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The Innate Gift That All Men Should Tap Into

Episode #675

Today we’re going to talk about tapping into and listening to your intuition as well as what happens when you ignore your intuition. 

Following your intuition often requires stepping outside your comfort zone and embracing new challenges in life. This willingness to explore and take risks can lead to personal growth and self-discovery. 

In this episode, Tim and Mark discuss why you’re ignoring your intuition and what you can do to tap into your instincts so you can navigate your life in a way that feels authentic.

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Tim Matthews  00:45

Hello, everybody. Welcome to another episode of the Powerful Man Show. I’m your host, Tim Matthews. Joining me today, my wonderful co-host, Mr. Mark Hainsworth. How are you, brother?

Mark  00:56

I’m good, Tim. How are you doing?

Tim Matthews  01:00

I’m doing well.  So for those of you that are listening, whether you’re new to the show or whether you have been listening for a while, so Mr. Hainsworth is our master coach. So we have a team of coaches that support all of the men throughout the programs that we have, be it the Activation Method, The Brotherhood, The Alpha Reset and so on. And Mark is the magician.

He’s known as a wizard on the team because of the amazing work that he does with the men. Seeing Mark at an alpha reset is a wonderful thing to see a very skilled coach, and he obviously leads the coaching team to deliver a top notch service to the men that results in them are getting the result that they came for faster and sometimes easier as well. So thank you for joining me today.

Obviously, Mr. Dougie Fresh cannot be here. He is having to take care of some things on the ranch because, as you know, Mark, and as the listeners, depending on if you’ve listened to previous episodes, in a couple of weeks we have about 40 people, maybe 45 people between clients and the team, all coming together on the ranch to spend some time together. It’s going to be an epic, epic time. Anyway, Mr. Hainsworth, do you want to do a quick intro of who you are? And I’ve just introduced what you do, quick little background and share a little bit about yourself so the listeners get to know and feel for you?

Mark  02:35

Sure. So I was born in the UK, in the same town as Tim, actually in Leeds, in Yorkshire. 

Tim Matthews  01:00

(Inaudible 00:02:44)

Mark  02:45

Yeah. I grew up in the north of England and I actually went into engineering initially when I first started my career. And I think what got me going with that was I just liked to understand the way things work. And I was bit of a problem solver. Bit like you, Tim, a mechanic like to find a problem and fix it and really enjoyed the mechanical side of engineering and project management and problem solving and the creativity that comes with it. And what happened when I was about 35 is my wife suddenly decided she didn’t want to be married to me anymore. And that was a bit of a wakeup call.

In fact, it was a lot of a wakeup call. And something happened during one of the conversations during that time and something caught my attention and it was something in my body. And what was really interesting was that I said to her at the time, I don’t know what you just said, but something’s happened inside of me and I’m going to go to the ends of the Earth to understand what that is.

And in a way, I kind of made myself an engineering problem. I sort of decided to look at myself and go, how does this system that I live in work? And it probably took another 15 years before I realized through lots of hard work that I was starting to understand the way the human system seems to work. Obviously, it’s only my view on it. The fascinating thing was I kind of took an engineering mindset to how I was observing my system working and it got really interesting.

And then as I observed what was going on in myself and tracking how other people seemed to function, I suddenly thought, hey, there’s something powerful here. There’s something that we’ve all got in common. And it just caught my attention and it became like the thing that fascinates me most is the question that is almost unanswerable. It was just a case of how do we function? What is the purpose of being on this Earth and how do we function and how can we function more effectively?

And that’s led me away from engineering and it which I got many years’ experience more into working with, specifically men and teenage boys.

Tim Matthews  05:18


Mark  05:19

And I think the other thing that really caught my attention was I was suddenly clicking into a thing that I called heart. I’d been very much up here for many, many, many years and I was able to tap into heart and the thing that we might be talking about today, which is intuition.

