Revisit: She Won’t Leave

Episode #203

Women nowadays don’t need a man to provide for them financially. They need someone who can provide for them emotionally, someone who is man enough for her to feel safe and secured. Someone who is present, who takes care of himself, and his health and knows how to step up.

As a man, we become very confident that our wife will never leave us since we think that providing financially is enough to make them stay.

We think that when we make more money, THAT is the time we will be able to enjoy life with our loved ones but we never feel like its enough, we always want to make more and as a result, we become slaves to our business.

In this episode, we talk about how providing is more than just giving money, it is emotionally also. If you want to have deep intimacy in your relationship then you need to prioritize it and make your business serve your life, not the other way around.

Women check out from the relationship because they feel that their partner left the relationship long before they do. Their husbands stopped becoming the man they married. The wife becomes a mother and the husband becomes a boy.

To keep the relationship it is important to become the man you know you are capable of becoming. Improve yourself, learn how to switch off from work, and be present in the relationship. Spend quality time with your wife, have good communication and you will become closer to each other.



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