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It’s Not Just About Your Marriage

Episode #829

In this episode, Doug Holt and Brad Holt dive deep into the multifaceted world of men’s growth, exploring the essential five territories: Self, Health, Wealth, Relationships, and Business. Discover how balancing these areas is crucial for a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

Doug and Brad discuss real-life success stories, revealing how men who thought their primary goal was to save their marriage found that the journey led to a complete life overhaul. From rekindling passion in the bedroom to landing major business deals, the episode underscores the interconnectedness of our personal and professional lives.

You’ll learn actionable strategies to protect and nurture each of the five territories, ensuring that when one area flourishes, it elevates the others. Whether you’re struggling with relationship woes, business burnout, or personal stagnation, this episode offers valuable insights to help you reclaim control and live powerfully.


  • Understanding the Five Territories and their impact on your life
  • Real-life stories of transformation in relationships and business
  • Practical steps to apply these principles and see immediate results
  • The importance of community and support in personal growth
  • How to manage anxiety and excitement to fuel your success

Join us for a conversation beyond saving your marriage and setting the stage for holistic growth. Don’t miss out on the chance to take massive action towards becoming the powerful man you are meant to be.

Tune in now and start your journey to a more balanced and empowered life.

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Doug Holt  0:00  

Most of the men are out there in this world and this is why the suicide rate is so high is when guys are living lives of quiet desperation, but they don’t know it because they’re so used to the muck in the mire. When your relationship is going crappy, you know, you’re always focused on that the anxiety is high. It’s hard to make those high-level decisions when you can get rid of that anxiety and start getting into those routines. Learn to get back to the basics and get in there. Your business grows as a default when they get the chance to have their wife look at them again with a smile and tell them I appreciate you. They always say like, Man, I didn’t know I let it go this far. And I’m never giving this up again.

Hey, guys, welcome to another episode of the TPM show. I am once again joined by Brad Holt, our CEO here of the TPM movement. Brad, thanks so much for being here.

Brad Holt  0:57  

I love being up here at the ranch, man. It’s one of my favorite places.

Doug Holt  1:00  

It is so much fun. So you came up here, and we’re having a leadership powwow, if you will. And a lot of topics have come up and we got a lot of fun.

Brad Holt  1:08  

No question about it. I had like a little bit of Epiphany, like this morning, cuz there were so many things that came up. I got up this morning at 4:30 am. I was Kind of like anxious and I broke all my routines, I immediately started to work. And I could feel my adrenaline pumping. And then I just stopped. And I go, Oh, wait a minute, I’m way off, and took a walk around The Ranch and did a little breathing. A little journaling. Got myself centered, and the things I was worried about kind of waved away. What surprised me so much was how easily I got off.

Doug Holt  1:41  

Yeah, it’s easy to go off the rails, you know? And because it’s our default status as businessmen, I think we love business. Conversely, I woke up at 345 this morning, why did I go to bed lakes, I was excited. And I was super excited, ready to you know, grab the bull by the horns, if you will, worked out this morning, and felt great. So it’s interesting how we can have that happen, right? The excitement, or the anxiety, right? It’s really, anxiety and excitement are two sides of the same coin. One involves, you know, passion, and one involves shortness of breath coming through there and kind of a panic, if you will.

Brad Holt  2:22  

You know a lot about that and I totally agree. It’s two sides of the same coin. As we say, our I am you woke him up into that same scenario, right? I woke up a little bit of my stickman or the other side of the coin, where my anxiety motivated me. And that’s what a lot of men in the movement do anxiety gets us to successful but it throws us off course of where we want to be in life. And I took me going through those exercises to get me grounded to get back into like, Yeah, this is actually I get to do all these things. This is exciting. And although we come in here a lot of times to The Ranch into TPM about our relationships. So much of this is really applicable in everyday life like business.

Doug Holt  3:06  

No, it absolutely is. In fact, just the other day I used some of the TPM techniques, talking to somebody in business with the outcome of wanting that person to feel really seen and heard. Right, we talked about women’s need to be seen and desired. Truth is we all want to be seen heard and desired, right? We use the woman angle but you know guys don’t usually like to talk or MIT it but we all do we feel great when someone’s asking us questions like Hey, how was your vacation? Tell me more. We get lit up the Dale Carnegie had that famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Right? And the essence of that book is basically to be more interested in people. That’s it right? If you can sum it down to one thing. The Hidden Motives Technique that we teach through TPM can also be used in any business situation.