Tim Matthews  05:35

Yeah, bingo. It’s a really nice segue, you know. Something you played down there because you’re very humble, is the amount of teenagers and men that you have worked with over the years and obviously the men you’ve helped with in powerful man as well. It’s a real honor to do this with you, so thank you for being here. But yeah, it does. It segues nicely into what we want to talk about today. Now, transparently, you and I were in a meeting earlier on and you asked me how I was doing. Shared with you some nice coincidences that happened for me lately, and you shared some back how that had also happened in your life too, over time. And we just said, hey, let’s share this with the men. So here we are.

And the thing we want to talk to you guys about is the hidden treasure that is inside of you that most men overlook. Now, as a fable, I’d like to just open this with it’s an amazing fable. There’s a story of the three gods and they’re talking about, where can we hide this key from the humans? And the key is the key to happiness, to success. Right? So one god speaks and says, I know we’re going to hide it at the top of the tallest mountain. They will never get there. One of the gods speaks up and says, no, they will. Humans are determined one day they will get there, they will climb to the highest peak and they will find this key.

Okay, yeah, I can see that. Good point. Little time goes by, and then another one of the gods speaks up and says, what about if we put it at the bottom of the deepest ocean? Okay, I can see that. Hmm. Yeah. Then they’re not going to be able to swim down there, are they? And one of the god says, no, humans are smart. They’re going to develop some kind of machinery and they’ll make it all the way down there. They’ll get there. That’s too easy. Like, top of the highest mountain, bottom of the deepest sea, it’s all too easy. We’ve got to hide this key somewhere where it’s harder to find. And then one of the gods says, I know, why don’t we hide a key inside of them? They’ll never think to look there. And that’s what they did.

And it segues into this conversation because the idea of you being tapped into your instincts. We talk a lot about being the wolf versus a deer. Wise, open, loving and fierce. For me, when we’re talking about intuition, and I’m sure you’ve had times in your life, you Mark, the listeners where life has just felt a little bit effortless, almost like you’ve tapped into a bit of a cheat code. And sometimes you might feel a little bit guilty because it feels so easy.

And then as humans, we tend to have a habit of making it harder for ourselves than it needs to be. To your point, that’s when you shift into your head, you shift into logic, into criticism, into complaining, into judgment, into fear. We call that in The Powerful Man, the path of force, essentially. And there’s a shift. People often say the longest journey you will ever take is the six inches from your head to your heart. And I firmly believe it.

And it’s also one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever take as you just proclaiming to a moment ago, right? That’s the journey you’ve been on. It’s the journey I have been on, and we’re all constantly on. And for the men in the movement, the men that experience the biggest shifts, it’s when they make that journey. They learn to understand the power and significance of that journey. Because it’s in those moments when you’re able to get in tune with yourself and you’re able to follow your instinct and you’re able to act based on what feels right that you start to kind of just become in tune with some kind of universal law.

Some people might choose to call it the law of attraction or manifestation or whatever it is. I personally don’t necessarily subscribe to those kind of philosophies as much. All I know is when I turn down the noise on the outside and I turn up the noise on the inside and I choose to follow that it always leads to great places for me. It’s never failed me. Now, I’ve not lived that way my entire life. The first 26, 27 years of my life, I lived the opposite. I didn’t do what felt right. I ignored what felt right because what felt right was exciting and scary and it scared the hell out of me, quite frankly. So I didn’t do it.

And as a result, I denied what was true for me and I experienced a hell of a lot of stress, struggle and sacrifice. I won’t go into all the specifics bore you with those right now but needless to say, it wasn’t a very enjoyable experience. From the breakdown of relationships to seeking outside of myself a connection be it from drugs, money, work, whatever it may be women even and, you know, society conditions us that they want us to think it’s hard. There’s so much pride in the masculine pursuit of it being hard and arriving at the finish line beaten, battered and bruised and you could always arrive with a smile on your face.

