're not doing anything about it. 

But, you're losing interest in your business, you're growing to resent it.

But, you're losing interest in your business, you're growing to resent it.
Every night you pull into your driveway, looks at yourself in the rear view mirror...

...take a deep breath and prepare yourself to go inside with a smile on his face. 

Pretending that you've got it all together...

...when in reality you're crumbling inside...
You blame everyone else...
It's your wife's fault you don't have sex.

It's the businesses fault that you're tired.

It's the staff's fault for you having to step in. 

You're burying your head in the sand and you're leaving things until it's too late.
You risk losing it all. 
Ignoring the warning signs in your business and in your marriage. 
Before you know it, you'll be in too deep - your wife is leaving you and your business is sinking...
A Message From Matt...
...And His Wife, Kelly
...And His Wife, Kelly
A message from Kelly [Matt's wife]
Discover how Matt went from feeling like an imposter and waiting for the rug to be pulled beneath him and his multi-million dollar company to reigniting lust in his marriage, passion in his business and purpose in his life
Find out more...
Are you being a Lone Wolf?
What I just described to you is the what it looks like when you are a Lone Wolf. 

Being a Lone Wolf the ONLY only outcome is The 5 Agonies. 

There is no alternative. 

And eventually...
If things don't change then do you risk being ran out of 
your pack?

As one man told us...

"I came home one day and there was an envelope on the side addressed to me. 

It had my wife's handwriting on it. 

Immediately I felt tightness in my stomach, I knew what it was.

I opened it, and, it was divorce papers.

She'd had enough. 

I ignored the warning signs". 

The worse part about this...

He had a 3 year daughter that was going to be taken from him and he couldn't do anything to stop it. 

"I was just about to change", he said. 

For him, that was too little too late. 

Another man's story...

"My staff are leaving me!". 

Over the previous years he'd done great work to build his business and become on the UK's premier technology suppliers. 

He manage to attract some A players into his company. 

What they didn't know was the he was a Lone Wolf, doing his best to live through The 5 Agonies.

The trouble is, you CANNOT live through The 5 Agonies. 

They catch up with you sooner or later. 

And when they did, he was found out. 

The A players left his company, and with it, he lost most of his revenue. 

The good news is, there is another way...
On my journey out of NO MAN'S LAND I came to realise that the problem wasn't my business OR my was ME 

What I came to realise is that my business and my relationship were a reflection of the chaos that was going on inside of me. 

If I wanted to live up to my potential then I HAD to find another way! 

All of the personal development I'd done up until that point hadn't worked.

Sure I made money, but it came at cost! 

It was in this moment, that THE 3 SHIFTS were created and they form the foundation of THE ACTIVATION METHOD. 
What If You Had A Chance To Start Over?
What if you were able to turn it around like Ed, Rick, Umar, Lee and Matt did?

What would you do differently? 

How would you show up differently as a father, husband, business owner? 

What if you were given a second chance?
ONE Destination and TWO PATHS, which path will you choose?
You have a choice... can choose the path of the lone wolf and struggle your way to the top sacrificing your health, happiness and relationships for false success. 

Or, you can choose the path of a powerful man.

Both paths lead to the same place, two very different journeys. 

You can arrive beaten, battered and bruised, or, with a smile on your face.

Which do you prefer?
The Path of A Powerful Man
True Power comes from walking The Path Of The POWERFUL Man.

Learning to living a whole and purposeful life.

When you do this you find TRUE POWER. 

True power means that you have authority over yourself. 

You no longer kill yourself and your relationships for false success - the illusion that being successful means cars, money, homes, holidays. 

This is the old definition of POWERFUL and it's false power.

Where has it got us? 

Good men taking their own lives. 

This stops NOW! 

TRUE POWER means you don't chase status of give your life meaning, you give your life meaning. 

You set the rules of the game.'re able to love when you want to. 

...cry when you want to. 

...say what you want to. how, when and where you want to. 

This is leadership. 

Not being caught up in the illusion chasing a false dream exhausting yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. 

With this model you never arrive, it's impossible to arrive because the thing you're chasing is inside of you. 

The path of TRUE POWER is The Path of A Powerful Man. 

There is no competition on this path - he is doing him, his destiny, his way, his life. 

When you walk the path of a powerful man you're relationships flourish - deep connection, better sex and true intimacy. 

Your health improves - stress goes away, you sleep better and you honour and value your body. 

Business flows - more impact, bigger profits, better service. 

And you are finally happy, satisfied and fulfilled. 

Here, life is rich.

How do you do it? 

You start by integrating....
Shift #1: The Truth
You break the chains of society and reconnect to your instincts as a powerful man
Shift #2: The Creed
You let go of the grind, take a stand for what truly matters to you and walk the path of the powerful man
Shift #3: The Pillars 
You're powerfully present, happy and fulfilled today and a man, father & friend that you're proud of
Now You're Ready To Take Charge Of Your 5 Territories...
You see, the problem most men make is that they have their territories the wrong way round. 