Brad Holt  3:53  

I think it’s the key to any relationship. A lot of time as men, we will say, well, they’re different. Females are different, no question about it. But not in general. I think you nailed it. Everyone wants to be heard, if ever want to be validated your customers do. Your employees do? Your friends do? Yeah.

Doug Holt  4:12  

And you know, it’s a great way in a negotiation to do it. Because in a negotiation, people want to do business with people they like. And if you’re negotiating with somebody to get them on your side, if you will, and get them to like you and get them to feel that hey, you really understand what they’re trying to communicate what they want out of the deal, then they’re much more easily moved to be on your side to see your point of view, if you will, rather than make it a combative situation.

Brad Holt  4:42  

Now can you think of times when men you worked with have used what they’ve learned in The Activation Method or even in The Brotherhood and started to apply it in business?

Doug Holt  4:52  

Oh, yeah. It’s really funny because I have a guy that I work with on one, and he’s you know, because we work with business guys, they always Give us business advice, right? Because that’s what we do. So if I’m sitting down with a group of business guys that I know, all we’re doing is giving each other advice, and you can’t help yourself but do that. And he was like, hey, on your website, it says nothing about business, yet everybody I talked to has grown their business well and worked less. And that’s the thing people don’t get because you’re talking about the anxiety when your relationships going crappy, you know, you’re always focused on that the anxiety is high, it’s hard to make those high-level decisions, and really have that, you know, 30,000-foot view of your business and have the energy and passion you did in your 20s. Or when you started it. And guys just feel like, well, I got older, I lost my mojo. And that’s not the case, they lost their mojo. But they’ve lost the skill sets and the passion that comes with it. And when you can get rid of that anxiety, right, and you can go through your Alpha Rise and Shine your ARS that you were talking about this morning, and start getting into those routines, learn to get back to the basics and get in there, your business grows as a default, right? It’s almost like a secondary thing that just happens for these guys. And a lot of guys like this guy that was just talking about, he landed the biggest contract he’s ever landed by a huge landslide. And he’s like done, they just keep coming in over and over again, my communications better, everything just is improving. And he’s given me crap. He’s like, why don’t you guys talk about that more?

Brad Holt  6:20  

I think it’s the most common thing our guys can use in their businesses. Because what got you as an entrepreneur to start up, isn’t going to get you to where you want to go. And if you’re in the I am version of yourself grounded. This is where that old maxim which I sometimes don’t like, work smarter, not harder. I’m a big fan of working hard. But there is that part where you need to step back. Yeah, take that time, you’re so grounded in thinking like, where should I be going? should I even be doing this? So when you really start to apply those things, you get those kind of results? Well, it’s it

Doug Holt  6:52  

I know you call it the I Am, I call it the powerful man. Yeah, right. That’s what it is for me. And if you like me believe that you’re the some of the people you hang out with. And I totally they’ve done it. I’ve talked about this in the podcast a lot. But they’ve done a lot of studies. I can’t remember exactly what the studies are. But they went something like this. So I use these examples. And I know you know this, but this is for the listeners. If you hang out with guys that eat pizza every night and drink beer, odds are, you’re going to eat beer and drink pizza, or you’re going to drink beer and eat pizza, get hungry over here. However, conversely, if you hang out with a bunch of guys that do CrossFit or go running, you’re going to do running or do CrossFit or basketball, whatever else it is, you’re going to end up doing those things with those people, even if you previously never have. So let’s flip that on its head. By joining a group like TPM to movement. There are a couple of 1000 business leaders in this group, but even if it was osmosis, just by being associated with a bunch of businessmen, they’re talking about the relationships are talking about their marriage, they’re talking about their failures, their successes, and parenting, all of those things that go with being a powerful man, a father, and a husband. But they’re also talking about business. Yep. And just again, it’s almost like osmosis, you can’t help but raise the bar in your business. Because that’s the vibration, if you will, or the energy or the thought process or your focus that you’re in. Yeah,

