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Redefining Legacy: Leaving a Lasting Impact Beyond Wealth

Episode #827

In this episode of the TPM Show, hosts Doug Holt and Brad Holt dive deep into the concept of legacy. What does it truly mean to leave a legacy, and how can you ensure it’s one of choice rather than circumstance? The Holts discuss the importance of living authentically and intentionally, demonstrating how you can provide for your family not just financially, but also through actions that speak louder than words.

From the “rocking chair test” to envisioning your ultimate legacy, this episode is packed with actionable advice. Learn why it’s crucial to plan your life and legacy proactively, challenging the belief systems handed down through generations. Whether it’s through personal development, maintaining strong relationships, or setting an example for your children, Doug and Brad emphasize that legacy is built through everyday actions and choices.

Tune in to discover how you can leave a legacy of love, compassion, and authenticity. This episode is not just about making money or achieving success—it’s about creating a meaningful and lasting impact on those you care about most.

Key Takeaways:

  • The true meaning of legacy and how to define it for yourself.
  • Practical exercises like the “rocking chair test” to help you envision your desired legacy.
  • The importance of authenticity and intentional living.
  • How to leave a legacy that reflects your values and beliefs.
  • Real-life examples and stories of individuals who have successfully redefined their legacies.

Join us as we explore how to leave a legacy that goes beyond wealth, ensuring your impact is both profound and lasting.

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Doug Holt  0:00  

And they look up and they there’s life of quiet desperation. They snap with their kids, they have a sexless marriage, their kids are watching this and their kids go on to do the same that’s a legacy or you can do the work, you can step forward and do the work and leave a different legacy. Or you

Brad Holt  0:15  

can provide a financial future for those you love or you care about and show them how to do it with living who you really are your authentic self that is letting your children know you don’t have to be perfect. And you don’t have to do it the way others tell you. You get to live your own life.

Doug Holt  0:41  

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of the TPM show. And we are lucky enough to have retained Brad Holt, our CEO, one of our head coaches and also my brother here for this episode. And Brad’s at the TPM ranch. So today, we got an interesting conversation. It’s about legacy. So Brad, thanks for being here.

Brad Holt  0:58  

Hey, it’s always awesome to be at the ranch. Spend time with you guys. Man, if you haven’t been to the ranch, guys, you got to get out here

Doug Holt  1:05  

is a picture as day to day. I’m dying to get out and get out there and have some good times. But speaking of good times, your legacy legacy is one of those words buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot. When you think of legacy. What comes up for you?

Brad Holt  1:20  

Well, when I was younger, okay, legacy was always about me providing wealth to future generations, or me having a title. And people remember me? Sure. And I was like, Oh, that’s my legacy. Yeah,

Doug Holt  1:36  

we think about it. I mean, we have five territories in the powerful man. We have self health, wealth, relationships and business. So when you think of wealth tied that legacy, you don’t think about giving back philanthropically? What does it mean to you?

Brad Holt  1:48  

Yeah, so yeah, when I think of our wealth category, it is about legacy. And I do want to give my children a good life, I want to provide for those less fortunate than me. But also, it has nothing to do with money, you can leave in a tremendous legacy by really stepping into being a real man. And your actions speak a lot louder than your words. And for all of us, we can really have an impact on those around us by just our actions, and we can truly leave a long lasting legacy.

