Revisit: “Every Time We Talk, We Argue”

Episode #514

Every relationship book, podcast, or video you consume tells you communication is key. That to get through your problems with your partner…you have to talk about it. But every time you try to talk to her, it seems like you end up arguing. 

The good news is….there is another way.

When we have problems in the relationship, talking about it sometimes will just make the situation even worse. As a man, we feel that it is an attack on our capabilities to provide and as a man.

It is difficult for us to communicate and talk about it because we don’t understand what’s going on inside us.

Get out of that situation by focusing on building the connection first with yourself so that you will be able to build a connection with your wife.

You should reset and reclaim. Know yourself, and understand what’s going on inside you so that it will be easier to understand what your partner really needs from you.

Have fun with yourself so that you will be able to have fun with your partner. Build a deeper connection with yourself and your wife and as a result, communication will become a lot easier.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. The alternative to “talking through” your problems with your partner.
  2. How showing up for yourself makes all the difference
  3. What your partner is really looking for from you.


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