It doesn’t mean be lazy, it doesn’t mean sit back. It’s quite the opposite. Because when you get in tune with yourself and you take the inspired action whether you can kind of look at it like the 80-20 oftentimes that’s the biggest risks you’re going to take requires a hell of a lot of courage to operate in this way. The reality is there’s an innate wisdom inside of you.

Now, I firmly believe that you already have all the answers. We all do. So whether or not we’re choosing to listen to them I also firmly believe that you are your greatest teacher. There is an inner wisdom inside all of us and when we learn to listen to it and how it communicates with us and follow it, it leads to great places and it leads to those places with a lot of ease and flow as well. You look at nature like the instinct of animals.

We have some birds that fly here every year from Africa. You obviously live in South Africa, House Martins. They arrive every May time. They should have been here now for about four weeks, five weeks. Build a nest on the side of the house. All of a sudden one day they leave, they get ready and they fly back like, what’s good? What’s governing that internal GPS, that internal navigation system? There is something true that exists in this world around innate wisdom and instinct.

And just like animals, we have it too. You have it as a powerful man, we have it. And the more you’re able to learn to tap into that, the more you get out with a lot less effort. And it might sound like it’s fluffy, it might sound like I’m kind of selling some Kool-Aid right now, but it’s happened in my life time and time again. I know it’s happened in yours, Mark, as well.

So I’m going to pass the mic to you. I’d love to give you to give your take on this and share some experiences of when this has played out in your life. And then what we’ll do is we’ll look back around and give the listeners some practical steps on how they can learn to tap into this a little bit more for themselves.

Mark: 13:29

Sure. Thanks for that, Tim. And it’s interesting as listening to your chat, this conversation could go a couple of ways and there’s one piece around that inner guidance, intuition, gut feel and then I just love the conversation around the gods hiding the key up the mountain or down in the ocean, because I got a wonderful story about that as well personal experience. But let’s go with the intuition to start with. So I mentioned earlier this conversation with my ex-wife and something caught my attention and it was like a tingle and it happened somewhere in my solar plexus.

And she said to me, I’m leaving because you’re not yourself. That was the words; I’m leaving because you’re not yourself. And I thought, what on earth is she talking about? Anyway, I got this tingle and I said to her, something just happened. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what you said, I don’t understand it, but I’m telling you, I’m not getting involved with anybody else until I found out who I am. If it’s true that I’m not myself, I’m going hunting for me.

And what was really interesting was that I am going hunting for me was the exact words I use. I’m going soul searching. I’m not going to stop this journey until I know I found myself, whatever that means. Just that commitment engaged something in my perception of the universe around me that suddenly something said, ok Mark, I get it, we’re going there.

And suddenly all these doors started opening. I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience, Tim, where you sort of you set your mind to almost the impossible and suddenly something shifts, and it was a sense of getting into flow. There was an ease, it was almost like an invisible and an inaudible invitation to walk down a path that was opening for me in the moment as I took every step

Tim Matthews  15:53

How did it feel like that invitation, so you could see this path opening up? Was there ever a point where you were thinking, do I really want to go down here?

Mark  16:06

Absolutely. Every moment. Every moment.

Tim Matthews  16:09

Okay, but how did it I think there’s an important distinction there as well that I want to tap into, if it’s okay, because this is often how your intuition can show up, right? You commit to something based on, I’ve got a sense, a feeling that I need to go in this direction. I am going there. So that’s the truth. That’s what feels true for you. So you could call that your heart. There’s a lot of science that’s now backing a lot of these philosophies up. Whether you think about the HeartMath Institute or whatever, Heart and Brain Coherence, there’s all sorts of science. If the listeners want to go check it out, that basically explains them back to what we’re talking about.

But anyway, you’ve said, hey, I got a sense that something’s off. I’ve got a head in this direction. I am going there regardless. Things start to align, and then the mind comes in and starts to throw in stories or judgments or whatever that makes you want to hold back, but you don’t because you can’t deny what’s true for you. You’ve reached a point in your life, just like I did. And I think for the listeners, there’s often an inflection point in your life that happens when you realize, I need to change. The way I’m doing things is not working for me right now. Happened for me, at which point I needed to do something different.

