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How To Say Sorry Without Giving Away Your Balls

Episode #239

How can you say sorry without giving up your power?

Apologizing to our women is one of the hardest things for us men to do. Usually, we don’t apologize when we feel that we haven’t done anything wrong.

However, if we really think that we have done something wrong, we tend to do everything we can to lower ourselves just to make it up to her.

This is not healthy.

One thing you could do is explain to her why you’ve gotten angry in the first place. Tell her how you feel and in return, ask for her side of things. In this way, both of you can ‘walk a mile in each other’s shoes’ and will be more mature when conflicts arise in the future.

Listen to this episode and learn more from Doug Holt and Ryan Peach about how to stop your old ways of apologizing.


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