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How to Turn Burnout and Exhaustion into Flow, Passion and Productivity

How often do you feel like you’re going through the motions in your business?

If you’re anything like me, it used to happen a lot and when it did I had two choices

– pay attention and shift things around, or buy into ignorance knowing that I’ll get to it at some point before it’s too late.

How did it get to this point?

Money tends to be a big one. And more specifically the fear of not having money.

You’re afraid to stop doing what you’re doing in case the money dries up… so you sell out on your passion because of fear. You’ll tip toe around the idea of building your passion into your profession but only a little bit. Just enough to say you tried but not to the level that would really produce results.

So what do you do?

You return to hustling. It’s safe, familiar and you … at least the identity you’ve built for yourself thus far.

The denial of your passion coupled with your fear around money pushes you further into your head and you end up playing firefighter all day … putting out the internal fires – judgments, comparisons, busyness, never feeling enough … but never getting to the root cause of the fire.

You’ve received so much significance from getting results that the thought of admitting what’s going on and asking for help would be a total contradiction of all that you’ve built, so you pretend you’ve got it all together and continue going through the motions and it eats you up inside.

You start to beat yourself up. Feelings of insecurity and doubt drive you to seek out consolation … food, alcohol, and TV. It’s easier to sedate than to solve. You stop exercising and your self-care hits an all time low.

The burden of wearing this mask is getting too much.
You feel exhausted and burned out.
You go through your day feeling worried, confused, unfulfilled and trapped.
You hold yourself back from the life you know they’re capable of leading.

This is not the life I signed up for! How did I get here?

You might have asked yourself – what has to happen so I’m able to take control of my life, realize my ambition and feel free?

Tim Matthews - Business Coach

There are 5 steps that will help you gain clarity, have the courage to follow your instincts and be on purpose again.

Step 1:

I want you to answer these questions within 2 seconds. Go with whatever comes to mind first. Do not judge what’s coming up, just speak it.

If there were no limitations, what would you stop doing right now in your business?

If there were no limitations, what would you start doing in your business?

What’s stopping you from starting to do those things?

Step 2:

Enroll some support. Call someone who plays a significant role in supporting you in your business – your Operations Director, Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant, CEO – whomever.

Share with them the answers that came up for you from the questions above.

Ask them: Regardless of how much resistance I have towards this, can I rely on you to support me in making these changes?

When they say yes, respond with: Thank you. What are you specifically going to do this week to support me in implementing them?

Step 3:

It’s time to embrace change. Fear has caused you to be a control freak for too long and you’re dying a slow death.

Change up your routine – brush your teeth with the other hand, take a different route to work, join a different gym, hire a trainer, throw out old clothes that you’ve been holding onto, change your working environment.

Right now you’re allowing a whole new energy and vibration, you’re saying YES to yourself so it’s important that you destroy everything that’s associated with the level you’ve just left otherwise you’ll keep on getting pulled back to old ways.

Step 4:

Start to follow your gut instinct. If something doesn’t feel right then you don’t do it. If you have to find a reason to do anything then don’t do it. Only say YES to things that feel exciting, joyful, peaceful or easy.

Step 5:

As you start to find yourself following your feeling I want you to also start speaking everything you’re feeling the desire to create and/or experience. Enroll the support of someone close to you and send them voice notes of what you’re feeling the desire to create. Consider this an audible ideas journal with a touch of accountability.

To start with this is going to take practice but soon it’ll become second nature. You’ll feel your entire life shifting as you start to live from your heart.

The truth is that the natural flow of life is to grow. Life wants you to win, and you have to fight very hard to resist this. Competition is man made. Lack is man made. Struggle is man made. They’re all traits of a busy mind.

We’re addicted to making it harder than it’s meant to be because we’ve been taught that the harder it is, the more enjoyable the result. Bullshit. There’s a whole heap of fulfillment to be experienced from the journey feeling easy.

Much Love, Tim

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