The Alpha Recap #4

Episode #377

What happened at the recent Alpha Reset?

The Alpha Reset itself is the key that unlocks the door to the man you are inside. That key is access to the Alpha that is always inside of you. If you own that key you will be able to unlock the door and keep it open – or closed if you want – and that’s what makes it so powerful for these guys.

True power is about harnessing the power that is lying dormant inside of you. If you decide to harness it, it creates an energy and a presence that arrives in a room before you do.

In this episode, we are going to talk about the before and after of the guys who attended the Alpha Reset, a quick recap on what The Alpha Reset is, what happens at an Alpha Reset, why to go, and who it’s for.


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Episode Transcript

Doug Holt 0:00  

So you’re starting to see transformations beginning. And most of the guys don’t see it in themselves as much as they see it in the other men around them. It’s almost like putting your wd 40 or oil into a squeaky door; you’re starting to see that door moving, which is, again, the leverage to get inside and activate yourself as a powerful man. And you begin to see that within the guys. There’s a fire burning. It’s getting stoked, and you’re starting to see I’ll use another analogy of the butterfly coming out of that cocoon. Hello, everyone, and welcome to another episode of The Powerful Man show. I’m your host, Doug Holt, with my co-hosts Tim, The Powerful Man Matthews. What’s going on, brother?

Tim Matthews 0:43  

Well, I just got off the call with the guys in the circle, which was awesome. Loved it.

Doug Holt 0:49  

Great group of guys. 

Tim Matthews 0:50  

Yeah, they are. Especially off the back, I think on the call. Most of them just attended The Alpha Reset. So it was a distinct difference between the guys on the call that had participated in The Alpha Reset and the guys that hadn’t by the end of the ring because we’ve got another one coming up. All the guys are like, and I’m getting I am at the next one. So they left the call already, having reached out to the author to get confirmed for the next one, which is just incredible. 

Doug Holt 1:23  

Yeah, I think the next one’s booked out. And we’re looking at one, I believe in November at this point as well, by adding one that is in high demand. And we’re also getting a ton of people that say, hey, look, I just want to go to an alpha reset. I’ve heard so much about it. So I thought what we do today, Tim is actually doing a quick recap for the guys listening, both the guys in the movement that would call The Powerful Man, and our regular listeners just kind of like The Alpha Reset? Why don’t you go, who’s it for, and what happened in this alpha reset? As a disclaimer, Before we continue, we just don’t share what happens at The Alpha Reset. In terms of exercises. And in terms of what the gentlemen do. However, we’ll talk to you about the before and after a little bit. And we have some great before and after or after, I guess I should say, videos from some of the guys that chose, they wanted to share. 

Tim Matthews 2:22  

Yeah, if you can see me on the video, you’ll know that I will commit distress, and I’m distressed guys who can’t see the video. And the reason for that is I don’t know how to put it into words. But, at the start of this inner circle call, one of the guys that had just been to The Alpha Reset, shared a quick sentence of what it was like: why anybody else should go? And all of them said the same look. I can’t put it into words. Just go. And one of the guys, Jared, had listened to the excellent podcast man who showed up big time at The Alpha Reset. He repeats himself about six times just go; every time he said he got more animated and introduced a few f-bombs, just go. Tony said the same thing. So did Jerry; the guys just kept echoing. Because, again, it’s so difficult to put into words. I said to them, as you know how the accountability call goes for the inner circle. One of the questions is what didn’t go well this past week. Every guy that had been to The Alpha Reset said, Look, there isn’t anything that hasn’t gone well. One of the questions is, what are you going to be doing differently next week? 

