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In this episode, Doug and Nanette share some tips on how to lead yourself and what to do to become more attractive to your partner.
In this episode, Doug and Nanette talk about some reasons why your wife isn't having sex with you and what to do to have a fulfilling marriage.
In this episode, Doug and Arthur talk about some qualities of a nice guy and a good man - and how to be more decisive in your daily life.
In this episode, let's talk about some examples of shit tests and how to turn shit tests into seduction in a relationship.
In this episode, Tim and Doug discuss a very hard topic on what you can do if your wife tells you she's not in love with you anymore. You'll learn that you still have a chance to save the relationship if you take action now.
In this episode, we are going to talk about the differences between deer behavior and wolf power, and how to show your masculine energy as passionate and pure.