Erica Hansbrow

Hey guys!  I’m Erica Hansbrow:  finance gal, bean counter and overall balancer of the books.  I am originally from Missouri, but moved to Utah for college and fell in love with the area and have been here ever since.  I married my honey almost 25 years ago.  We have 8 awesome kids that keep me on my toes!  When I do have time on my hands, which isn’t very often, I enjoy gardening, hiking and just hanging out with the family in the backyard playing games.  I can play a mean game of corn hole!

I came across The Powerful Man about a year ago.  I was instantly drawn to their company because they represented my personal “why”.  My “why” is my family.  They are my world and the reason I do the things that I do.  They make me better person and bring me more joy than I can imagine.  The things that I see The Powerful Man doing parallel this perfectly in my mind.  I have seen them work with men and help get marriages back on track, children closer to their fathers, and families coming to peace within their relationships.  It is because of these things that I absolutely love working with The Powerful Man.  Being able to be a part of this organization helps me feel that I can share my “why” with others and help to bring happiness to more marriages and families.