All the guys that were at the alpha races had nothing. I want to do exactly what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve gone home; the relationship with the kids is just off the charts. The relationship with the wife is another level because they are doing all the right things before that. Sometimes, there is still a slight disconnect between them and the wife, and it’s an emotional and energetic disconnect. One of the guys crushing it is doing well in every area, quite honestly. And so it’s just a little bit serious. And he’s been trying to empathize and validate and connect with his wife. And he’s coming across as inauthentic because that energy is mismatched, why saying, and it’s been genuine with it. He wants to understand it and connect, but she feels that disconnect between the saying and its meaning, whereas now she walks in through the door barely even says anything, and she’s all over him. Because she feels his energy, she feels his playfulness, and she feels his lightheartedness. Whenever guys had dinner with another couple, he got random text messages from the husband. Three days later, and he didn’t know why this guy didn’t talk about it. And he said, God, you just felt so light. It was great to see, it was great to be around. He was so much fun. And you could go on and on and on. And that’s the fundamental shift, the difference that these guys come back with.

Doug Holt 5:28  

Yeah, and the key for those guys listening here is we all like we all want that. And The Alpha Reset provides men the ability to access that at any time within them, anytime, anyplace. And it’s almost like I would describe The Alpha Reset, and I would tell it; it’s The Alpha Reset itself is a key. And it unlocks the door to the man that you are inside, the guy you know you are inside. That’s why it’s called a reset. The Alpha Reset the alpha inside of you. And the exercises are specifically designed and tailored to each group. So they constantly change a little bit, although some fundamentals go along. There’s a formula we’ve been doing for years. But it allows the men access and instantaneous access. And one thing, Tim, the first gentleman you mentioned, who you know at allowing more playfulness, lighthearted love. And his wife now feels I mean, and she wrote him a letter, essentially, it said, Hey, this isn’t working, and I’m out. If this doesn’t change, he could be in a space where that didn’t bother him. And because he just came authentically, as you said, and the key here is access to that man, that is what was always within him, that us as coaches, we could always see and give him the key, now he owns the key. And he can unlock that door and keep it open or close if he wants to. 

But he always has the key to do so. And that’s what makes it so powerful for these guys. And that’s why we have a waiting list for the offer resets, and we’re adding more now that the pandemic is, I’ll say, slowing down, so to speak, although we experienced a lot of governmental regulations. I’ll say that at this alpha reset, but the guys just stepped the line time and time again. And I know we’ll talk about some more of these transformations in the experience as we go through this. But let’s take a moment and start at the beginning. So this alpha reset was in Wales, in the United Kingdom. So it was in Wales. And the guys all showed up for what we call Day Zero; basically, it’s kind of the meet and greets show up. And this one was interesting because a lot of the guys have known each other via zoom and video, etc., before, so they’ve known each other and got to know each other through the time they’ve all been through The Activation Method. So there’s a certain level of playing field that all the guys are on. And I didn’t know if you’re getting paid. So when you look at this, the guy showed up, but the level of nervousness was also there. So there’s a familiarity. The standard joke is that all the guys go, Wow, you’re real because they haven’t seen or met each other in person. And as you can imagine, the bond that’s formed going through The Activation Method, and then these guys have all gone into The Brotherhood. Some guys have gone into the inner circle, our higher-level mastermind program, but they all know each other, right? Those groups intermix; it’s an amazing network of business professionals from all over the world, all walks of life. The commonality here is you have amazing men. 

Most all have kids who are there to better themselves not only for their families but also for themselves and are looking to unlock the key, and they have no idea guys listening to this; they have no idea what’s going to happen. And that’s the beautiful thing is they put their full trust into us as coaches, and we don’t tell them anything other than at night. We say, guys, get some sleep tomorrow; we’re starting at x time; here are your expectations. Here’s what we want you to show up with. So we may want you to do X, Y, and Z before the coaches arrive because we, as coaches, state off-site. This particular venue leads changes depending on the venue, so it’s a beautiful location on this stately Manor overlooking the ocean and Wales, so the locations are five stars right. Great people are five stars at the beginning of guys who are very nervous. Some guys ask himself Why the hell am I here? And other guys are just nervous and excited. 

