Taking Stock of Where You Are In Your Marriage

Episode #275

What level are you in your relationship?

What is your model when it comes to marriage?

There are 3 levels to a relationship. Level 3 means your marriage is outstanding. Both of you are playing full out in the relationship. Both parties are completely transparent in everything, and love permeates every day of your lives together.

Level 2 means things are just fine. An average relationship when compared to others.

Level 1 means things aren’t working. Both of you are considering options…or divorce. Level 1 is the danger zone. The wife is not satisfied, the husband is not satisfied, and that dissatisfaction is showing up in your everyday lives. There’s no love in the relationship.

In this episode, we talk about the importance of acknowledging what level you’re at. If you’re on level two or one, it’s time to do something. Find out how to take massive action to get out of those levels, and more about the tools you need in order to identify your blind spots.


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