Doug Holt  2:23  

Yeah, so I do this exercise with a lot of the men and it’s a classic exercise, the rocking chair test, I’m sure you’re familiar with it, most people are. But for those that aren’t, basically I’ll talk to a guide. We had a guy recently at an event. And you know, he was he was upset, he was upset because he hadn’t hit the 200 million Mark Wright, and to him that was poverty. He wanted to retire and just he wanted to leave a legacy was really important to him. And I asked him, I said, Okay, let’s just imagine this guy was younger, I would say mid 40s or so, said, Imagine now you’re 75 you’re sitting on your porch, you’re sitting in your rocking chair with a glass of lemonade, glass of whiskey, whatever you want. And you’re reflecting on the most important things in your life. What are you reflecting on? And he sat there for a minute, Brad? And as he was sitting there, he looked at me goes, my kids, my kids for sure. My wife? Yes, the fact that I was able to regain my marriage, I thought was going to be divorced, it was super important that I put the work in. And he said, Yeah, you know, what, really is the time spent on the trips and the time spent with my family. That’s where I’d be most proud of. I said, You never once mentioned money, a pause for a second he goes, You know what, you’re right. There, I have all the money I need. And that was just a small moment of clarity. And then he’d start thinking about the legacy he was going to live like you talked about, you know, we always know me having young kids four and seven. They’re always watching, I can make one comment in the truck as I’m driving with them. And two days later, I can hear them saying it or repeating it like parents, they’re always watching. So wouldn’t it make sense to say they’re also watching my actions with my wife, my actions with other people, or more importantly, my actions, when I don’t think anybody’s looking,

Brad Holt  4:03  

I think is tremendous, and kind of interested in talking about legacy, and we think of far out. That’s what you were gonna say, now, not just to fix my current problem, but that’s how you do leave a legacy. People can see you invest in yourself. People can see the fruits of that labor, and the blessings you’re putting on other people and they’re watching. What I say is one thing is my kids go oh, it’s one of Dad’s life lessons. It’s I don’t think it’s that funny.

Doug Holt  4:35  

Because I know your kids. Yeah.

Brad Holt  4:37  

But when you watch them, and they tell you what they think, or traditions and how you act, you go, oh, there is a legacy, and they’re influencing their friends. And that’s much more important than any money I could ever leave them. No,

Doug Holt  4:50  

it’s so true. And it’s gonna give away a secret that the guys aren’t gonna like to hear Brad. Is when you guys when you look in the mirror every once in a while. Why don’t you notice where you see yourself on a Zoom video? That’s another good one for guys. Do you notice your mannerisms start to be the mannerisms, your father, the words you say, start to be the ones of your father, the little things, you look back in the mirror and you go, Ah, shit, I’m doing what he does. We become that legacy, if you will, we become what’s around us. Yep. Now, this also goes for our faults. You’ve picked up your dad’s bad habits, your mom’s bad habits. And they probably picked it up from their father and their father and go down the line, you have the opportunity as a powerful man to break that chain, and leave a legacy a different legacy, a different path. Right? For a lot of us we haven’t men that are listening to this weren’t given great examples of marriage or healthy relationships, especially intimate relationships. So you know, we struggle, they don’t teach in school, they don’t teach interpersonal communication well in school. And so men struggle that you think I say I do, we get married, everything’s gonna be great, put my head down, shut up, get to work, provide for my family, everybody’s gonna love me. And they look up and they there’s life of quiet desperation. They snap their kids. They have a sexless marriage, or at least a passionate list marriage at the very least. And their kids are watching this and their kids go on to do the same. That’s a legacy. Or you can do the work, you can step forward and do the work and leave a different legacy. A legacy where we are kids see a family that isn’t perfect, but they handle disagreements in a loving way. They do things for each other not because there’s expecting something in return. That’s horse trading. They’re doing things out of pure love. That’s also a legacy. And you get to pick which legacy you want to leave. But either way, guys, you are picking one of those paths.

Brad Holt  6:44  

And life’s ever changing, man when you turn 18. And they gave you that book on how to be an adult? Oh,

Doug Holt  6:50  

yeah. No, I just got advice from my brother.

Brad Holt  6:55  

No, we don’t. And we create stories. Can you imagine your 25 year old self making decisions today? Yeah. And we go, Well, this is the way my view of my politics or this is the way the world works at 25. And we hold on to it. And for all the people who don’t agree with this, how many of us go back to Christmas or Thanksgiving? And we walk into family dynamics, and we fall back into line because of stories. Yep. And we get the choice to design our life, we get a choice to design our legacy. What do we want to pass on? And I love it. Because a lot of people say do work. I don’t know if they understand what that means. When you say do work, what does that mean to you?

