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Company Summary:

The Powerful Man is an international movement of businessmen committed to being the very best men, fathers, husbands and entrepreneurs that they can be.

At TPM, we work with men from all over the world, although primarily from the US and UK, who go through a truly life-changing process that has a ripple effect throughout their families, businesses, and communities.

Called the Activation Method, these men are led through a two month online group coaching program, run by expert coaches (and potentially you),  culminating in a three day onsite intensive workshop. 

This program teaches men how to reclaim their power so that they can grow their business without sacrificing their health, happiness or relationship.  It is an incredibly powerful program which achieves life changing results with the men, many of which then continue on with us into our year-long mastermind, The Brotherhood.

Our leadership team is comprised of accomplished, hardworking, fun-loving men from the US and Europe, committed to helping men make transformations in their lives.

To find out more about the program that you’ll be coaching within go here:

The Role:

We are looking for a highly experienced and competent coach, preferably with existing experience of working directly with men,  and who has to hunger and passion to help men become the best version of themselves.   

Your role on the team will be to work intimately with these men, holding bi-weekly group coaching sessions,  where you will coach them on the TPM material and keep them accountable,thereby helping them step into their power.

You will also be required to  attend the week long retreats, held  every quarter, where you will assist the Lead Coaches in delivering the intensives and helping with the logistics of the event.. 

You will play a crucial role in driving the movement forward and directly impacting the lives of these men.

What you can expect from us:

  • To be part of a world-class team 
  • To work within a supportive, respectful and growth minded company
  • To be generously remunerated
  • To be provided the tools and the opportunity to help change men’s lives 
  • To receive high level training from the leadership team
  • To be part of an amazing brotherhood of men
  • To enjoy and experience travel, adventure and fun!

What we expect from you:

  • Engage with the men that come into our program on a daily basis 
  • Nurture those men and build meaningful relationships with them 
  • Produce and measure ROI and KPIs
  • Collaborate with the team to achieve better results
  • Attend a weekly team meeting and other meetings as required
  • Report on opportunities where we can improve the coaching program
  • Maintain a positive and win win attitude at all times
  • To maintain absolute confidentiality in all matter
  • To have a non-judgmental attitude with the guys 
  • To be honest, open and egoless
  • To be coachable and open to instruction

To Apply: 

  1. Send your CV into 
  2. Call this number and tell us why you’re the man for the role: +12133570945

What happens next?

If your application is successful, we’ll reach out to you and invite you along to the first of three phases of the interview process. 

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