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The Real Story With Ryan Peach

Episode #165

His wife was about to cheat on him
It’s no secret…
…Being married while running a business is no walk in the park.
Especially if you have kids.
Most days you feel like you’re being asked to juggle100lb dumbbells while kicking water uphill.
It’s not for the faint of heart.
When you consider the chaos that comes along with
…bank accounts that leak money
…employees who underachieve and constantly need their handheld.
…the never-ending “To Do” lists and projects that never get done.
…constantly getting pulled away from higher priorities to put out other people’s fires.
…Revenue rollercoasters and unpredictable profits from one month to the next.
While at the same time…
…struggling to find the time and energy to stay in shape and play with your kids
…and the time and space to connect with your wife
Needless to say,
The chaos is relentless.
And it’s not like it takes the weekends off.
The tension and pressure caused by the chaos just continue to build and wear men down.
Fracturing their focus and killing their capacity to do be productive.
Draining all their energy – making it difficult to stay disciplined with their health.
Consuming all their thoughts – making it difficult to “shut it off” at the end of the day to be patient and present with their families.
Take our client Ryan for example
Things got so bad for him that his wife was about to have an affair…
Which is one of the reasons why he decided to join The Activation Method
Now Ryan’s life has spun a 180.


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