Doug Holt  7:36  

When I say do the work? Yes, we say it. I think it means what the way I describe it as like being Indiana Jones and going on the deep adventure inside your own soul inside your own body and your personality. Conquering any demons you may find finding the traps, going on an adventure with inside yourself and peeling back the layers.

Brad Holt  7:57  

I love that because I there’s there’s two parts of me there’s the one who has come to the negative side, the judge the critic, hey, loser, you did it again. If you do this, you’d be in trouble. That’s what we call our stickman. But there’s that childlike curiosity, question things just like a kid, like walking down a beach picks up a rock? And like just looks at it. For the first time we need to do that on ourselves.

Doug Holt  8:19  

Yeah. Oh, it’s 100%. True. And I want to be clear on this. When we’re talking about legacy. We’re not saying there’s anything bad with making a lot of money, leaving money for philanthropy or for your kids. I think that’s good fact. I think I’ll speak for you that both of us want to do that. But there’s also I think, as you’re saying an unspoken legacy, or not spoken as enough. And what I want to make, again, clear is guys, you are leaving a legacy. But is it a legacy of choice? Or a legacy of circumstance? Yeah.

Brad Holt  8:51  

And it goes back to the podcast you and I did a while ago is I want you guys to be light, you can make a lot of money, and not be like, oh, yeah, and you’re leaving a negative legacy. Because what child would want that, that, you know, they’re, they’re gonna be watching this, they’re not gonna watch the money. Yep. But if you can do both, where you can provide a financial future for those who love or you care about or causes you believe in and show them how to do it with living who you really are your authentic self. That is letting your children know you don’t have to be perfect. And you don’t have to do it the way others tell you. You get to live your own life.

Doug Holt  9:32  

I love that. I love that. So what are a couple things a guy could do right now who’s kind of hearing this for the first time and are hearing in a different way? What are a few things he could do now to choose his legacy? You

Brad Holt  9:44  

know, the first is I would really I do a more morbid version of yours. Go to your own funeral. I like your rocking chair test is don’t stay in your head. You got to write this out or talking to somebody else. There is a huge impact by doing that. And that’s what I call doing the work. Because I can think about it, but I mull it over until I say it to like you or another coach. Or if I start writing, then I can see it. So where do I want to be in and I get to start to challenge myself. And the reason I wanted to start to do that work, and where I want to be in the rocking chair test, is, I start to go, Oh my gosh, like one of the guys I’m working with right now, when he had a vision, I gotta buy this beach house. His case was a lake house. I gotta get this for later. But his real vision was about family, even people as divorced wife, his whole family always coming around together. He is his loving presence, and they all came to him. And he was there as his wise person. Everybody in the family came, they felt safe, they felt loved. And then we had the discussion ago. Hmm, didn’t have anything to the beach house or lake house, and I go in this lake house, could all your family fit and he goes, they couldn’t. I go, I gotta build a pool. I gotta build, I gotta build a place where people want to come and change it because he had told himself a story. Hey, when I’m wealthy, when I’m successful, I get a beach house. Yep. And that’s a story, it turns out. But when he went to his vision, when he started to think of what he would legacy, they were very different.

Doug Holt  11:20  

Yeah, almost always, when you boil down the why, like, this is where men will relate to this the business men like when employee asked for a raise. Why? Why do you want that? What are you gonna do with it? A lot of times people don’t have an answer. They just think, oh, it’s and it’s always a round number, right? And the same thing, when you say, well, what’s the end game for you? What’s retirement for you? What’s that look like? Oh, when I hit X amount of dollars in whatever it is, right? liquid assets or what have you. And then when you ask why, just like this guy, the lake house or the beach house, when you break it down to what they really want, what they really want, you can really compact time and get that much quicker, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the money. But you can compact time and get that end result faster. So you can live that legacy Life Longer.

