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Revisit: Don’t Go To War

Episode #123

Enjoy the Journey!

How often do you hear that phrase, life is a journey and it needs to be enjoyed? However, being involved in a battle or war isn’t an enjoyable experience.

In this episode, Tim & Doug present another deep discussion about what it truly means to become a powerful man and they put the case forward for ditching the idea of a physical, tough, war-like alpha male in favor of a calm, quietly confident, self-assured man as being the one we should aspire to.

As men, we are so often wired to feel like we should go to war. We should treat everything like a battle that we need to win. This mentality comes from our ancestors having to fight and battle to stay alive and even most recently in the world wars when men were recruited to go to war for their country. Still, to this day, there is a belief among many that being a man means going to war and winning a battle. Even as a metaphor, this can be a dangerous way to view life. What are we really telling ourselves if this is the language we use and the outlook we have?

Tim & Doug look at what it actually means to go to war. Pain, suffering, hurt, anger – these are the emotions associated with war and these will be the emotions you will encounter if you approach life like a battle or a war.

The most successful men are more often not the ones beating their chests the hardest. We have all seen people who shout the loudest about their success but these are also the people who get into more disagreements, the ones who fail to take responsibility, the ones who pass the buck. This is because they are in battle mode and they are most likely, extremely insecure. Tim and Doug both relate to moving from this mindset to a more calm, relaxed and confident mindset and what it did for their lives.

If you take yourself out of battle mode, it’s the first step to being calm, confident and in a state of flow.  You don’t need anyone else’s approval to live the life you want and you can live a much more fulfilling and successful life by changing your mentality to be more positive. You don’t need to go to war.

Things you will discover in this episode:

  • How the language we use has a direct effect on our subconscious and how we operate
  • How being calm can improve your behavior and outcomes
  • How the idea of battles and wars impacts our belief systems
  • Why it’s time to ditch the cliche physical, tough, alpha male in favor of the calm self-assured man
  • Why calm is an incredibly strong inner strength
  • Why the loudest isn’t always the best
  • An immediate, actionable step to being a more relaxed, confident man


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