Einstein always I love this quote from him. If problem cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created it, right? So your mind will show up when you start to follow your intuition because it’s going to feel scary. It’s going to feel like sand, but it’s also going to feel true. You know, you’re going to have to go that direction. And the thing with this is that I learn anyway, it’s impossible to lie to yourself.

You can lie to your head. That’s typically what a lot of men do. They lie to themselves in the head. They rationalize, they tell stories to themselves of all the reasons why they’re either not having an honest conversation with the wife or they’re watching Pod or they are working or whatever it may be. Right? But you can never lie to your heart. You know the truth deep down, and that’s your truth. That’s your heart. You can’t lie to your heart. So if you would have stepped away from that lion brother, you would have continued the same pattern that got to that point and continued not being yourself, but you couldn’t because you couldn’t deny your truth, your intuition.

Mark  18:37

The interesting thing was, as I followed this thing that I was starting to become was starting to become a friend with my intuition, it started opening up the realization that all of those stories I’d told to myself were absolute bullshit. It was like I got this internal bullshit detector. And it had been sitting there for years and years and years and years and years waiting for me to sit and go, okay, tell me a bit more about that. Maybe I’m not seeing something here that I could see. And the moment I was prepared to say, maybe there’s something that I’m missing, it all started to unravel.

Tim Matthews  19:21


Mark  19:22

The story that I created.

Tim Matthews  19:25

Yeah, the same was true for me. I’ll share a little bit, just in case the listeners are not familiar with this. So I had a sequence of events, really, that happened to me and it all culminated with me. It was September time of 2013, I think I’m in 2012, 2013, around that time anyway. And I was in a relationship. I was actually engaged to get married. We’d booked the wedding, bought the house, big four bedroom detached house for his to have a family in.

And I just didn’t want to get married to this woman at all. But what I didn’t realize at the time was I had a fear of being rejected because I didn’t feel good enough. I didn’t realize this back then. It was from me surrendering to things and asking questions like you’re talking about. They opened doors for me and I realized certain truths and honesty was a game changer for me. Just being honest and real with myself and others transform my life.

And that came from me following my intuition of what felt right because I was denying what felt right. What felt wrong was to propose, but I did it. What felt wrong was to not book the wedding, but I did it. What felt wrong was to buy the house, but I did it because I was people pleasing, right? And this came off the back of several years prior where I got robbed of tens of thousands in a business deal I should never have got into. It felt wrong to go into it. I went into it out of desperation, quite frankly, and neediness.

I’d almost died from taking too many drugs one night because I was in the Jack the Lad. And it felt wrong to be taking that many drugs that night. I knew I was pushing the limits and I kept doing it, right, because I wanted to look a certain way. I wanted to be like it felt wrong to cheat on all the girls I used to be with and put myself worth on being able to attract the girls that all the guys wanted. But I did it again because I was more concerned with how I looked to others, my image versus how I felt right.

So all this culminated in me been at this place where I was about to get married and I knew it was going to end in divorce anyway, I just couldn’t. I met somebody who was younger than me working online at that time. I had a different business that wasn’t online, making more money than me, traveling the world, happier than me, all the check marks, all marks of quote unquote success, if you want it really had me look at myself and think, what the hell am I doing?

And I knew what I was doing wrong. I was ignoring my intuition. I was ignoring my inner voice. But this guy was the proof, living proof, in the flesh, in my face of what’s possible. And anyway, one thing led to another, and one evening, my ex’s best friend was our place when I got home. And this was when we were packing and moving to the new house. And I got in about 08:00 p.m. Back then, I was in the fitness world, so I was a personal trainer and a fitness business. And my ex said to me, okay, so what are you going to take to the new house?

