Ryan Peach

My journey with The Powerful Man started like most men who come to us…

…with my marriage on the rocks.

It was my birthday in 2018 and after everyone had gone to bed I was up late searching the internet, hoping to find the answer to why my marriage wasn’t working.

At the time I was running two oil companies with my father and a real estate development company. I had a nice house, nice things, and took exciting trips…

…and yet my marriage was failing and I had no idea what to do, and then I saw The Powerful Man ad on Facebook.

Over the next few weeks I learned the skills to actually start leading my life and family forward. I learned how to actually connect with my wife and stop being so needy. 

I learned that it all began and ended with me…

…and if the marriage was going to be saved it was going to be because I chose to become the man I and my family wanted me to be.

I made the shifts, asked the questions, held myself to higher standards, and ultimately got to a place where old hurts were put behind me and brought the passion back into my marriage.

Learning how to say FUCK YES to the life I wanted to live ultimately brought me to a place where I couldn’t see myself working with any other people than the team at The Powerful Man.

My days are now spent talking with the leaders, coaches, and team about how we can best serve and lead other men to make the same choice that I made.

I get to speak to men just like myself every single day and help men to take the steps necessary to get their life and marriage back on track.

I’ve been on the TPM team for over two years now.

Whether it is jumping on a podcast with Doug…

…running a meeting

…messaging a guy in Facebook

…or grabbing a call to help a guy take that next right step

I love knowing that every part of what I get to do here is ultimately helping the next guy make the decision to radically change the trajectory of his life and his marriage forever.