Your consciousness is all that you have.

It cannot be good or bad, it simply is.

What matters is the depth of your consciousness.

I ask you…

Do you feel that a man can truly be powerful if he doesn’t fully know who he is?

There are parts of your being that are pools of potential waiting for you to tap into them…

…Wisdom that would serve you in living your legacy

…Power that would see you deliver lessons that transform your tribe

…And Peace that would have you living your purpose and truth

If you have not become aware of, and transmuted parts of your being then you literally have untapped potential living inside of you.

Just imagine what your life would look like if you were able to access those parts of you…

…How you’d show up in your business

…How you’d show up in your relationships

…How you’d live in a body of vibrant health and energy

This is available to you, it’s simply a matter of choice.

Imagine your consciousness as a kingdom.

Who’s sitting on the throne?

You in your power being a powerful man…


…Parts of you that you’ve never met?

The little boy that made a model of the world that doesn’t serve you?

The shadow that you inherited from your parents?

If any of this rings true to you then it’s time to bring the unconscious into the conscious and become a consciously competent powerful man.

A man who is powerfully conscious.

A man who is effortlessly living a life of purpose and truth, being a powerful role model for the next generation of men…

…Playing ALL OUT in all areas of life and leaving nothing on the field.

Our fathers did their best and I’m very grateful to mine, however times have changed and the scripts we’ve inherited don’t serve us…

…Right now requires something different, not something more.

The world needs powerful men like you.

Powerful men who going into their pain to transform it into their power in ALL areas of their life.

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