Tim Matthews 9:40  

A common joke is to fly halfway across the world to meet with some people I’ve never met before. I’ve only spoken to people on the internet. And I don’t know what I’m going to be doing, where I’m going to be staying; well, they know where they will be staying, but they don’t know anything about it. And it’s not a common joke on that first evening, right with the guys over the Brr, too, and it’s like, I can’t believe I flew across the world to just meet with a bunch of guys that I met online and I don’t know why I’m here. My wife’s asking me, what are you going to do? He’s like, I don’t know. What else can it do? I don’t know. And then he dawns on them. Interesting, but it is great. It’s a great exercise of letting go of control and realizing what you are capable of 

Doug Holt 10:28  

Surrender. Yeah. Absolute surrender. So yeah, day one, we are great. We had a guy who offered to share some of his passion with wine, which was great. I bought some amazing bottles of wine to share with the guys that chose to drink; some of the guys don’t drink. And there’s still that camaraderie regardless; some of the guys from the UK brought beer to share. And it’s just guys sharing themselves. And there’s that sense of nerves because they haven’t unlocked the key yet for themselves. So there’s a little bit of trepidation and nervousness; you can feel it in the air. So, guys were just getting to know each other; when we do some icebreakers as coaches periodically, we didn’t have to do it in this case. But there are some conversations and seeds planted that first night, and then the guys go to bed relatively early. And they get up, get ready for day one. So day one of the experience, the energy is continuing, right guys are getting some rest. Again, we’re not going to go into what happens at the event. But you’re starting to see transformations beginning. And most of the guys don’t see it in themselves as much as they see it in the other men around them. And they’re starting to see it’s almost like putting a WD 40 or oil into a squeaky door, you’re starting to see that door moving, which is again, the leverage to get inside and activate yourself as a powerful man, then you start to see that within the guys. And there’s a fire burning; it’s getting stoked. And you’re starting to see kind of I’ll use another analogy, the butterfly coming out of that cocoon going through there. 

Tim Matthews 12:08  

Yeah, I think it’s good to mention that the theme of day one is true. And there’s a series of different things we’ll take the guys through. But I’ll give you a little bit of understanding as to really where we go. We know we dive deep into certain areas, and as you said, a previously sharp door starts to open. And it was great to see the guys open up in ways that they have never opened up to anyone in their lives before and realize things about themselves. And just any way, I don’t want to have to give too much away. 

Doug Holt 12:44  

No more tea. I know it’s hard; I’m struggling over here too. But so transformative. You want to share this with the mountaintops. And it’s key guys, although guys are opening up. This is not friggin therapy at all. Nothing even remotely close to therapy. It’s not that kind of opening up. Imagine having a pint of beer with your closest friends, your childhood friends that you’ve known forever. You just kind of chatted away, just that would be the closest descriptor I could give to the experience. I know it’s not close, but it’s the closest I can give you. I’m open to it. But again, this also gives us, as coaches, a chance to read the room. And as coaches, we’re constantly maneuvering, moving around, redoing the agenda based on everybody. So although there were 10 minutes, this particular alpha reset, sometimes there’s more, sometimes there’s less depending on what we want to do. Everybody has an individual experience. It’s collective, but also individual. So it’s something you can’t tell as a participant right away until day three, but it’s tailored for each person to get what we want them to get out of it. And fast-forwarding to day two, well, just skip day two, how’s that? 

Tim Matthews 14:05  

Well, think of this a week ago. Today was day two. 

Doug Holt 14:10  

I know, I know. 

Tim Matthews 14:11  

Twenty plus four, I think, would have been through the second process. There are six processes. I think we can say that six? You don’t want me to say anything, do you? 

