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One Man’s Question On How To Save His Marriage

Episode #357

He’s in a relationship for 9 years, and they have 2 boys together. Since having children, their relationship has suffered – to the point that they are essentially together for the convenience of their lives as parents.

He’s suffered many breakdowns without seeking professional help. He thinks it’s just a phase of their relationship and that they’ll be fine…until she drops a bombshell:

She thinks she wants to leave.

The scales are tipped away from you. You needed to tip the scales back in your favor. The best thing you can do is to get into The Activation Method. Use the Triad of Connection and utilize the system. You can get individual coaching for your particular situation.

The breakdowns were a symptom of something else happening inside of you, and you need to start there. Do it for yourself first – not just to win her back. Begin that shift for you and your kids.

Be a hundred percent committed to fixing your marriage and your relationship by taking care of yourself first. Do whatever it takes. Go all in. Do everything in your power to salvage your relationship.

In this episode, it’s one man’s question about how to save his marriage. Learn what you can do to give it a chance to work, how the Triad of Connection can help you tip the scales in your favor, and how that leads to positive feelings and experiences.


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