Treat Her Like a Queen in 5 Steps

Why you should treat your woman like the queen she is

Women want a lot from their partners. They want them to love, cherish, and make them feel special. And you know what? They deserve it!

Women are often treated like second-class citizens in many cultures and societies, but this should never be the case within their partnership. Women are intelligent and powerful creatures who deserve respect from everyone around them, especially you.

In this article, we will explore how to treat your woman like the queen she is, thus creating more admiration, respect, and connection between the two of you.

Step 1: Be Present

The first step to treating her like a queen is to be there when she needs you. You don’t want to get into the habit of only answering her phone calls when it’s convenient for you or something urgent about the kids. It’s crucial that she feels you show up and are THERE for her.

One quick way you can do this is to ask her one simple question in the morning: “What do you need from me today?” This will let her feel you’re willing to show up for her when/if she needs you that day. Then what is most important here is you get to follow through and show up.

Step 2: Start Her Morning Off Right

The next step to treating her like a queen is starting her morning off right. The first interaction in a day matters a lot. It is the first thing a person experiences in the morning and can set the tone for the rest of the day. Take this opportunity to always start your wife’s day off right by bringing her positive energy. This could simply be giving her a smile while saying something flirty or complementary, or an opportunity for you to pull her close to you for a few minutes before getting up to the chaos of the day, or if Acts of Service is your thing then make her a cup of coffee (or tea) with a kiss on the cheek.

Step 3: Touch Her Often

Touching one another is not only a way to show affection and love. It is also a way to bond as a couple. Touching often also helps in the relaxation process, which can lead to more intimacy, more connection, and better sex life. Not all touches need to be sexual; find little ways throughout the day to touch her and let her know you’re thinking about her. Placing a hand on her back, grabbing for her hand, and giving her hugs are great ways to add a physical touch to your day.

Step 4: Make Sure She Feels Heard

Women crave to feel desired, seen and heard. If a woman is not heard, she might think she is unimportant to the conversation or even to you, which can lead to many problems. Show interest in her day and world by asking her questions and giving her the space to fully unload everything on her chest and mind. Let her know you care about her point of view by asking her opinion whenever a new topic arises.

The most important thing you can do to make your woman feel heard is to provide her with an emotionally safe space. Remove all criticism and judgment and allow her to say her piece.

Step 5: Compliment Her Regularly

Women (& frankly, men, too) need validation from their significant other, so make sure to compliment them often. If she likes something, tell her it’s great or beautiful and that she should wear it more often! If she cooked dinner for both of you, tell her what a great cook she is! This lets her know that you are paying attention to the little things, which will allow her to feel seen.


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