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Why Your Kids Cannot Come First

Episode #292

What do you think is the driving force behind why we lose connection in our relationships? Is it a lack of prioritization?

Most people say that the proper prioritization is that the individual must take care of themselves first, then the relationship, then the kids. However, sometimes the kids get sick and need your help and attention, so they are taken care of first in order for you to take care of yourself.

When you have kids, the relationship “dries out” a little bit. You tend to forget to provide for each other’s emotional needs, as individuals and as a couple, because your focus is mainly on the kids.

We must take care of ourselves first. Be honest with yourself. Sit with your wife, come up with what you want individually, what you want as a couple, and find ways to fit those wants into your relationship. Make a system that works for you and your family. Do something fun and take care of yourself so that you can take care of your relationship and your family.


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