Brad Holt  12:06  

And the men we work with are really smart and successful. So I even say you almost have to have Why four times? Oh, yeah. Because intellectually they know all the answers like, I want to lose weight, why? I want to look good. Why do I look good? I want to be more attracted to my wife. Why do I be more attractive? My wife? While I’m afraid she might leave me, why do you think you’re Why do you think she might leave you and then all sudden comes out? When I was in high school, I got rejected no one, and I don’t feel worthy of it. Oh, it’s much deeper. So you got to go deep, and write that out. And then you get the real reason.

Doug Holt  12:42  

Yeah. And then you can, like you said, leave a true legacy and or legacy of, of knowing where you want to come from. And again, getting there faster. And when you can get there faster, and you can build so much better. Because you have a better foundation with build on?

Brad Holt  12:55  

You know, it’s gonna surprise a lot of people because my children are older than your children, even though I’m younger than you. Is,

Doug Holt  13:03  

what’s your hand gesture? Sorry?

Brad Holt  13:07  

Is that my children? I wanted to be a good grades they got into good universities. But when my wife and I really peel back the onion, we really care about the degrees. We want to be happy. Yeah. Joyful, comfortable being themselves. And you kind of question some of the path we had chosen for them. It was the most efficient path to success. But was it the best for them? No, I wanted the joyful. And that had nothing to do with college. I wanted it to be able to love themselves, and to be real contributors, society. And there’s many ways to do that. And so the legacy we want to leave, we had to start to redefine, even as parents, oh, wait a minute, we got to watch her own stories. And we started apparent different because we challenged our own beliefs. That’s

Doug Holt  13:55  

a really good thing. And I think challenging beliefs is so profound. You know, I want to give away all the exercises we do here, but there’s an exercise we just say it was the exercise I do with guys often when I’m coaching them when I do one on one or otherwise, is I’ll ask them where their beliefs come from. And they don’t really start to question it. You know, where do you take that on? May doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard to be happy, can’t really trust anybody. You’re on your own. All these things that people say to themselves. They think it’s just common vernacular. You heard that somewhere you took it on? What happened do is I’d have grabbed their cell phone, their smart smartphone, pull it out, I go, did you update your software this year? Like Well, yeah, I’ve updated probably four or five times this year. When’s the last time you’ve updated the software in your head? When’s the last time you update the software of your beliefs? And I’ve never had one guy go Oh, yeah, I’ve done that before. It’s always like, Oh, crap, I haven’t. So which means you’re carrying forward. The belief systems you picked up 4567 years old, which were handed down from to your parents probably in society, which they got it for their parents and society. So when you look at that, what is your belief system and what’s the legacy you want to leave

Brad Holt  15:06  

it as is going back to basics I skipped sometimes in the My men skip it as a, they’ll say, Oh, I got it now. And they get off path again. And recently I went through it is I got busy doing stuff and the things that got me to where I was joyful and happy and pouring into those around me, I got off track, and I had to get right back to the very basics, get back into my routines, as we call them and TPM, and just follow my core values. And what’s really important to me, and there’s no skipping that I actually put in my calendar, an hour a week, or just spend some alone time questioning everything. And also looking back as am I doing what’s most important to me, because what I do in an hour and a week, ends up being four hours in a month, you know, next he knows 50 hours in it’s all going towards his vision. So you gotta be very intentional. If you’re not intentional. Next thing, you know, you’re just reacting to the world. Oh, sure,

Doug Holt  16:08  

somebody’s gonna plan your life, you might as well make it you.