So my pride and joy at that point in time was my personal development books. I didn’t know anyone else in personal development back then, and she love it. Tony Robbins and all sorts. Awaken the giant within all that stuff. I loved it. So I started to put these things into the box, and she starts to look in the box and pull them, pulls them out one by one and starts throwing them across the room. What are you doing? You can’t take these. What are you talking it’s like the one thing I really want to take, right? You can’t take these. I’m like, what are you talking about? No, this isn’t coming. No. And just starts throwing them one by one. And her best friend at the time was sat by the side of her.

And by that point, I’d just become very passive in the relationship because there were nights when I’d sleeping, try sleeping my car until 03:00 a.m., 04:00 a.m., because I just couldn’t be dealing with the arguments. There was all sorts of abuse that I tolerate. It again, ignored what felt right. Anyway, the following day, I was driving to this house, had my ex’s best friend in the car with me, and she was saying, I can’t believe what she was like last night.

Like, really? Yeah. She was so out of order, like ahh, yeah, somewhat, and she kept going and going, and I turned to said, look, last night, that was like a six out of ten. She’s routinely a seven, eight, nine, ten out of ten. You just don’t see it because you’re a friend. And if she treated you that way, you wouldn’t be a friend. But anyway, this was the kind of wakeup call that I needed, along with a few others I had at that time. I remember walking into the house, dumping this box, turning around, walking out. My ex pulls up, and I just said, Bye. I’m going.

I just left, I never moved into the house, I called off the wedding, I ended the relationship, I got rid of the business partners robbing me of tens of thousands. I restructured the business that I had then, so it was more like a firefighter than a business owner. I ended, charged my services, I was constantly putting out fires. That all changed, restructured the business completely and really started to do life my way for the first time ever, which was following what felt right.

As a result of that, a sequence of events happened over the following few years. One of them being the powerful man then died. And that wasn’t planned. It came about from me being honest, it came about from me sharing my truth on social media. I was basically the journey, I was going through realizing that all that time I’d been living a lie and I’d been living a lie because I didn’t feel good enough and I didn’t feel worthy. And I masked it through work and money and success, right?

I started to share this through social media. I got one of three reactions. Either my friends thought I’d gone insane literally because I just was getting all the skeletons out of the closet, I couldn’t live the lie anymore or they thought I joined a cult. That was the second reaction. And the third reaction was from people who were resonating with it. Guys were resonating with this story. How as guys we often try and strive for business to fill a void. Really. I just started to help people and share with them the journey I was going on, the realizations I was having.

And I was learning to turn down the noise on the outside essentially to turn up the noise on the inside and become honest and real with myself, have honest conversations and follow what felt right and just really learn to tune in and navigate where this thing was taking me and surrender to it. And it’s led to some incredible, we’ll call them coincidences. Over the past few years that has led to TPM starting has led to Doug coming on board, has led to other key members coming on board. The team has led to the Alpha Reset.

Being what it is, I could go on and on and on and on and I’m so grateful that I’ve learnt this. It’s kind of like a cheat code. It isn’t because everyone has it, but it feels it’s kind of like Moses in the Red Sea. Things just part when you learn to tune into this, things just open up. Anyway, sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble. Then back to you more about your experience.

Mark  27:06

It’s really interesting and like coincidences because there was a brilliant book in the late 90s, the Celestine Prophecy, I’m sure you’ve read it.

Tim Matthews  27:18

Emmm, great book.

Mark  27:20

And introduced me to the concept of synchronicity or coincidences and what I noticed at that time in my life, coincidently whenever I was flying through an airport. I was doing a lot of world travel whenever I was flying through an airport. And I’d wander through the bookshop to find something to read. And I’d and I got to the point where I’d just walk through the bookshop and just pick whichever book caught my attention, and I’d buy it and I’d read the book, and it would set me up for what was going to happen three days later. It’s like I’d get an awareness of a possibility or a thought or of something that I needed to learn. And three days later, the test would come and go, hang on a minute. I learned about this three days ago. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this kind of…

Tim Matthews  28:05

I have, yeah.

