Aaron Gosser

The struggle at home was constant; I got used to working hard at a young age, and I got used to depending on myself, emotionally. I was raised near Chicago, IL by a single mother. When I was 5 years old, my father moved 750 miles away. 

I did well to succeed despite these shortcomings, and I have achieved many things in life that I am proud of. I was blessed to have many male role models that helped – coaches, scout leaders, an older brother, and teachers all saw a boy who was hurting.

However, there have been moments where this void has been undeniable. I would guess most 22-year-olds don’t sob over a flat tire, because it triggered the fact that nobody ever showed them how to solve that simple problem. (at least sobbing at the end of Field of Dreams is pretty normal…)

For years I tried to bury myself in work and achieve happiness through success. However, my deeply rooted problems were not going away, and I realized work was not the solution. I became a student of self help, and of coaching. Years later, I am proud to be breaking the cycle in my family that lacked positive male role models. I have also changed many flat tires!

I have coached in various capacities, and I am excited to be delivering on a mission to help men be great husbands, and amazing fathers. There are many out there who are desperate to be better. Like the role models who saw a young Aaron struggling, I see an opportunity to show these men a better way. 

When I am not coaching, I am spending time with my wife and 3 boys, playing paddle tennis, or going to Crossfit (sorry, I had to talk about it).