WOW – what a week! 

As I sit back and reflect on the past 7 days I am BLOWN AWAY. 

7 days ago seems like 7 years ago! 

I cannot believe how much we’ve achieved, learned, grown and celebrated. 

It started last Saturday. 

More men stepping to the line and joining THE ACTIVATION METHOD and booking onto THE ALPHA RESET.

It’s always an honour to lead these men to a ‘YES, I’m in, let’s do this!’. 

Men that have sacrificed EVERYTHING for what they thought was ‘SUCCESS’. 

Although success without fulfilment often turns into the ultimate failure. 

Behind them a trial of destruction. 

Relationships falling apart. 

Their health is non-existent. 

And their happiness, well, they often can’t remember the last time they laughed so hard it hurt! 

Needless to say, when these men step to the line and say YES, it lights me up. 

Fast forward to 7PM Saturday night and I’m sitting in ceremony for 12 hours. 


Often, when I speak with people about ceremony they think it’s a shortcut. 

‘Oooh, that sounds cool, I’d love to do that!’. 

Ceremony is NOT a shortcut. 

It’s not THE ANSWER. 

It’s a tool, a process, an opportunity. 

For me, every time, ceremony is WORK, and last Saturday was my no different. 

What kept coming up for me was ‘let go, let go, let go’. 

I listened, surrendered and I did my best to LET GO.

[For 12 hours!]

Boy was it challenging at times!

Today is the first day where I’ve had some alone time to really reflect on ceremony and BE. 

Sunday morning we went from Ceremony straight to THE ALPHA RESET. 

The guys arrived that afternoon. 

Men that have been on verge of suicide. 

Men who have been turning to porn, hook up sites, drugs, alcohol and money to fill a void within them.

Men, who’s wives have come close to having an affair because of them failing to show up. 

Going from Ceremony straight into this environment was POWERFUL. 

My heart was WIDE OPEN. 

I was connect with the men, but this time, it went even further. 

Over the following 3 days I (and our team) went ALL OUT for these men. 

I gave them some HARD SHOTS at times and they took them well and stepped to the line. 

They accepted the prices people in their life are paying. 

They accepted where they weren’t stepping to the line. 

And they accepted the invitation to change it all and leave EVERYTHING on the floor, and they did. 

They came, they saw, they conquered. 

Marriages have been saved, lives have been transformed and life will NEVER be the same again. 

To top it all off, to see some of the men say YES to themselves and FULLY step into the movement with THE BROTHERHOOD and THE PACK was the icing on the cake! 

We get the luxury of working together for the next 12 months where we can BUILD on the work they’ve done. 

Because, now, they’re unchained and ready to GO!. 

The past two days I’ve done nothing.

I’ve rested, recovered, hung out with Amelia and been to the gym. 

I am SO GRATEFUL for the life I get to live – THANK YOU. 

I am SO GRATEFUL for the men I surround myself with – THANK YOU 

I am SO GRATEFUL for the work I get to do – THANK YOU 

I am SO GRATEFUL for the support I get from Amelia – THANK YOU 

I am SO GRATEFUL for the amazing team we have – THANK YOU 

And I am SO GRATEFUL for the men we get to help – WOW, THANK YOU! 

Next up…

THE ALPHA RESET, New Hampshire –> May 16th – 20th 


Amelia’s Birthday –> [Secret Location] June 13th – 20th

THE BROTHERHOOD Morocco –> June 25th – July 1st 

THE ALPHA RESET, Wales –> July 15th – 20th 

And I’m sure there will be a few other adventures, ceremonies, fun and growth in there. 

If I have any lessons for you in this…


Give yourself permission to have EVERYTHING you desire. 

Focus on being your best EVERY day without expectation or attachment to the outcome. 

Surround yourself with champions. 

And enjoy the journey because the journey IS the destination. 

Have a terrific day! 

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