Brad Holt  8:16  

I wonder if everyone understands how much time we put into the company. So we can be there for the men, meaning there is our vision, saving children by saving their fathers first. And we have our mission, we have our core values, living it out, sorting out, calling it out, laughing out. And we really do this in all of our meetings, we talk about this, and it’s ingrained in everybody, and then how much we measure these details. In The Activation Method, we talked about a chart of intentional living. And it’s five things the five key territories, but what those are leading indicators of where you want to go. And in the business side of DPN. We also use leading indicators, which we call a scorecard and other people call a KPI that helps us know that we’re on track because if we can continue to grow the business, we can provide an opportunity for more men to live their best life.

Doug Holt  9:15  

Yeah, well, I mean, and I think that’s the thing that is interesting. So people watching this on YouTube or listening to that most of the people are going to be businessmen, right? We have women that right into we have guys that you know our employees like we want to help everybody that’s why we have over 800 podcasts we truly a part of our mission is to give whatever we can but you when you peel the curtain back, you know and look at the men that we serve through the programs like The Activation Method for cell for The Activation Method for relationships, or our other key programs. Its business owners and C-suite executives are the ones that we serve and just that’s the community that we have. And what a lot of people don’t realize is, you know, just yourself. It’s myself and the other men They’re all businessmen, they’ve owned companies. They’ve run corporations, they’ve successfully had mergers, acquisitions, and startups, and they’ve had their failures too, of course. But you now you have these guys who have studied to be coaches, you know, for the last has been coaching for a decade. But previously were business owners, the person that runs our clients success, you know, to make sure all our all the guys that come through, have what they need. Business Owner, right? It’s just that these are guys that have gone through the program, and want to give back because they love what the movement has done for them, they want to help more people. So you can’t help but be in that business arena. And so when we meet, we think, Gosh, how can we help more kids by helping their dads first, the ideas come and we look at the systems and the structures we put in. And they’re really unique because you’re looking at business leaders who have run very successful companies all over the world, yourself and China and other countries, myself, just in the US and Canada, we have the UK. And now we’re combining the best of all of those components, whether it be company culture, marketing, sales, fulfillment, you know, the list could go on, and we use those techniques, that we teach them in about their marriages, and everything else can also be ushered into the other arenas.

Brad Holt  11:16  

We do it. Yeah, I mean, this reason the company is successful, the movement is moving forward. It all this stuff is we actually apply a lot of the things we do in the relationships to our business, and we get off track. But how will we know get off track? As we measure it? We’re very intentional.

Doug Holt  11:34  

Good point. Yeah, we were talking about that last night I was whiteboarding up some of the things that are in our funnel, right? Marketing is kind of my thing. And I was showing you just kind of what the funnel is, I was like, here’s the metric that we’re at, at this particular part, here’s where we should or could be. But if you don’t have those metrics, you can’t make shifts, if you don’t have the data, you just don’t know. And that’s where the chart of intentional living for businessmen really works out. We call it the coil for short. But you have those five territories. And for guys that are newer to the show, the five territories are self-health, wealth, relationships, and business, right businesses in there guys. So as relationships, so itself, and you want to have metrics on those five territories as just your baseline, it’s like, it’s like trying to run your business by just hitting refresh on the bank account, which is how I started when in my late 20s My first business because their money in their checking it versus actually having financial forecasts, p&l like looking at the numbers and looking at what else was going on in my business. And if you don’t have those five territories working, I like to use the analogy, Brad, if a picture is like a wagon wheel, and each, each of the five is like a spoke on that wagon wheel. And if one of those is broken the relationship or even the self or the health than the wet, that’s a bumpy ride, you’re not going to get very far in that wagon, it’s going to break down. And so you got to always monitor those five territories.

Brad Holt  13:00  

I love growing businesses and I love growing people. And business is the fifth for a reason. Because if my self is good, if I’m in alignment with my health, you can call I go mentally, physically, and spiritually, their integrity. My relationships are going on while I’m listening to others around me. I’m surrounding myself with good people. I’ll get the abundance and wealth in my business will be easy. Yeah. But I think for a lot of us the reality is we get caught in the business we start grinding and we’re just turning in a wheel and like I love your wheel analogy, which is the Groundhog Day.