Brad Holt  16:10  

What does that saying, if you don’t have a plan, you’ll end up working for someone who

Doug Holt  16:14  

does, that’s for sure. Either way, I keep going back to it. And because I want to drill it in the guys heads, it’s a choice. You’re choosing you’re they’re choosing not to plan, or you’re choosing to plan. Either way, it’s a choice, you got to make your choice, you’re choosing to leave a legacy that you want to leave or you’re just gonna leave the legacy that was passed down to you by your parents and their parents and generations probably. And guys, this is the difference, you have a moment of insight now, they probably never had that moment of insight. So now you have the opportunity to make that change, first and foremost for yourself. But then also for your

Brad Holt  16:48  

children. Yeah, that mean for me. That’s our vision. We save children by saving their fathers first. Yep. But for me, my marriage is really important because it reflects on my children, it’s easy to say my marriage is important. So my wife and I, since I’ve been 20, go to marriage workshops every two to three years. And shockingly, every time we go there’s I find out that I have room for improvement.

Doug Holt  17:13  

That is shocking. I know.

Brad Holt  17:15  

Julie doesn’t think so. Yeah. Pretty obvious. But apparently I have room for improvement. And to be honest, it hurts. Yeah. But it’s one of those take one step backwards. So I take two for sure. Let’s

Doug Holt  17:27  

I mean, we’re kind of going off topic, maybe a little bit here. But what always dumbfounded me is if I’m talking to five businessmen, and I say, ah, guys, you know, I’m lacking in a skill set in business. Right? The first thing they would say is that or hire an expert, or learn the skill. Yep. Right. However, for some reason, as men, as businessmen, when our marriage isn’t performing the way that we want to, most men just sweep it under the rug and hope things will change. One month becomes a year, one year becomes four years, etc, etc. And it doesn’t change. So what time do you do, what you would do in business is hire the experts to get the knowledge. So you can change the environment and change the outcomes. It

Brad Holt  18:11  

comes down to being intentional, doesn’t it? It’s it’s a choice. And a nothing’s more important than my family. And my kids will probably be married soon. My kids are 21 and 23. And I want them to find a spouse that’s worthy. And I want them to be worthy to that spouse. And I’m hopefully the legacy I’m leading is that they see me working hard to make my marriage work. Marriage is not easy. No, I have a great wife. I’m really blessed in that category. But we mess up a lot. And we just went through about a month, maybe two month law, but we’re gonna like it was work, marriage was hard. And that caught me off guard because we don’t run into that patch a lot. And I had to get back down to basics. And there’s now a lot of joy in the house. My kids see it. But also my daughter even said she saw when it wasn’t what am I showing my daughter but me being pissed off me being snappy. She’s Washington, she goes I was really awkward. And she wasn’t used to it. So she saw me do the work. And that’s the legacy. I want her to see that it’s okay to make mistakes. And so but also you don’t walk away.

Doug Holt  19:20  

Yeah, that’s a great one or Stonewall Right? Which is was my go to for so long. I’ll just shut down because by shutting down and not yelling, I’m being a better man. Right? Because being yelling at my wife would be the bad guy. But if I just shut down and closed down to which Aaron my wife told me I’d rather you hit me that shut down because if you just were physically punching me, it would hurt less. I was like, Whoa, that was that was impactful conversation and

Brad Holt  19:46  

that’s always threw me off. For the wives a lot of times emotional abuse is worse than physical abuse. All abuse is bad. Well, sure. But men in general we tied to physical Yep. And like you’re stonewalling. Okay, I want to touch Yeah, okay, I’ve in a lot of ways we’ve been trained. That’s good enough. Yes. That’s what a man does, as the biggest load of bullshit. We, the one thing we can give them as love, and we’re withholding it. Yes. And that I mean, I don’t think most men are so much that hurts their spouse.

