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How I Seduced My Wife

This is a blog post about how to seduce your spouse. I’ll go over the steps that I took to seduce my wife and other ways you can use these tips on someone else.

It takes patience, practice, and persistence, but it’s not impossible. If you take these steps seriously then your marriage will be blessed with passion. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Create an Environment That Encourages Intimacy – Your physical surroundings are one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs available to create intimacy in your marriage.

Step 2: Slow Down Your Life – Married life is full of distractions and interruptions. In order to maintain an intimate connection with your spouse, you (at least for a season) have to slow down your life and set aside time to be alone with your spouse.

Step 3: Discern When She is Fully Ready – You can’t rush a woman into intimacy. Never try to persuade or pressure her into it because she will sense that and it will push her away even more. You need to wait until she has the desire within herself before proceeding into step 4 (touching).

Step 4: Physical Touch – Physical touch between two people creates an emotional bond between them. It can be used as a subtle way of communicating your desire to make love to your spouse. By using this method you are telling her indirectly that you want her.

Step 5: Know How to Seduce an ‘Aphrodisiac’ – A spouse’s body releases chemicals that can cause chemistry in your marriage. These chemicals are called “Aphrodisiacs.” You can use different techniques to boost these chemicals and make her want you more than she already does.

Step 6: Develop a ‘Hot Sensation’ Around Bedtime– An expert at physical touch will likely have good communication skills and great patience while they’re in the process of creating intimacy. You should be scheduling regular times to create intimacy with your spouse. This will require you to be intentional about spending time with her.

Step 7: Learn How To ‘Suck Out The Poison’ – Every married couple has conflict and arguments. During these times, you need to act like a doctor who soothes a wound by “sucking out the poison”. You must do this lovingly in order for it to have any lasting effect on soothing her damaged emotions.

Step 8: Raise Your Stock – Your spouse married you with the hope that you would continue to show up as the man she saw when she looked into your eyes and the man she thought you would become. Just as you’d like a stock you purchase to increase in value, your wife finds it as a turn-on when you set out to better yourself and raise your value.

Step 9: Prioritize Yourself – This may sound counterintuitive, but you can’t seduce someone unless you find yourself attractive. Make yourself a priority. This includes not only your health but also filling your cup.

Step 10: Use Technology To Your Advantage – Technology gives us so much power but also has some disadvantages. Send sexy messages throughout the day and leave little notes through social media to let her know you’re thinking about her … and what could happen later that night when you see her.


Your personal life will not be boring if you use these steps towards being a great husband. You’ll only be boring if you make your spouse feel like she has to entertain you. If she doesn’t want to, then don’t pester her and try to force yourself on her. A marriage is built on trust, communication, honesty and intimacy. If you respect that then the rest will fall into place automatically.