Doug Holt  13:36  

Well, it really is it’s a bumpy road right yep, we have the guys mapped this out in a drawing in a visual have them color in what great yourself one to five or one to 10 Doesn’t matter. And then where are you in these five territories and guys you love watching or listening to right now do that? Make a circle with five spokes in there and then give yourself a score it’s just to one to 10 it’s the most common where are you in the area of self? How will you take care of yourself? What’s your fulfillment of self one to 10 write that number down just be honest. How about your health? Right, What are you there? How about your wealth so abundance? Legacy things like that? What spirituality if you will for some people? What about your relationships? Right? Well where are you are they 10 or they are too right and all of them most likely through your intimate relationships with your wife and your kids in particular friends and then your business last right and when you do that you can start to see you know those numbers if you color in like you draw a line and connect one spoke to the other at the the five would be the Midway mark. So if you’re a six is just above that, fill that in, and then you can see how your wheel-out foot really is how is your ride of life going to be if you’re going down that road right and so even if you’re a tenant a tenant everything but relationships you’re gonna hit a rock eventually and that with an axe was gonna break and it’s gonna be a bumpy, uncomfortable ride.

Brad Holt  14:58  

I remember We had a surgeon as a client, he came in, and he just felt overwhelmed with families disconnected. And then all of a sudden, we gave him more stuff to do. You know, he’s going, Oh, this is too much, I can’t do it. But when he did his vision and started focusing on himself after the end of just eight weeks, he said, I thought you guys were full of BS. I would have more time. But what it did is I was able to create a vision that I wanted to go, I did my coil like you asked, which he thought was a waste of time at the beginning. Yeah. But what surprised him was it actually freed up time. Totally. Because he could say heck yes to everything he believed in. And if did is it would say hell no to the things that were distracting. And he realized, gosh, I was on tick tock, you know, hours a day avoiding my wife, avoiding dealing with things that were uncomfortable, or I was doing extra chores that actually nobody cared about, because I stopped doing them, and no one even notice. And I thought, in my mind, I was being a nice guy. And that freed up time where he could be with his family, freed his time to be with his business, and just be a lot happier guy. Well,

Doug Holt  16:07  

I mean, just where it is, right? So when men take what we teach them about the relationships with their wives, to, to their wives, it works. Yep, they’re happier, their wives are happier. Now their wife becomes, instead of the roommate with a ring their biggest cheerleader. Right? And how much do you know me, you know this, it’s so much better getting up and going out and hunting for your family, if you will use that analogy. When your wife is there, chanting, cheering you on, and just supporting you the whole way you feel more vigor, right, more energy. And then if you apply it to your kids, you feel better as a father, that you’re helping your kids out, you’re close to your children. Now let’s take that to your employees and your work. Your clients are going to be better. I was talking to a dentist who went on the last tour. He said he came back from the tour, which is the outfit that resets our flagship experience from a transformational experience of the person. And he said, Doug, I gotta tell you something weird happened. Like, oh, man, well, look what’s going on. He said, my to my to like kind of assistance. Or if you will, they ran the business, pulled me aside to my office, and asked me what was going on. He said, he was worried like, what, oh, geez, this is weird. He said, she said, You’re smiling and every patient, and we’ve never seen you do that. You’re happy to be here, what’s happened? And he’s like, Well, I was at this event, this event for businessmen, and this retreat, and he’s been on this business for a long time. 

And they’ve never seen him like that he’s been joyful with his patients, through his practice. And if you’re going to a dentist, nobody likes going to a dentist. I’m just gonna throw that out there. Maybe that is somebody but I’m gonna go nobody likes is like, oh, yeah, it’s time to go to the dentist. But if your dentist is smiling and is happy, and he is full of life, you’re going to enjoy that experience more now? Are you going to love the experience? Maybe not? Are you going to enjoy it more? Is that going to make it a better dental experience? Yes. And then are you going to tell people about it? Probably. Or at least you’re gonna recommend it when someone asks for it, dentists, thus increasing his business. Now his staff is seeing him smile and be light. Are they gonna be happier at work? Absolutely. Are they going to pass that forward to other customers? Or clients or patients? Actually, yes, they are. Is his retention going to go up? Yes, is turnover is going? It just helps so many things that all he has to do is be fulfilled inside, nothing else changes, no more quote, work, grinding it out to do it. But all these things have knocked down, knock-on effects. Now,