Mark  28:07

Am I crazy or what? And there’s that phase where I went through it. This is weird. It seems to be working, but it feels really crazy. And there’s something about for me, it was about surrendering to it and letting go of control and just trusting. Trusting — It’s almost like there’s an intelligence there that we can tap that I could tap into if I was prepared to trust it.

Tim Matthews  28:35

That’s a huge part of it. I remember in the early days of me realizing this, I went for a walk, and I was walking up the street, and I just stopped outside of this house. Now, the house was across the road, and the road was on a hill, slight hill. So I’m looking across I’m looking outside this house. I’m like, why am I called to stop here? I stood there for a second or two. It’s a nice, sunny afternoon. Well, it’s a bright afternoon. It’s in winter. It’s one of those cold, bright days.

So I just kind of venture across the road, just continuing to follow it, not really knowing why I’m doing it. And then as I start to get closer to this driveway, I see this thing on the floor behind the bush. Like, what the hell is that? Is that dog? Like what is it? And I walk up this person’s driveway. Obviously, I don’t have a clue who lives in this house, right? Walk up this person’s driveway. Turn, like, to the left, where there’s a pathway up to the front door. And there’s this huge guy laid out on the floor, and he’s wheelchair, big mechanical wheelchair there. And he looks up at me, and I don’t know how long he’d been there, but he must have been freezing.

I had a T shirt on. The ground was obviously ice cold because it was a winter’s day, right? He looks up at me, please, please, can you help me get me back in my wheelchair? Obviously I help him get back in. It was a massive struggle because he was, like I said, disabled. Huge guy, kind of bit like a dead weight. Managed to get him back in. And he said, hey, I don’t know what I. Would have done there if you wouldn’t have found me. Essentially, I don’t have a clue when I would have got found. It was just incredibly grateful, and I just walked off in shock. I was stunned.

I had walked up that street at least once a day, sometimes twice a day, every day on my ARS for years. Never stopped outside that house, never felt the urge to. And I could have quite easily walked on that day and dismissed it as nothing. And I don’t know what would have happened to that guy. I’m not saying he would have died, but it was getting layer. He would have could have quite likely been out there all night, could have quite likely got hypothermia.

It’s just crazy when you’re able to learn to tap into this, but the thing is, you hit the nail on the head. It’s very difficult to explain this. I’m literally sharing this right now, and I’m even thinking, I wonder how this is going to be received by the listeners. Is this going to sound a bit crazy? And when you try and apply logic to this innate wisdom, if you will, it’s inside of your guiding system or whatever it may be, you start to lose the point because it isn’t a logical thing. It’s a feeling thing. It’s an intuitive thing.

We all hear about gut feel, right? Whether it’s in business, a lot of the listeners will have a gut feel in business, a gut feel for a project, a gut feel for a business, a gut feel for a person in the business. You’ve got a gut feel, right? And so often they do such a great job of applying the gut feel at work, but then they don’t always apply the gut feel across all the five territories of the life, right? But when they do, when the men come through the program and they learn to do this because, you know, it’s very easy to ask them questions and help them realize times in their life when things have just happened very easily.

These coincidences and synchronicities have lined up when you start to ask them questions, to help them realize what was happening during those times that led to that. Well, actually, you know what? I was spending more time in nature. I was spending more time reflecting, and I just took a risk. I just went for it, okay?

Mark  32:50

It’s fascinating. A couple of times when I’m working with guys on the Activation Method, sometimes a guy will come up with a problem. I’ve got this problem, I’ve got this challenge, and I go, okay, tell me a bit about this. And I can hear, like, there’s the voice in the head that’s saying this, and then there’s another voice in the head that’s saying that. And then I’ve got this little trick, and I say, just try this out. And what I think we’re able to do is just tap into that knowing. That real knowing, and what’s fascinating is when the guy says, ah, I should do this, everybody else who’s on the call gets the same message, oh, it’s so clear. It’s so clear. And the moment the guy is able to own his own truth, the other people in the room can resonate with there’s a resonant frequency to truth when it’s declared, everybody gets, it feels right.

