Lino Plescia

Lino Plescia

I am a Performance Coach who helps business leaders unleash their true potential.

I provide personal and professional coaching to help executives step up their game to become more effective leaders in their organizations and communities.

To put it simply, I thrive on helping others communicate authentically. When leaders are authentic, visionary, and love what they do, they gain the ability to bring out the best in others. In today’s world, a thriving culture is one that breeds success.

As an ICF Trained Professional and Personal Certified Coach (PPCC), I support my coaching clients by leveraging my background and training in Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, Creative Leadership and Non-Violent Communication. I take pride in partnering with my clients, in helping them create a true lifestyle shift both personally and professionally.

I help my clients attain their “State of Flow”, moving them towards optimal potential in their professional and personal lives, Exposing their “inner” Superman.

12 years ago, I was at a crossroad in my own life where I questioned myself. Satisfied at a professional level, yet my own health and life passion began to slip. With some help, I stepped it up a notch and began to train in the sport of triathlon. This revolutionized my life!

I discovered a new passion and a path to restorative health. I began competing in triathlon at the international level including 5 ironman races and have migrated this experience and toolset into my coaching world. I began helping leaders achieve alignment in both their mental and physical game.

Many of my clients were tired of the “status quo”. Using my unique coaching toolkit, I have helped them create synergy in their careers, improve their relationships and their health!

My programs are centered around performance; Profession, relationships and health are key. My goal is to organically help business leaders exemplify visionary leadership in all aspects of their lives.

This takes me to where I am today, back in February of 2022 I took a deeper look into myself and realized I was meant for much more.  I realized that many men that I had worked with were crushing it in the workplace and were suffering at home.  This led me to discover the TPM program. 

Further research and a few conversations with Arthur Magoulianiti made me realize how beautiful this movement was and how much I wanted to be a contributor.  The true ‘AHA’ moment when I realized – this work is meant for me!  

I am so honored to be working in a program where we are providing men with life tools to help end their pain and transform them into the best version of themselves. This is allowing them to save themselves, save their families and allowing them to live their best lives!