My Wife Hates Me

Episode #387

Does your wife hate you?

How can you turn that look of hate and disgust into a look of admiration, respect, and desire?

When a woman says that she hates her husband, what she is saying is she hates the version of her husband that’s showing up. She doesn’t hate the guy himself, she just doesn’t like the person he’s showing her. She doesn’t hate you, but she’s sick and tired of who you’ve let yourself become – this lesser version of yourself.

A lot of men lose their dreams, desires, energy, and the bravado that they had along the way. Things start to slide – they start doing less, drinking more, and the fire within them starts to die. Over time, his wife will start to do the same thing. And she’ll resent that within herself.

A lot of guys will try to gain back their wife’s love and respect by doing good things…by being a good guy, and by being a good husband. However, they’re usually doing this strictly for validation – which makes them an even lesser version of themselves. Thus, she loses even more respect – and she hates him for that.

In this episode, we’re talking about some of the causes of divorce, why your wife might hate you, and what you can do when you find yourself in this kind of situation.


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