Tim Matthews  33:47

I love that feels right bringing this episode full circle, you are not yourself. It’s when you are not living in alignment with your truth. That’s also felt by the people around you. That’s also when you start to fall into dear mode. That’s when you start to experience the five agonies, when you are not living your truth, when you become disconnected from yourself, from who you are and what you want. And you start to live based on what somebody else’s ideals are of you or for you societies or your wife’s or whoever it may be.

And this is a big part of why the men feel so good when they begin to fill the cup again, because they begin to tune into, okay, what would I love to do? What would I enjoy to do? And they follow that internal guidance system. And in doing so, the signal they give to themselves is, I matter to me. I’m important to me. I trust myself. And the confidence starts to build. So what’s three things a listener that’s resonating with this right now, that wants to learn how to follow their intuition that little bit more, what are three things I can do?

Mark  35:02

I would – it’s a really good question. I think one of the things that I learned was that if I get that hunch and I don’t listen to it, I get to feel a little bit anxious.

Tim Matthews  35:20


Mark  35:222

If I get the hunch and I listen to it, even if it’s scary, there’s something inside that says, yeah. Suddenly my courage appears. There’s like this very subtle shift internally. It’s like, okay, grip my teeth, move forward. But there’s something inside that goes it almost feels like there’s a voice inside. I’ve got your back. You’ve got this. This is the way. So I dance the dance between feeling vulnerable, supported, and courageous and feeling anxious. That’s one way that I tune in.

Another way that I tune in is some days I’m kind of walking through life and I go, life doesn’t feel like it’s flowing. Am I listening to my intuition? So I kind of have a conversation with it one day. I got to this point where I imagined having a conversation with this thing called intuition and said, why aren’t you talking to me? Why aren’t you talking to me? Why aren’t I getting any guidance? It was like this real deep need to understand why I wasn’t getting guidance. I said and this response from the intuition kind of said, well, silent. And then I realized for me and this is my truth, if things inside of me are silent. I’m on track. If I’m moving off track, the voice starts.

Tim Matthews  36:46

Peacefulness. Yeah.

Mark  36:47

So in a way intuition and a kind of internal silence go hand in hand for me.

Tim Matthews  36:50

I’d agree with that for sure. Yeah. The idea that it’s impossible to lie to yourself, the thing that feels right, that feels true for you, could feel exciting and scary, and it also just feels peaceful. It just feels right. You might not be able to explain why it just feels right. Equally, if you’re lying to yourself and living in your head and avoiding doing the thing you know you’re feeling called to do, that’s typically going to feel quite chaotic, scattered, anxious, frantic, and you’re going to waste a ton of energy trying to convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing.

And, you know, if you were to imagine one of the ways I like to look at this, if you to imagine your intuition is rising up, right? And let’s just say that that intuition has 50 units of energy rising up. Yeah. If you want to just stop that energy from rising up, it’s going to take 50 units of your energy to suppress it. So 50 units from your mind, if you will, and 50 units from your heart, they meet one another and they just kind of stop.

But if you want to push that down, you’re going to have to use 60 units, 70, 75, 80, 100, depending on how far down you want to push it. So therefore, it takes so much more energy just to deny your truth and ignore it than it does to just do the scary and exciting thing. And to your point, takes courage, really does. One other thing….

Mark  38:17

I think there’s — so there’s the two things. There was the two I just mentioned, which I can’t remember because I’m now onto the third thing. And the third thing is that pushing down of the energy that you talk about, on the days when I do that, I kind of get to this place where I just go, oh fuck it, I’m going to do it. That release of I just can’t hold this back anymore. It’s just like, okay, I’m going to do the uncomfortable thing, but there’s something about it that feels right.