Doug Holt 14:21  

I don’t want you to say anything because part of the experience is not knowing how to surrender. And I’ll speak for myself. As business leaders, we’re in control of the time. We’re in control of everything. And so, there’s a certain aspect of surrendering that adds to the experience. So the not knowing part. Guys in The Brotherhood pieced a few things together, right? We joke about what’s going to happen a lot and we’re still guys. So we’re still giving each other a hard time and joking, and we play some tricks here and there. We’re having fun most of the time, but it’s also a very serious experience. But even seriously serious experiences. And transformational ones can be fun if you allow them to be. And so that’s really what we foster. But day two is a monster, so to speak, a good monster, but a monster of a day. So roll into day three, going through day three. Tim, it was so beautiful, right? Day Three is where these men have had access to the key on day two, so to speak, but I think we can say, and now they are practicing, opening, and setting the door if they want to. But most of those guys have friggin taken the hinges off the door, let alone use the key to unlock it. And these men, one guy said, I’m trying to think of what I can say that is not getting anything spoiled. One of the guys said I’ve never been this happy in my life. For the first time in my life, I feel like I’m me. And that’s something we often hear, not always the first time in life, and I’m this happy. But we always hear at least from some people, if not most, and this is the first time as a man, I feel true who I am as a man. And it’s an emotional experience, right to see these guys. Just foster the powerful men that we as coaches have always seen, who their wives have always seen, and people around them who can see and love them. They see that man that’s inside, and they’re just screaming for them to get out. But the guys again, it’s a locked door for them. They don’t have access.

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Tim Matthews 17:24  

Yo, I’m having the over the years or decades that persevered and tolerated pain in business and others’ life and put themselves last not made time for themselves. And it’s become a habit. And it’s become a way of thinking, and it’s like they’ve stacked armor. Right? I don’t know if you have those dolls in the US that you can get in the UK, I think from Europe. And when you lift the lid off one of the dolls, there’s a smaller doll inside. 

Doug Holt 18:02  

They’re from Russia. 

Tim Matthews 18:03  

Yeah, so it’s like that the woman still sees the real version and a small doll still sees the real guy she married. But the guy has just stacked on these layers and layers and layers around him. And that’s what she’s craving. She’s craving the man that she married, and he said, It’s a feeling. She feels his presence differently. Then she does when he’s got these five layers of armor, and she struggles to feel them. It’s so frustrating for her because she sees and feels glimpses of it. So it is a great way to describe where they are on day three. Not only do they have the key in the bus to the door, and at the same time, they’re just free. They’ve taken off the armor. And they can know who they are, like viscerally. They know who they are. They know they won. And it’s not like they said that I see so clearly now. It’s like a light bulb looks bigger than a light bulb. I don’t even know what it’s like. It’s incredible. And they take the house. And they take that home with them, to the guys on the taxi ride home example. Two quick stories here, the guy in a taxicab and the driver were overhearing what they talked about. And he says, where have you guys been? What have you been doing? Because it is hearing and feeling what they’re saying and feeling the lightness that they have. And so they told him, and it was a long pause in silence. It turns out that that day, he shouldn’t have been driving that taxicab. He was the owner of the company, and he was covering for one of the sick guys. And the way the space that they created for that guy. He then shared that he’s always struggled in marriage and business because he was abused as a child. And he carries the guilt and the shame with him. Ever since he was five years old, he’s not told anyone about it. So when the car went on, when the taxi ride had finished, one of the guys got out, hugged him, and took his number. And he just said he felt this lightness drop off him. And the same guy, when he got home a few days later, went to see his best friend. They’re having lunch in his best friend’s team, you’ve changed. Why are you doing that? This is different. This isn’t who you’ve been. Over the past few years, you’re different. You’ve changed.

Doug Holt 20:49  

To be clear, we’re not talking about the taxi driver anymore? 

