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How White Lies Take Their Toll

Episode #261

Are you doing things that your wife isn’t aware of?

Is it because you know in your heart that she will not approve it?

You’re micro-dosing, hanging out with your friends, drinking, or going out to places that your wife probably wouldn’t approve of. We are so used to telling ‘white’ lies when we’re doing things that our wives won’t agree with or which might cause conflict with them. It’s okay to tell ‘white’ lies occasionally, but if you’re doing it constantly…Houston, we have a problem.

What kind of distance does it put in a relationship when you’re constantly having to lie? It’s different when you’re trying to create mystery and intimacy in your relationship by not saying something. Like date nights, or if you’re working hard to surprise her. However, if your intent is to just lie and to avoid getting into conflict, then there’s a problem inside of you.

In this episode, join Tim and Doug in discussing one of the most common problems in every relationship that most of us are facing. Stop being a LIAR. Don’t fall into the trap of lying constantly because one way or another, it will create chaos in your relationship.


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