Our Journey

Welcome to The Powerful Man.

My name is Tim Matthews and I am the founder of The Powerful Man.

I can remember when my badge of honor was how many hours I could work in a day… 15, 16, 17 hours easy …put any man up against me and I was confident I would ‘out-hustle’ him.

I woke up one day and felt trapped as the miserable hamster on the wheel … definitely not powerful and unsure of what it even meant to be a man.

I lived with the unconscious belief that I wasn’t good enough no matter what I did.

Since early childhood I had a strained relationship with my father and this led to me constantly cheating on girlfriends just to prove my worth as man.

My lack of self-love caused me to me overdose on drugs and almost die.

I knew in my gut this couldn’t be all there was to life and that’s why I started The Powerful Man.

It was time to strip away the bullshit and embrace modern manhood.

Many of the men I’ve talked with have wondered, who is a powerful man? Am I? If not, how do I become one?

If you’re wondering this, you’re not alone and you’ve come to the right place.

A powerful man is someone who faces their fears and breaks through the deepest resistance that holds them back.

A powerful man is someone who replaces hustle with flow, struggle with ease and self-sabotage with self-love.

Any man can become a powerful man.

First, realize you’ve been trained by broken systems and broken methods to believe that being a strong, successful man comes from how HARD you can hustle, that you must fear the competition of other men and that you must be able to tolerate huge amounts of pain.

Strip away the bullshit.

Next, stop trying so hard. Stop trying to be something you’re not, living a false life on Facebook, only to go home and live an uninspired life, empty of meaningful connections with your loved ones, other men and yourself.

Strip away the bullshit.

We’ve helped men all around the world to lead a life of purpose, impact, freedom & fulfilment, without sacrificing themselves and their life.

You can too.

Our guys have said being a Powerful Man is being in integrity with your instincts, knowing who you are, what you want and then taking action in alignment with those things every day.

A Powerful Man is a man who takes ownership, honestly looking at his life and taking responsibility. A Powerful Man draws from his innate power, trusting his instincts and the power of his connection to sacred brotherhood. A Powerful Man lives a life of integrity and understands it all starts with him and the choices he makes.

My purpose and that of The Powerful Man team is to hold space for you on your journey, to guide you as you clarify your vision and goals, support you as you cultivate your authentic power and trust this power in other men, keep you accountable to your desires and inspire you to create a life of purpose, impact, freedom and fulfilment.

You are needed by the world.

You are needed by your loved ones.

You are needed by yourself.

It’s your time to be The Powerful Man.