They lie they've been fed by Society's Sucker Punch has them believe that to be a powerful man they must chase status..., cars, homes, holidays, women, sex. 

So, they prioritise Business as Territory #1. 

Wealth is Territory #2. 

And if they get around to it, Relationships as Territory #3. 

Then somewhere at the bottom, if they have an energy left Health as Territory #4 and then Self Territory #5. 

It doesn't work. 

They end up killing themselves and their relationships to achieve a false dream. 

A dream that keeps them trapped, enslaved in a system where they've gotta keep hustling otherwise they're not a powerful man. 

There's a better way....
Here you'll use The Fundamentals of Alpha to be POWERFUL for Your Pack

Ever wondered how some men look like they've got it all together?

Nothing rattles them!

They live with clarity, confidence and conviction.

Well, they're probably doing something similar to The Fundamentals of Alpha.

You're going to use The Fundamentals of Alpha to live with Peace, Power & Flow.

Stress goes down, profits go up and you're on FIRE!
With a solid base you're ready for The Vitality Matrix so you can THRIVE with Your Pack

The Vitality Matrix is going enable you to access boundless energy.

You're going to sleep like a baby, wake up every morning feeling energised, refreshed and excited about the day ahead.

Honouring your body is going to take on a completely different dimension - maybe a dimension that you never knew existed!

This isn't about counting calories, the latest and greatest workout trick or even intermittent fasting.


You should be!
Now it's time to truly connect with your pack using The Triad of Connection.

Once you've got the first two territories on lock down you're ready to connect with the people you love in the way that you desire and they deserve, using The Triad of Connection.

Instead of wrestling  the urge to check your phone you're going to wrestling the urge to want to have sex with your wife at every given opportunity!

You now have peace of mind, power of purpose and boundless energy, imagine how good that feels?

The energy you used to waste thinking about you've now got available to you to invest into the people you love.

With your wife, it's like being a teenager again - she can't keep her hands off you.

With your son, you're being the father that you (probably) never had and you're turning into a man that he wants to become.

And with your daughter, you're setting a new standard for what she's going to look for in a man.

This is living!
The 5 Pillars of Abundance to allows you to PROSPER with Your Pack

Wealth goes way beyond money.

The wealthier you are in the other categories means that money is going to flow in avalanches bigger than before and with way more ease.

No more trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle.

Money no longer controls you, you control it - you lead the relationship now.

Imagine how empowering that would be?

No more chasing the next dollar for no reason, or, chasing it because you've just spent the dollar you made.

Using The 5 Pillars of Abundance you don't need to spend money to be happy, or, make more money to prove yourself.

You're life is overflowing with abundance and the pillar you focus on the least is money - it's a beautiful thing.
And finally, The Six Powers of Production to PRODUCE for Your Pack

Want more freedom in your life?

So many times we see businessmen thinking they have a business problem so what do they do?

They focus on business as Territory #1, and what happens?

They stay stuck in a cycle, unable to get off the hamster wheel of hustle.

Telling themselves that once they hire the next A player they'll take more time off.

Once they finish this project they'll get back into the gym.

After the marketing goes live they'll have more time for their family.

Trouble is, it never arrives.

As soon as they get that thing in place they move onto the next thing.

The Six Powers of Production are going to give you FREEDOM.

TRUE FREEDOM to become a business owner instead of a business operator.

It's a total shift in your mindset, identity and how you operate.

If you set up your business so you can work from morning until night, then this won't help you...

...but if you set up your business to make money, change the world and have freedom to enjoy your life with people you love then this could LITERALLY change your life.
This Is When You Go From No Man's Land to The Promised Land and unlock The 5 Freedoms
The 1st Freedom: LOVE
The search is over!

You know your place in the world.

You know WHO you are, WHAT you want and you are owning your place in the world as a POWERFUL MAN.






You're back!

The sleepless nights are OVER.

You feel light, free and on UNSTOPPABLE!
Find out more...
The 2nd Freedom: ENERGY
You are ALIVE with boundless energy!

Of course, you get tired from time to time (you're still human - although it might not feel like it).

But now, you rest, you recharge and you come back feeling energised, excited and raring to go.

You have energy to chase your kids around the garden.

Energy to make decisions easily, quickly and without hesitation.

And energy to play, flirt and date your wife.
The 3rd Freedom: CONNECTION
CAUTION: Use this ethically.

At this point, it's difficult for your wife to keep her hands off you.

You're leading the family in the way that she's been secretly (or not so secretly) DYING for you to do so for so long!

You take ownership, you communicate openly, honestly and calmly.

"Who is this man?", she's wondering.

"When is it going to end", she worries.

You know the truth - this man has been in there all along!

He's just been weighed down by the burden he put on himself and now he knows the truth, he's shed his skin and he's shed his skin and he's FREE to be him.

The man he always was.