Brad Holt  18:34  

I love that dental example. Because it’s a huge knock-on effect if you lead by example. Yeah. And it’s just a switch. And when you’re present, you can be a powerful person. You’re a powerful man, a powerful woman, you just can really hone in, and it’s not faking. Because we all know the questions. How are you doing? How’s life? How’s the family? But we’re not listening? Yep. It’s kind of the old Covey is, you know, Seek first to understand the other person, then be understood. And people will say, even if you disagree, and negotiate even with competitors, if you really try to understand them by listening, validating what they say, you’re going to be good. Yeah, you’re

Doug Holt  19:14  

absolutely going to be and then back to the surgeon that you mentioned. You know, if you’re planning things out with the chart of intentional living, you’re doing your Alpha Rise and Shine, you’re doing your Alpha Decompression, which most men miss, right? That’s something that’s not talked about in the world outside TPM, at least I don’t hear about it. When you combine those things, you now have a system, a proven system that 1000s upon 1000s of business leaders have been through that actually will help you become activated. What has activated me will activate it in my terminology. Brad means you have your mojo back. You have that swagger and your step you get up at 345 feeling full of life, even though you went to bed late at night, ready to tackle the day you feel great about the world. And that’s contagious. it’s magnetic. Yeah, you go to a networking event, everybody friggin hates networking events, at least I do. Because some of the bad ones are business card handing out ones, right? But you go to any of those events are some people there, they’re just magnetic, everybody’s just naturally drawn to them. I call that a powerful man, that’s the person who is really comfortable in their skin, that they’re not perfect people, but they got their shit together, right? Or at least they know what they’re working on, hey, my health isn’t great. I’m going after it, though. I’m hitting the gym. My relationships aren’t great. It’s alright, going after I’m learning from the coaches that TPM. My Businesses, you know, got some issues, I got business coaches or my coach at TPM, the business guys, they’re helping me out with that, whatever it may be, they’re working on it. So that gives them the foundation and the fortitude to have that magnetic personality and be charismatic and attractive to other people.

Brad Holt  20:48  

It’s you’ve heard me say this before like we’re communicating, I can say the right things, cuz I’m a smart guy. Okay, I can fake it. You know, I’m not a big fan of the fake it-to-make-it theory. But if you really, I don’t think people understand what I’m talking about. If I really present, I’ll be like your dentist friend who’s smiling. That body language is way bigger than anything I say, yes. Okay, my tone of voice will totally change. And the whole thing, we always talk about the three V’s verbal, vocal, and visual, and the words I choose to say only represent 7% of the impact on the other person. So I can say all the right things, nothing. My body language represents over 55% and my tone of voice. I mean, that’s just critical. And it’s you can’t control when you’re in a bad place. But if you’re grounded and present really there, you’re even if you don’t say anything, you can communicate so much. Yeah,

Doug Holt  21:45  

well, that’s true. It’s interesting that you say that what comes up for me is I’ve have a number of guys that I’ve worked with, who have admitted to me that, okay, they’re on the spectrum, right? super successful, super great guys. And they always want to do video, right? So sometimes I do walk in talks with guys like, hey, you know, I need to go outside, you need to go outside. Let’s walk and we’ll, we’ll chat. But these guys want video. The reason why is that it helps them read the room and read the body language because if they just listen to the words, it’s almost like a computation for them. They don’t get the nuances, but with a video, they can read your mannerisms and see how things are landing. And it’s just another form of communication. They’re just very adept at taking in that information is super cool to see.

