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Woman’s POV: Choosing Sides-Navigating the Parent-Child Bond in Marriage

Episode #812

Are you navigating the complex dynamics of marriage and parenthood?

In this episode of “The TPM Show,” we’re joined by special guest Erin, as we dive into the intricate relationship between spouses and their roles as parents. The discussion centers around a common issue many couples face—when one spouse feels sidelined in favor of the children.

In this episode, Doug and Erin explore the biological and emotional changes that occur when becoming a parent, especially from a woman’s perspective. They discuss how these shifts can lead to a spouse inadvertently seeking emotional fulfillment from their children, creating potential strains in the marriage.

Listeners will gain insights into maintaining a healthy balance between their roles as partners and parents. They’ll learn strategies for engaging in meaningful conversations that strengthen their marriage and set a positive example for their children.

Tune in to understand how to navigate the parental roles in your marriage and protect the integrity of your relationship while fostering a nurturing environment for your children.

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