Tim Matthews 20:51  

No, no, no. And he’s seen him change over the past year. And this was almost like the icing on the cake. Anyway, we want to leave. They went to do the usual hug that guys do right and give each other a pat. But instead of doing that, his friend gave him a part. But the guy had just been to The Alpha Reset, and he held on. And his friend just started crying. And he just said, Listen, I’m here for you. And just these men, because they can see themselves and see who they are being tuned with and what they want. They begin to lead themselves in their lives in ways that transcend traditional forms of leadership. And he says that, as you have all met those kinds of people when you walk into a room, they just left the room. And that’s what these guys are doing effortlessly. They’re not trying; that’s what their wives are feeling. That’s what the kids are feeling: the playful father is back on guys gone, taking his kid out running and taking his kid to do just things that he didn’t realize his son wanted to do. Because he was missing the mark. Whereas the transformation is household with his kids, the past week, from him being present and available, has just shifted the entire environment and shifted the relationship with his wife because she’s seen. She’s seen the father that he has been. It is incredible. There are tons of stories like this. Tons.

Doug Holt 22:27  

Yeah, I mean, I’m just thinking about that. I mean, you think about what we as men want. First and foremost, if you’re in the shit right now, all you want to do is get out. Seeing beyond that is impossible. And what is possible is not only getting out, but like you said this guy you’re talking about right now, weapons are in the inner circle. This applies to all the guys; they become beacons of hope for the men around them. And it does transcend any leadership book or anything. It’s just natural, authentic leadership from a place of purity. And that gets recognized. This guy left us a message saying that he walked into a business meeting and just took it over. And his words, he owned it like a boss. And just dominate the business meeting for the first time that he can recall. And not from a place of like…

Tim Matthews 23:22  


Doug Holt 23:23  

Yeah, from a place of ego or dictatorial being a dictator, but from a place of just pure natural power. And people follow that means they just gravitate towards that naturally. So it’s been great to see, and you can tell stories about almost all of these guys. I want to bring up a story that I think is important coming out of The Alpha Reset, especially for the men that listen; the common thing that we hear is my marriage is too far gone. Now it may be right. Or man, they’re the wives are like, yeah, you’re doing something new. Why is this any different? You tell me you’re going to change? Why is it different? When these guys step into their home, their whole family can tell this has been a change that will last, and it is different. And the reason being is they can feel the energy before these men walk into the room before these guys open the door. The household is filled with that energy. I remember Tim, my wife, telling me that I was running multiple companies and had everything going on there. 

I was stressed. But anxiety was an issue that when I would come into the room after work, the whole house became anxious, the room would fill with anxiety, and it used to piss me off, to be honest. I didn’t want it to be true to him. I didn’t know how to get rid of it. I just didn’t know. I’m a businessman. Like I’m always on the go. But the same thing happens when you walk in with pure love power. And the essence of who you are as a man as an Alpha Man. That’s what we call a powerful man. Now when these guys walk in their home, their wives like, ah, things will be different, They’ve kids like things going to be different? My father is here, and my man is here. And it doesn’t take any work from these guys. It’s easier. And that’s always a joke on day three; what the hell, this is even easier than doing all the other things I’ve been trying to do, all the stress, all the anxiety, this is the easiest thing for me to do going through there. So that’s always been an interesting thing. 

Tim Matthews 25:31  

Yeah, so just something I want to point out. It’s almost counterintuitive. These guys decided this is true power that they learn to harness. And when the people around them feel that true power, they feel safe. And the reason why I say it’s counterintuitive is that we are taught to believe what power looks like muscles, and beat and chest and loud. And whatever it is, you’ve come to realize that true power has nothing to do with that. True power is about harnessing a power that’s lying dormant inside of you. Power is there for all of us. Everyone’s got it; these guys at The Alpha Reset, nothing special, have chosen to do the work. And the good news is it’s inside of all of us. When we choose to harness it, it creates energy. A presence, as you said, arrives in a room before we do. That allows other people to breathe a sigh of relief. Because they feel your certainty, they feel your wideness. They feel your decisiveness and direction without anything to prove, without anything to hide. It comes from a real sense of groundedness in that place, and you can be able to make calculated decisions; you’re precise. And you’re also living it’s a nice balance of fairness and love. Again, it helps the people around you to relax, because they know that you’ve got this.

