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Revisit: I Don’t Need To Date My Wife, We’re Too Busy

Episode #290

When was the last time you took your wife on a date?

If you’re not actively dating your wife, you won’t be able to build and grow a deeper connection in the relationship.

Typically, we become so busy making money to provide for all the needs of our family that we often forget to plan a date night with our wife. This will often result in feeling guilty for not being able to offer the attention that our partner needs, which is why we resort to alternatives. We buy expensive gifts for her in order to make up for those missed date nights, but that’s not the true connection she’s looking for. Because of this, the disconnection between you grows, and soon you will realize that you and your partner are slowly drifting apart.

It’s important to work on yourself in order to have the energy you need to truly nurture your relationship. Prioritize your relationship with your wife. Date her the way you dated her before your marriage. Make her feel special.

Dedicate a space and time to connect with her without mentioning anything about business. Give her that deeper level of intimacy and connection.

In this episode, you will learn the importance of dating your wife, the effects of relying on the alternatives instead of dating your wife to build a connection, how to nurture your relationship and how to provide emotion in the relationship.


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