The Powerful Man

The Powerful Man Chapters

Welcome. The reason you are here is clear – you’ve been identified as a man that someone in your life respects and wants to grow alongside.

What is this thing?

The Powerful Man Chapters is a way for men that have graduated our flagship program, The Activation Method, and continued into some of our more advanced mastermind groups and trainings to give back to other men they respect. That’s you.

Boiled down, these “chapters” are locally organized meetups of like-minded men. Businessmen with families that are navigating what it means to be a modern man raising a family while growing a thriving business.

You’ve passed what we call “the beer test” – a man that sent this to you has identified you as someone he’d be willing to grab a beer (or coffee) with and get to know better.

What happens at a Chapter meeting?

Each meeting is unique, but all will follow a similar format. Meetings will start with each man introducing themselves if they are new and also stating a few things going on in their world. This will be very short and each man will be given a few minutes in order to avoid drama-filled stories that none of us like hearing and don’t serve the man telling the story.

After the introductions, there will be a training session shared, and a discussion on that training. Conversation topics will also be brought to the table and discussed.

Some meetings will contain what we call a “hot-seat” where a man volunteers and shares what’s going on for him in his life – his most pressing issue. The rest of the men give him feedback. Think of this as having your own personal board of advisors who have no skin in the game other than giving you honest feedback.

Is this coaching?

No. There is no “coaching” involved. The leader of the chapter recognizes that he’s not qualified to coach, nor are the other men in attendance. Coaching is a professionally honed skill and the leader may recommend talking to one of the coaches at The Powerful Man if he sees fit, but the Chapters are designed more as a way for great guys like you to get together, learn, and provide feedback.

Is this a cult?

Nope. Juice may be served, but that’s not what we’re about. Our men come from a variety of races, religious beliefs, and backgrounds. The things we all have in common is that we’re men, have families in most cases, own a business, and are navigating this journey we call life the best way we can with the tools we currently have.

Is there a cost?

Nope. This is free. The event may be at a restaurant or venue where there are options to pay for things, but that’s up to you. The Chapters with The Powerful man are provided 100% free. Although we are a business, it’s also our mission to help as many men as possible. If you like what you see, you may want to join one of our programs, or you may not want to, it’s up to you and there are zero expectations on our end.

Where can I find out more info?

We suggest going old school and simply calling the guy that invited you. Chances are you are one of ten people he asked. That means he sees something inside of you and would love the chance to talk more.

What’s next?

Show up. Show up to the next meet-up and be respectful of your host. This is not his profession and as such, he’s going to be busy making sure that everyone is taken care of to the best of his ability given his other obligations. Please RSVP and show up if you say you are going to – you do matter and showing up does matter to the man that invited you.

Our goal is to have Chapters all over the world in order to help men navigate what it means to be a modern man. We’re excited to have you as part of this movement. Real men. Real conversations. Real changes.