Doug Holt 27:18  

Yeah, it’s amazing. Something that happens at this alpha resets is the guys feel like somebody’s taken the emergency brakes off; they’re not spinning the wheels trying to figure this out. And a lot of guys are like, screw it, I’m good at business. I’ll just focus there. Hopefully, this marriage thing and everything else goes away doesn’t work that way. One guy was talking about releasing the brakes and how it felt like the brakes were released. And this gentleman we talked about earlier, his analogy was great. It’s almost like you; someone just walked around and cut off all the sandbags on the hot air balloon. It’s a hot air balloon trying to get in there. But it’s tethered down to the ground. Plus, there are all these weighted sandbags. So maybe someone’s cut one-off in a year or something. But The Alpha Reset was like someone went around and just took a machete and just cut off all the tethers, all of the sandbags in one fell swoop, and those balloons floated away. I mean, we could talk about this forever, because we were there and we’re very passionate about it. It’s just so amazing. 

Every one of these guys stepped to the line, and what we mean by stepping to the line, that means one you got to choose to do the work, two is you got to show up, physically show up but show up, ready to do the work of ready to do stuff that you’ve never done before. Growth happens outside your comfort zone. So for a lot of people, just even not knowing what they’re going to do is too uncomfortable. Do it anyway. What you’re doing is not working. Right? Maybe it is for you. Maybe a couple of you guys are listening here, but for most of us as men. I’ve been there, guys, and it’s just not working. You know it’s not working. You’re taking hopium hoping things will change with time, hoping things will change tomorrow someday. But you’ve said that for years, and it hasn’t changed. Right, go looking; your wife signs your kid’s eyes, look in the mirror right now and see how things are. And I’m only sharing this with you guys because I want this for you might not be The Alpha Reset, but this level of transcendence really empower within yourself is there and accessible to you right now. And for some of us, myself included, we need the key, someone to hand us the key to the door to unlock, and we’ll get that key which is sweet. It is oh so sweet. It is amazing. So Tim, any parting words you want to do to wrap up The Alpha Reset

Tim Matthews 29:49  

This is the same for the people that go through it. It can never unsee what you’ve seen now because you’re going to see a side of yourself that you always needed was there; you just didn’t know how to access it. You access it at The Alpha Reset. And not only that, you access it in a deeper, more meaningful way where the new ever realized was possible. And there’s no turning back, and they just aren’t. So if you’re not ready for that level of transformation, it’s just maybe not your time. But if you are ready for that level of transformation, then I invite you to accept the challenge. Make your way to an alpha reset. It’s many men that have walked the path and gone before you. But it’s up to you whether or not you can handle it. 

Doug Holt 30:38  

Yeah, very well. Very, very true. And guys, we’ll release a couple of the videos because what happens all the time when we’re at these things is guys want to get in front of the camera, just share it. We say, hey, look, what would your previous you want to know about this experience be? One of the guys said, Get your ass to alpha reset as soon as possible. So awesome, Tim; what an amazing experience. Shout out to Lee and Arthur, who were also co-coaching with us and making sure this was possible and all the support staff that makes this happen. So it’s a huge undertaking, guys, as you may understand, but just man, I’m just so proud of these men that step to the line for themselves and their families. And you guys are listening to this now; that’s something you choose to do in your life, then I applaud you for that as well. Gentlemen, that’s a wrap for us here at The Powerful Man show if you haven’t already. It would mean a lot to Tim and me if you just leave a review, just an authentic, honest review on wherever you get this, whether it be YouTube, through iTunes, Stitcher, wherever you find this show that helps other men like you find it as well guys that are searching like you. And we want to open this up. This is a movement of men, truly a movement, and we’re doing something special here, and we want you guys to be included. So gentlemen, as always, take some action. We’ll see you next time—the Alpha Man show.