Doug Holt  20:15  

Yeah, I totally agree with you. And then when guys can be the lighthouse and stand in the eye of that storm, that’s when you know, some guys will join The Activation Method relationships, and within the first week, they’ll turn their marriage around. Now, it doesn’t happen all the time. Don’t get me wrong, but it does happen. And it’s because their wife can feel that they’ve changed. They’re showing up strong for her and actually weathering the storm. And when your wife realizes you can weather the storm, then she can calm her nervous system. Now she’s there. We

Brad Holt  20:42  

usually have a group of nine guys in The Activation Method. And I’m always we’re always lucky that because every relationship, every person is unique. But occasionally wives are very outgoing. And they’ll tell them a whatever you’re doing the last four weeks.

Doug Holt  20:57  

Yeah, get back to it. Do that again.

Brad Holt  20:59  

Yeah, you didn’t do it this last couple days? How’d you know? Yeah, good, because I liked what you’re doing. And what I try to tell the guys is, he’s lucky his wife says something. But your wives are thinking that

Doug Holt  21:12  

Yes. Most men don’t realize that he was given a playbook. He was given a playbook a well said, Yeah, well, we noticed, you know, after 1000s of men going businessman going through the programs, we noticed that one common trait she’s a common but something that happens all frequently enough, is when things start to go, well, things start to go well, the man goes off of his routines, the things he learns, and goes back to old ways of being the old legacy, if you will, in this conversation. And that’s when things go off the rails. And to your point, it’s coming back to basics, coming back to the basics, sticking to those basics, and being very intentional and choosing the legacy that you want to live. And if you want to leave a legacy of love and compassion in your home, which most men do, then you got to do the work to do that and do the changes that make that happen. And sometimes it’s just a very slight shift, guys. It’s such a slight shift. It’s a little tweak here, a little tweak there makes all the difference. For

Brad Holt  22:11  

you. What’s the one thing that makes a difference in your life? That really gets you on track working out? Okay, for me, it’s sleep. Well, if I don’t, if I don’t get good sleep. Yeah. Everything else falls apart. Yeah. So I learned that I go, I and I get up at 530 or 5am. And sometimes 430. What does that mean? I mean, it’s no TV at night. Yeah, because I gotta go to bed by nine o’clock. And that’s just a choice. I can’t be drinking. Because if I do that, I’m not gonna get good sleep. Because if I don’t get seven to seven hours asleep, the person I want to be for my family is not gonna be the person I want to be for my clients won’t be there. And that’s where my whole legacy begins is sleep. Yeah.

Doug Holt  22:59  

No sleeps a good one. Sleeps. It’s something I’ve always had issues with my entire adult life. Last night, I stayed up talking to you instead of going to sleep. So I blame you. But for me after a bunch of that if I move my body, I need to move my body. It’s some doesn’t have to be exercised, but exertion, right? Something that pushes me that seems to be the domino that falls everything else in place. Okay. So if it’s not working out to be pickup basketball, it could be something else that I get a chance to do. That’s physically demanding. That really gets it for me. It is for a lot of guys. That’s one of the first things we put back into guys routines.

Brad Holt  23:35  

They immediately say I miss it, and oh, my gosh,

Doug Holt  23:38  

what’s addictive, you get your endorphins. There’s all kinds of good things that come by. But what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.

Brad Holt  23:45  

Yes, it’s about values that made me think when we go through some exercises. I don’t wanna go to too many details. But one of the things that most guys will say to me is like, I used to be fun

Doug Holt  23:55  

100% I remember having a conversation seven years ago, and this conversation stuck with me is I had built the businesses up to a place where I was out of a job, like I didn’t have to work in and very much. It’s making a good living. And then I was like, Okay, I’m gonna go do some fun. What do I do? We had moved from Santa Barbara, so I didn’t have a lot of friends in the area. I just moved in. Most of my friends were other places. I still stayed in contact with them. But I struggled to find out what was fun. So I started asking other business owner, guys, that’s why I hung out with, like, what do you do for fun? You know, when you’re not working? And most people couldn’t answer the question. They couldn’t come up with the answer something that they would normally do for fun. I find that very interesting.

Brad Holt  24:38  

And how attractive is that to a spouse?