Brad Holt  22:33  

That’s just like that, like texting, be careful in relationships. But in business, you just don’t know that tone of voice, I might text you, even as my brother, and I’m just laughing and smiling. And Hey, bud, how are you doing you’re you had a bad day, Aaron in Europe said you didn’t get sleep, there’s stress, and you might read. He decayed get your aspirin. And I have no idea. I’m like sitting there like a puppy. You’re now pissed at the man. So be careful with just texting. That’s why even sending voice messages can be powerful or being smart like that using a video being you know, someone on the spectrum that’s super bright. But we all should take it to be very thoughtful about how we communicate because that can be a powerful influence, almost

Doug Holt  23:20  

like telling somebody, Hey, let’s start the start podcast show half an hour early, and they give you a thumbs up. It gets a confirmation, but they really just said I just saw your text. Well said there are all kinds of ways to miss read those. But going back to the kind of main topic, it’s not just about the relationship, you know, the core offer with TPM, the entry-level offer, if you will, it’s been very successful in helping married men, you know, reclaim their marriage and bring it back from a place where it’s a desert in the bedroom to something that’s passionate. And most of our guys that come in just really want to save their marriage for their family, right for themselves and their families. And what they come out about is like, hey, it’s not just the marriage, you know, the most common thing I hear is I came in to save my marriage, but I saved myself. And guys just didn’t realize how down they were, and how much they had let go and given up on themselves. And they don’t it’s not that they don’t, they didn’t feel it coming in Brandon. It’s more like the men that when I talked to him, it’s kind of like, the only thing I could think to relate it to is, guys when I used to have a personal training gym when I’d help someone drop out 40 pounds, whenever they would complain right about something or whatever about their body are just not as strong as they used to be or whatever it used to be. I would give them 40 pounds and have them walk around the block carrying it. And I go and they’d be like, Oh my gosh, is ridiculous. I’m like, That’s how much weight you lost. But when you had the weight on, you just didn’t know it became your norm now that it’s not your norm. If I put a 40-pound weight vest on you. It’s a huge burden. So what we do is it’s men, most of the men that are out there in this world and this is why the suicide rate is so high when guys are living lives of quiet desperation. But they don’t know it because they’re so used to the muck in the mire, if you will, they’re so used to that crappy relationship that it’s just normal to them. And then when they get the chance to have their wife, look at them again with a smile, and, you know, pull them, pull them in and tell them, I appreciate you. And they get a chance to look in the mirror and feel better about themselves. They always say like, Man, I didn’t know I let it go this far. And I’m never giving this up again. Yep.

Brad Holt  25:31  

Isn’t it beautiful? It’s why I do what I do. Yeah, exactly. The Brotherhood, although relationships are a big part of it. They use all these tools in business. Yep. And there are so many other very successful businessmen in The Brotherhood that they lean on each other. One of my guys is trying to really ramp up at a very high rate of sales. And he asked us for some advice, we gave him advice, go, You know what, let’s not do it yourself lean into the group. And he just put a simple question. And he got like three guys who have grown multiple businesses chime in and not only give advice today, you want to jump on a call. And he goes, I kind of knew what I wanted to do. And they just reconfirmed it. And he’s implemented it and it’s growing much faster than he even anticipated. Yeah,

Doug Holt  26:20  

you see it everywhere. I mean, we have a guy that we call the beast, you know, he’s taken off like a rocket ship. And he’s using AI right to do this. And it’s a group of men too. So he’s making jokes with AI and other things are funny. We’re having a good time here. But he’s also been he’s turning around and showing people how to use AI. Yep, people are like, Wow, how’d you do that? I would love to do that. For my business. He’s like, boom, he creates a looming video. And he’s doing that giving it forward. Silverback recently, another guy trying to use their nicknames. You know, I know, he’s jumped on calls with several of the guys that are in the construction type business, they’re in something and said, Hey, like, let me lend you a hand and show you how I’ve been successful or things that you can do. We have so many consultants and other people coming through if you have marketing problems. So it’s really, really interesting. And I would say, Brad, that the Brotherhood, which is our one-year mastermind program, you have to go through the initial programs to even qualify, but for the guys in the Brotherhood, it’s extremely competitive, but not in the way people would think it’s extremely competitive and how you can help more people. Right. And that’s why we have an award called the brother’s brother. And this award is designed once a year to actually have a guy the men vote, right? Coaches, staff, myself, you owners, everybody, we don’t get to say, You’re voted by your peers on which man is living the lifestyle, in which man’s contributing to the rest of the men to lift everybody up. It’s such a special award to get, and the guys are striving for it. It’s like, Yeah, jump on a call anytime. Anytime you need something. If someone posts something, they’re having a bad time. There’s a bunch of other brothers there to rescue you or lift you up. And even if you’re doing great, like using a different perspective, there’s so much there.