WARNING: you may get forced into having sex in broad day light in the middle of the back garden (this tends to be a theme).

But, now you know, you'll be able to see it coming!

No more checking your phone during dinner - you don't want to.

No more secretly watching porn - why would you?

And no more saying you're too busy to your kids when they ask you to play - you realise what's important to you now.
Discover how Ryan went from shouting at his kids, his wife almost having an affair and his business struggling to wild sex, attracting key investors and having daddy daughter dates...
Find out more...
The 4th Freedom: TIME
The kink has been taken out of the hosepipe and now the water is flowing stronger than ever before!

Brother, the biggest struggle here is going to whether you're going to be able to handle all that's about to come your way.

Sometimes, we see men struggle to handle ALL the great things.

And some of them sabotage themselves for short time (like a few days) until they remember:

"Wait, I can actually have this, it's this easy and I'm worth it - it's mine?! More please...".

It's a beautiful sight.

The upper limit they used to bounce off has gone.

Business is growing easier and faster than ever before because they're no longer in the way.

It's as simple as that.

If you're anything like the men we work with then you know what to do and you're already a brilliant businessman, the trouble is you've been holding yourself back and keeping yourself small for whatever reason.

Imagine if you were able to step out the way...

...imagine how much things would open for you!

Welcome to the 4th Freedom of Time.
Discover how Franco went from extreme burn out to his business growing while he took 
one month off to travel Europe! 
Find out more...
The 5th Freedom: JOY
You know WHO you are, you know WHAT you want and you're having it.

You, my brother, are living a purposeful live.

God created man on purpose and for a purpose.

One of the BIGGEST struggles men face today is that they don't have lost their purpose, or, never known what it is.

A primal part of being a man is PURPOSE.

If you think back to the times of tribes... were initiated into manhood by going through a rite of passage.

Upon completing it they became "MEN"  and that meant living up to a certain standard and living for a particular purpose.

Over the past 50 years we've lost this.

Men have basically been walking ATM's and it's not working.

They end up feeling lost and isolated because they don't where they fit in.

Women have risen, become more independent and won't stand for a man who can't give her more than pay cheque.

And now, our women are demanding MORE (and quite rightly).

They want something from the men that men struggle to give themselves.

It's time to wake up to the fact that men desire more out of life than to burn themselves out for the sake of a pay cheque.

This is the 5th Freedom of JOY.

You know who you are, what you want and you're creating it in ALL areas of your life.

As a father.

As a husband.

As a businessman.

As a MAN.
Discover how Dave went from almost leaving his marriage to dating his wife again and reconnecting with this kids in a way he never expected...
[Dave lost this game, less said the better 😉]
Find out more...
The ACTIVATION METHOD is a very deep process that supports men to take control of their life so they can unlock near unlimited personal and have near infinite freedom, boundless energy and AMAZING sex.

This process is very hands on and works best for men who are ready and committed for this level of coaching, accountability, vulnerability and change.

Not all men are ready for THE ACTIVATION METHOD.

It does not suit all men, and it might not suit you.

The questions is...
Are You Ready?
 Are You Ready To Become A Powerful Man?
The Activation Method is For You IF... 
  • You're a business owner generating £1M - £5M in revenue 
  • ​You know that you're capable of more! 
  • ​You want to rediscover the passion you once had for your life 
  • ​You want to be able to switch off and enjoy time with the people you love 
  • ​You want more fun in your life! 
  • ​You want to wake up feeling energised and excited about the day ahead 
  • ​You want to have boundless energy! 
  •  You want to feel on purpose
  •  You want to fulfil your potential as an entrepreneur, partner and man
  • ​ You want to be proud of your accomplishments 
  • You want deepen the connection with your partner 
  • ​You want more intimate, passionate and spontaneous sex
  • ​You're ready to play BIG 
  • ​You want to be the powerful man you were born to be
From "unable to make a decision and paralysed by fear" to
"becoming a state representative and connecting with his wife like when they were first married!"
And here are a few more...
From "I'm afraid I'm going to lose my marriage" to "school selfies"
From "angry and stressed out" to "Sex was EPIC...I'm much more patient with my kids"
"I couldn't have imagined it would be this great"
From "I felt numb" to "Wild sex..Deep connection took on a whole new meaning this time"
Here's What I Want You To Do Next...
If you've got this far and you feel that there is something there for you to learn I want you to click the button below and apply for the next Alpha Reset .

If you're application is successful, you'll be booked onto a Clarity Call where we'll take 20 minutes to find out more about where you are, where you want to be and what you need to get there. 

If at that point we feel that it's something we can help you with, we'll book you in for a second call and send you a training to watch in the meantime which will bring a lot of awareness and understanding to why you are where you are and what needs to change, and on the second call we'll dive into the solutions. 
A Message From The Men In The Brotherhood...
[This was a message recorded for the men attending The Alpha Reset after graduating The Activation Method]
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