Doug Holt  24:41  

She’s horrible, right? It’s boring. And it’s, here’s I’ll ask you guys listening to this. Your wife and your kids leave for a weekend. They take off. You’re at the home by yourself. What do you do? What do you do all day, the two days. Odds are you’re going to work You’re going to work because that’s your default. You probably like working. It’s nothing wrong with that. But because we’ve we’ve eliminated all those fun things in our life, we’ve eliminated the fun for what we think are obligations.

Brad Holt  25:14  

And I think also if we eliminate that fun. What are we telling our kids? Oh, for sure. Like, hey, you just what you got to do. If I want my kids look up and go, like, look how hard dad’s work. I don’t want to do that. Yeah. He looks miserable. Yep.

Doug Holt  25:30  

Oh, 100% 100%. You know, and so that, again, that goes back to the legacy, what legacy Do you want to live. And guys, it’s, again, you’re just because I’ve been doing this for so long, you’re just a few degrees off course, just like an airplane, you guys have all heard that analogy. One degree, of course, put you in a different country. Depending on the length of the trip, you’re just a few tweaks to get back to where you want to go. And it’s not that difficult. But you need to get on course, and figure out what your legacy is. And

Brad Holt  25:58  

we got to get out of our stories, guys. Yep. If you don’t take massive action, we just go out. I’ll do it later.

Doug Holt  26:05  

That’s why I say massive, it’s got to be you got to get leverage on yourself and move the needle. Otherwise, you’re gonna go from one podcast to another podcast to another only reason I know this is I used to do it. Go for one, I call it educational masturbation, you get off because you’ve learned a new thing. You think you’re gonna remember it? You think you’re gonna make the change? But you don’t? You don’t? And maybe sometimes you do you make a small shift. But you want to just like a foreign language. I want to learn Spanish or Chinese or French, the best way to do it is dive in and immerse myself in that language, that topic. Because most of us took a language in high school and college or what have you. And you can’t speak a lick of it. Right? Can you can order a beer most guys can order a beer, whatever language they store, they study that’s about it. But you need to immerse yourself in it to make the change. And again, going back to legacy go back to that rocking chair test or your more morbid version of being at the cemetery, or you know, your eulogy. But what is it that you want to look back at your life? What is it you want to be the most proud of? Is it the time you spent at the office? Is it the money you’ve made? Or is it your kids growing up to be great model role models? Because they’ve role modeled to you? Yeah, that’s the key difference. I think most men don’t get right away. Is all guys want their kids to be outstanding citizens and role models? But are they role modeling you to get there? Right, or are they not? And I think that’s a big difference. So you need to make that decision.

Brad Holt  27:30  

I love it. Yeah. It’s it’s really simple. It’s action. Not, we don’t need to read more books.

Doug Holt  27:37  


Brad Holt  27:38  

We just gotta start doing it. Yep.

Doug Holt  27:39  

And being, as we say, a TPM being it. Brad, as always, I love the conversations, appreciate you being here. It’s always a great time.

Brad Holt  27:47  

I love being here. I wish I could stay here all the time. But unfortunately, I got to go back down to Southern California. Not too shabby of a place foot. That’s where I call home.

Doug Holt  27:55  

It’s not too bad. It’s not too bad. Well, gentlemen, as we just said in the moment of insight, take massive action and what are you going to do? What’s the legacy you want to leave? Now what I want you to do is write it down, get out of your head. Now a couple you guys don’t like to journal you have horrible handwriting, then leave a voice note you have a smartphone, leave a voice now of what you want your legacy to be go for a walk in the woods, in the park at the beach, wherever it is for you. But Lee leave your legacy with intention. And then what is the one thing you can do right now today to get on there. If it’s happens to be joining something like the movement of TPM, then go to the powerful man.com Ford slash apply now. That’s the powerful man.com Ford slash apply now get on call with one of our advisors and take some massive action and turn things around. Until next time, guys, have a great week. We’ll see you on the TPM show.