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Although Bishal was running a very successful company he often felt very lonely, very unhappy and very angry and he’d take it out on those closest to him. He knew that he was capable of being a better man, son, friend, partner and entrepreneur.
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Mel used to own a very successful fitness franchise with revenues above $2M, however this came at the cost of his marriage and his relationship with his sons. Since then, he’s started another business but the guilt and unworthiness held him back from impacting the world in the way he knew he was capable of doing.
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Peter Szabo

Pete, an 18 year old millionaire, was unconsciously chasing money to prove his worth and to gain the acceptance of his father, it kept him stuck around £10K per month, until he let go of this and quadrupled his business within a matter of months. Twelve months later his business is now tracking above $1M and serving clients all over the world.
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Gavin Stephenson

Gavin was feeling trapped, off purpose and unfulfilled in a business that had been generating £80K per month, he desperately wanted to reclaim his power and let more love into his life so he could follow his passion and improve his relationships
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Although Liam’s previous business was generating £40K per month it left him feeling confused, lost and unable to be the man he wanted to be for his family, he’s since shifted to feeling peaceful, powerful and on purpose. He’s since started another business and is delivering a powerful impact for his clients.
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Despite Jhon’s business generating millions he felt lost and out of his power and it was wreaking havoc across his life – he was struggling to show up for his wife and for his family, he ignored his health and he used to self sacrifice a lot. Since then, he’s been able to claim his power and his business, relationship and happiness has transformed.

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