Tim Matthews  38:51

Yeah. Do you know what? Those two words, fuck it, have helped me so much in doing this. I just like, fuck it. It’s almost like a declaration of so what it will be, what it will be. And you just go and you trust and so on. Yeah, I love those three things. For me, what could the listeners do to help them follow their intuition that little bit more?

So the first thing I would say is you’ve got to learn to turn down the noise on the outside and turn up the noise on the inside. So therefore, time in solitude, whether that’s on your ARS and you’re journaling and reflecting whether it’s time in meditation, whether it’s time in nature, you must spend time in solitude without anything to do and without any distractions, and just learn how to be.

Second thing is for you to invest in your health. For me, I imagine like a vessel, the cleaner my vessel is, that the louder and easier this wisdom, if you will communicates with me. If I’m eating junk food, if I’m not working out, if I’m having late nights, if I’m stressed, if I’m all these things, typically I’m going to be more on the path of force and it’s going to be harder for me to see, feel and hear the ways that this communicates with me.

Thirdly, I kind of touched on this in the first one time in nature. Like for me, that the awe and the wonder that I can experience in nature is very expansive and it just grounds me and in turn helps to turn down the noise on the outside and insights often come, but it’s in nature without distraction as well. So not on my phone or anything like that, going for a hike or going on a wild camp or going and doing a cold plunge in a lake or whatever it may be, right?

And kind of a fourth one. Learn to spot the signs. Learn to spot the ways that this wisdom, if you will, is communicating with you. It’s going to communicate with you in subtle ways. They’re not going to make sense. It might be for you to take a different route home one evening in the drive. It might be to go out for your lunch one day and go to a particular coffee shop. It might be to approach somebody and have a particular conversation. It might be, whatever it may be, right?

Don’t disregard it because it doesn’t make sense or because you’re too busy or whatever it may be. Learn to follow it, because the more you follow it, it’s like a muscle. It’s going to strengthen. And the more that you follow it and the more you see the fruits of it, the more you’re going to build the trust and the confidence in letting go of control and acting on it. Almost like acting on impulse with this. Mr. Handsworth. Thank you very much.

Mark  41:53

Tim, I’ve got one quick one for you. Do you ever have the experience of something happens and you get this tingle that runs down your spine or you get like your hairs go upon your arms or the suddenly….

Tim Matthews  42:07

Yeah, hairs go for my arms. That’s the one for me.  I get goosebumps.

Mark  42:10

I get the tingle, and when that tingle happens, I stop and I go, something’s happening right now and I need to just be here.

Tim Matthews  42:19

Yeah, it’s a great one. I get goosebumps. How do I explain it? It’s difficult to put words to it. It’s like a sense of excitement. Alignment, too. Like, I’m in alignment with what I’m supposed to be doing, how I’m supposed to be living, being so on. And it’s a real sense of knowing that comes over me. Not particular knowing of anything in particular, but just a real sense of I’m in the right place, I’m doing the right thing. And that could be as simple as having a conversation with somebody, speaking my truth. Anything. Right? Whatever it may be.

But those goosebumps definitely come. And to your point, it’s really important to pay attention to them. Fantastic. Thank you, Mr. Hainsworth. So man…

Mark  43:17

One more. I’ve got one more. Let me just share this, then you can have the last word. Alpha Reset. A couple of months ago, you and I were working together and one of the guys was doing some work, you may remember, and you came across to me and you whispered in my ear and go, no, I don’t get this. And I looked at you and my gut said, no, I don’t get it either. And you’d verbalized what I was kind of grappling with and we both got it at the same time.

And then something magic happened. You remember that moment?

Tim Matthews  43:49

Yeah. We just didn’t buy what it was saying. Right? Is…

Mark  43:52

Yeah. There was something we could feel it. (Crosstalk) We could both feel it.

Tim Matthews  43:56

Yeah, I love that. Gents, if you have any questions, comments on this, and you’re a part of our free Facebook community, go ahead and head over there, post a question. Mr. Handsworth, thank you very much for being here. I really appreciate it. And that’s another wrap for another episode of the Powerful Man Show.