Brad Holt  28:04  

Everybody can level up. I remember in Argentina when we did The Brotherhood event down there, and I was in charge of the Alpha Rise and Shine. We got up really early time differences. So I was guessing who’s going to show up? Every guy showed up at 6 am. About 40 Some guys, right? Yeah. I was like, I’m ready to go. And it was the whole idea of iron sharpens iron. If they can run, I can run if they can stretch, I can stretch in a good healthy. It was such a positive thing to see. And it was something simple, but it was very intentional.

Doug Holt  28:40  

Yes. Yeah. I mean, the guy, we practice what we preach, yep. Right. And none of us are perfect. We admit that first and foremost, but to see 40 men from around the world coming together at an event. These are business leaders, these are guys with kids and other obligations. But coming to an international event to grow and to meet each other was just so beautiful. And We exchange ideas around the breakfast table, we go out to really lavish dinners or really nice events. And guys are joking and talking about all kinds of things, different religions, different races, different places of being right. But they’re getting to know each other and you’re having a lawyer, getting business advice from somebody, in a completely different industry, right? Could be a consulting industry and vice versa, like, oh, how do you do this? Wow, that’s interesting. Nobody in my industry does that. I’m going to try that because I think that would work. And I think we get so siloed in our lives right as businessmen, especially that we start going to industry events, we read books on an industry, magazines, online periodicals, follow the same people on Twitter, YouTube, or whatever. And then it’s really cool when you can go outside of your industry and see how another industry solved a similar problem. That was where innovation could happen super quickly.

Brad Holt  29:52  

And it’s so intellectually stimulating. It is I got, I was dealing with a doctor from Wyoming and I could have sat there for days. Listening to him and then a construction guy from Alberta. We walked around and just saw how they view the world and Duke. It’s just a totally different environment and so much that is applicable actually, to my life. Yeah. And so much to learn to kind of help me level up.

Doug Holt  30:15  

Yeah, it’s really cool. So, again, I know you and I can talk about this all day, and in the interest of everybody else. And wrapping this up, I think the bow I want to tie on it, Brad is the things that you’re doing to help your relationship, the things that you’re you got to go there, like the relationship is one of the foundations, but there’s far more. There’s far more above and beyond the marriage, and relationships. There’s yourself, there’s your health, there’s your wealth. And of course, there’s your business, the right business can be our default business capacity, but your relationships crap, you don’t really default, you default to the business to hide, you don’t your business isn’t thriving, you’re in survival mode. And so what you want to do is take care of take care of all five territories. Now you have to protect the kingdom in all five territories, so to speak, and make sure you have it there. And then take the skills of the podcast that 800 podcasts that we’ve done so far, what have you, and apply these to your business, apply these to the other areas of your life, and watch the fruit of your labor really blossom.

Brad Holt  31:16  

I trust the process guys. Being successful in business and successful, the other territories are not mutually exclusive. No, in actuality, they come in harmony, and everything can flourish.

Doug Holt  31:29  

Absolutely. I’ll even last thing I if I had a nickel for every time a guy told me he can compartmentalize his life. I’d be a billionaire, literally, I hear all the time. You cannot. You cannot you can do it for a short period of time. You can’t do it for a long period of time comes back to bite you in the butt. You Are you your life is your life. It’s not your business life, your marriage life, your health life. It’s you you’re a whole entity. So you gotta treat the whole organism correctly. Self-health, wealth, relationships and business. Awesome, man. Thanks so much for being here. Brad. I have so much fun having these conversations with you and looking forward to more. All right, thanks, Jim, as we always say in the moment of insights, take massive action if you’re interested in finding out more about The Activation Method for relationships so you can apply what we’re talking about today to all the areas of your life, or about The Activation Method for self where you’re really looking at getting unstuck and getting clear. Go over to the powerful man.com forward slash apply now. That’s the powerful man.com forward slash apply now. We’ll see you next time on the TPM show.