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What To Do When Your Wife Is Constantly Tired

Episode #494

What do you do if your wife can’t keep up with your energy?

Maybe she prefers to go to sleep early because she’s exhausted. Maybe you feel like you can’t reconnect with her, have any intimacy, and are not able to have any sex whatsoever.

There are two possible things to consider if your wife is always tired:
1. The Age of Your Wife – There are hormone fluctuations as women age.
2. Lifestyle – Taking care of the children is not an easy task, especially, if you have 2, 3, or 4 kids.

Women can get easily depleted when they don’t feel seen or heard, especially if their role as a mother is taking a lot from them.

In this episode, Tim and Doug discuss the issue of having an energy mismatch within marriages. We will learn possible reasons why our wives are constantly tired and from there we will be able to figure out what actions we can do to help her recharge her batteries.


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